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Belief pays the ferryman and he can take you to the strangest of places.

And so it was for me on my voyage to and from the magic mountain.

People’s beliefs are a personal affair and I do not intend to intrude upon those intimate spaces that others reserve for a dialogue with their gods. Here, I want to tell you how my New Age beliefs led me into deep water, into a current so strong and influential that I was persuaded to swim against the tide of common sense into some very murky depths. Years later when I most needed to strike out for the safety of shore, my lungs were so full of poison and contaminated water I could barely gasp for air.

Far across the sea in the foothills of the Italian Alps lies a Community and I use the word ‘lies’ in both senses of the word. A Community, that to all intents and purposes appears eco-compatible with the New Age and full of worthiness and ethical pursuits. I use the word appears because in the case of this Community we are only talking about ‘apparenza’, as we say in Italian and not the underlying reality of the situation. The Community is called ‘Damanhur’ and according to its founder, is named after an Egyptian city known in ancient times for its esoteric knowledge and means ‘City of Light’.

Light is a rare commodity in the Italian Community of Damanhur, both in terms of spiritual attainment and physical location. The Community’s citizens have spent the best part of the last thirty years laboring night and day underground. They have been building themselves a temple inside a mountain. This labyrinth of dark, damp halls is illuminated solely by ‘artificial’ light; an amusing metaphor which is lost on the many thousands of New Age visitors who pay dearly for the privilege of spending three hours touring its chilling chambers. They are shown cabins for traveling in time and healing cancer, spheres for contacting other worlds, secret doorways, lavish mosaic floors, wall murals and stained glass cupolas. It is an immense piece of work and never fails to impress even the staunchest of detractors. Temple guides spoon feed everyone with dollops of regurgitated esoteric nonsense and the unwary lap it up like innocent babes straight out of fabled Hamelin.

Those who are swept away by the spurious delights of the magic mountain blindly pay the ferryman.  And he, being a man of infinite resources, is always ready to take new passengers. “This is the last boat” he often cries as people jump eagerly aboard.  And where does he steer them?  I will tell you: far, far away from the sweet light of reason, to a belief that keeps them completely in the dark.

And so it was for me.

I became a true believer.

I will never do it again.

People will always believe what they want to believe, especially if it makes them feel good and provides easy answers. They are rarely interested in being told that those answers are lies or that they are being exploited and manipulated. Believers on the whole do not want to question their beliefs and any attempt by outsiders to challenge those beliefs is seen as an attack on personal freedom and choice. George Bernard Shaw said that “The moment we want to believe in something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it and become blind to all the arguments against it”. Unfortunately, it seems to be the easiest thing in the world to deceive ourselves about something we want to be true.

For some of us, believing is seeing.

But, would you willingly accept lies sold to you as truth?

This is what happens in Damanhur.

It has made one man very wealthy and his followers exceedingly impoverished. Stripped of all their material assets, their debts increase as his wealth accumulates in Swiss bank accounts and off-shore investments. The latest scam has been to persuade all the remaining founder members of the real estate cooperative PEAL to sign away their shares in Damjl, leaving him the sole owner of all the original houses. Do they ever think to question his directives? No, of course not, he is their spiritual master, their supreme authority, the reincarnation of the god Horus. He has time traveled from 600 years in the future to save humanity from disaster. Why on earth would anyone want to question such a mythical being. They never do. He gets away with murder and then has the cheek to call it suicide.

Charlatanism, fraud and psychological manipulation are an ugly recipe for a ‘spiritual community’. The trouble is, once you are part of the magic mountain you just don’t see it and no one can enlighten you either. Those of you, who do not believe that mental manipulation is possible, go and spend ten years in Damanhur as a resident citizen and see where your head is afterward…that is if you can still remember who you were ten years before or even want to.

Forgive me if all this sounds rather angry. But I have had enough of pussyfooting moderates who, in their New Age wisdom leave everyone to be where they are because everything is an evolutionary experience. Sure, we can all sit back and do nothing about the evils of this world; life is much easier that way.

Martin Luther King said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” and what happens to the lives of the people who get caught up in Damanhur matters. The world needs to make a truly informed decision about this Community. The fact that a great many people believe in it, is no guarantee of its truth.

You certainly cannot rely on the British or American media to give you an accurate picture. Film makers and journalists have all been taken in by its superficial glamor, efficient marketing and completely indoctrinated PR staff.  Just look at what the Daily Mail has come up with!  No English language journalists have ever managed to see through the façade and publish their findings.  British author and journalist Tobias Jones came near to it in his book Utopian Dreams but merely poked fun at the system without seriously dissecting the darker side of its Italian heart.

In the mid 1990’s a BBC Newsnight program did manage to briefly feature Damanhur along with some of the world’s more destructive cults. Unfortunately their filming of the Temple was so inspirational that an English author decided to visit, believed the dream was real and wrote a book on the subject. That book has subsequently been responsible for changing the direction of many people’s lives and I do not mean for the better. It has been published in several languages including Croatian and Japanese and gives an embarrassingly glowing report of life in the Community. If I were that Newsnight producer I would be tearing my hair out in despair at the extent of human folly.

Such is the persuasive power of the Damanhurian machine.

It could even teach Scientology and the Mafia a thing or two according to local police, who, it seems, are powerless to intervene. Former members are too scared to talk or give evidence and it’s hard to build a legal case against the Community without it.

In 2007, one ex-Damanhurian, an English journalist with ten years experience in the Community, briefly opened a yahoo group to inform would be Damanhurians of the dangers of getting involved. The site lasted only two weeks and was repeatedly attacked by hackers from the Damanhurian PR office who entered the system, stole members’ email addresses and sent them letters discrediting the journalist. Already battered and demoralized by her Damanhurian experience she closed the site and has not been heard online since. The information files she posted continue to circulate on an informal basis but are not accessible to the general public.

How then can anyone outside of Italy make an informed decision about Damanhur when there is no reliable information in English?

This site aims to change that.

Buona lettura – as we say in Italian.


Written by damanhurinsideout

January 1, 2010 at 3:05 pm

27 Responses

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  1. Hi, I have only just discovered that damanhur has been exposed but intuitively a few days ago decided to write my experiences of a visit to damanhur seven years ago in an article so not everyone was taken in as you suggest here , read my article written a couple of days ago http://hubpages.com/_3716wioktlndr/hub/THE-DREAM-VERSUS-THE-REALITY-OF-DAMANHUR This has been a total synchronised event for me and I could not understand why it had not been exposed. my article was written because I had just seen somebody’s article on hub pages which portrayed a completely utopian image of damanhur because they had not been there!!!


    January 2, 2010 at 7:47 pm

  2. Are you sure all this is true?!
    Are you talking about Damanhur near Turin?
    I’m just planning to go there next month!
    Some friends of mine went there and they’re absolutely amazed!


    May 18, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    • Dear Cherry

      YES, we are talking about Damanhur near Turin.
      The information given here is true.
      Read this site and consider the testimonies carefully.
      Watch out for Damanhur’s persuasive psychological techniques while you are there…they are aimed at encouraging you to join the Community.
      Damanhur is not what it appears…it is a sophisticated mind control cult

      Happy holidays!

      DIO Editor


      May 22, 2010 at 4:23 pm

  3. I have just come back from Damanhur. I was not deceived at all. There are electronic gates to all the nucleos (community houses). They want you to become a member of “spiritual people” for 10 Euros. When I asked the young woman guide why they needed our dates and places of birth plus compulsory photograph on the form, she “lost” it (was emotionally unable to function). The same occurred when we asked other people, questions about why did they use so much electricity for an eco community.

    Unfortunately many of the citizens who now choose to remain inside have become little more than programmed automatons…they are drilled in how to respond to visitors but if they are asked something unexpected which challenges their imposed mind-set they become confused. No one has instructed them on how to respond to such questions. It is a classic sign of mental manipulation. Very few Damanhurians are able to think freely for themselves …if they could they would have left long ago.

    Dio Editor


    August 21, 2010 at 9:01 am

    • Yes, the emotional confusion was a big clue. The short experience however has led to deeper insight: most people look outside themselves for reality and so for centuries they have been controlled. A cult is a microcosm of the larger world. The kingdom of god is within. In our little group, there were two of us who live from within-I think that is fair to say but let me not judge. If your reality is coming from inside, you are a very different person from the one who is fear based. You trust all your needs are met. I could see the people in Damanhur had no clue about contact with the power inside themsleves. The visit to Damanhur is followed by the visit of David Icke to Prague 25.9.2010. DI is a hero for exposing truths including satanism. You too are a hero by exposing truth. DI new books are “Unlimited Love is the only reality, all else is illusion” and “human race get off your knees”. I mean exposure is good but then give love. I understand all will change with the new energies coming to earth. The low vibrations cannot exist much longer. Thank you very much for your work. Do you keep anger inside you because of damanhur? You chose to live there, not so?


      September 24, 2010 at 7:43 pm

      • Thank you for your appreciative comments.
        As far as the ‘anger’ goes, I would say that Yes, I am angry, but, with myself for believing all of Damanhur’s lies …being angry with Damanhur is rather counterproductive and a waste of energy. I prefer to channel that energy into informing others so that they do not make the same mistake I did.

        DIO Editor


        October 1, 2010 at 12:37 pm

  4. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’d only seen Damanhur in a positive light until today, and had planned to visit eventually. I heard of them at Alex Grey’s gallery when a man and some young boys were visiting NYC. They told us about how they had learned how to communicate with plants. That’s how I ended up on your site because I was trying to find out about the plant music experiments, but I’m really glad I found your site!



    October 5, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    • Hi Dena

      I’m glad you found it too…Goodluck on your journey wherever it takes you!

      DIO Editor


      October 24, 2010 at 2:37 pm

  5. I would like to direct this comment directly to the DIO Editor. Firstly, as a native Italian speaker which I assume you are, your command of English and writing skills in general are very commendable.

    My initial interest in Damanhur led me to your site as I prefer to inspect every matter from as many discerning points as I am guided to. (The essential tool needed by the dedicated spiritual seeker). I was drawn to finding out more about Damanhur because I was drawn to qualities which Damanhur conveyed to me at the time: the caliber of art and apparent intelligent rigor that serious spiritual seeking requires. However, after a quick overview of what membership entails, my husband and I knew it was not for us. We have partaken of sophisticated, intelligent spiritual groups before and understandably chafe under any semblance of control. I agree, we all need assistance on our path, but ultimately, our divinity must come from within…through the heart, not the head.

    My point is this…You mentioned that you are angry with yourself for your mistake. Why? I commend your honesty, take that honesty further. But you also had the courage to have your `self` turned `inside out` and that is EXACTLY what we must all undergo at some pivotal point of our spiritual transformation in one form or another. You dared to travel the River Styx into your own Hades, and you now have the tools to transcend your own self now because your ego has been broken.

    You criticized yourself for lacking common sense. Qualify `common` in this present society.

    I am not endorsing Damanhur`s methods. I am not even drawn to visiting there. But I endorse that we all make choices for a reason, and at this time to the same ends – to end our duality, to reunite with our own divinity by growing through our human experiences.

    Spirituality has become very fashionable, and I feel that many use it like a prescription drug to avoid the depths that this journey entails. I find that men especially are resistant to the level of inner upheaval and delving that is needed and they try to stay in control. The intellect is a very dangerous tool for this. I do not say this lightly. As an independent woman who had a career in New York City then became a full-time mother, I sympathize greatly with the social pressures men (and now women)have to avoid one`s darkest vulnerabilities.
    My husband (who is Czech) and I share and talk about this frequently.

    Sir, you have allowed yourself to be turned `inside out` and, especially as a man. You found yourself back to yourself successfully. Spiritual birthing is hard. (I have to pause when I reflect my own deep journeys…) but please recognize your own power and take it further. Do you feel the spiritual advantage you gained from your experience? Are you ascended yet? Reviewing the overall energy devoted to negativity on your website, I have to say, no. Do you have the potential? More than you realize at this time.

    Bless you, your talents, honesty, intelligence, and courage. Take it further than this, you owe it to your divinity. I am not suggesting that you do not have this site. Only you know your path of evolution.

    With love and light,


    October 13, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    • Hello Ann …Thank you for your comment, it has given me much food for thought.
      As far as the negative content of this site is concerned I think it is important to view the posts as steps on a journey in relation to the Damanhur experience. Some people are about to embark upon their journey others have completed it …and some have yet to resolve the many internal conflicts that journey has created.
      If your life touches upon Damanhur in any meaningful way you are almost certain to sustain losses and not only financial ones. Some people come to terms with the grief better than others.
      As I state in the intro to this site …DIO exists to inform the general public of the possible dangers of participating in the Damanhur project. It is a heavy topic and although there are some light hearted posts to relieve the melancholy …the truth is what it is. Those who have survived to tell the tale (and several have not) owe it to the world to speak out.

      Thanks again for your contribution

      DIO Editor


      October 24, 2010 at 2:36 pm

      • Hi DIO How are you? It is more than two years when I wrote about my trip to Damanhur and was glad to find your site as it reflected what I saw but hey man your words are still heavy and negative-losses, grief, melancholy. By giving energy to negative feelings and words, we create more of them. Lots of courageous people expose truths but if you hold the anger inside, even unconsciously, the light cannot shine through you. Also it causes dis-ease. It is great work to warn others. For me, greater at this time is to remove the unconscious blockages to the incoming light. We talked about David Icke, you see he exposes but he is not carrying angry. Dont be angry and thanks for listening. Vladimir


        March 12, 2012 at 9:23 pm

  6. Hello! :-)
    I just saw Damanhur DVD this morning,
    and since I’m familliar with cults and try to fight them myself, I had a hunch it is a cult- “Where’s the catch??” Usually when people try so much to make a place immpressive and beautiful like a musium and make such efforts and funds for actually meanigless purpuse- fucus on the outer and not on the inner.. It just shows something- they want to hide what’s inside of them. Essepcailly unreasonable for an Eco village! what a Waste!!

    I just wanted to make a suggestion, when I looked for Damanhur in Google- I didn’t see any hint of a cult! Nor in Wikipedia and this is not good! I found info only when I wrote: “Is Damanhur a cult?” I urge you to register as an editor to Wikipedia and add this yourself- including a link to your site. Many other organizations which were considered a cult or even just suspected of being ones- had a line talking about it in Wiki, some with a link to the objectur’s website. I hope that one day, when someone will do a search on Google- there Will be mentioniong of a cult.

    I wish you all the best!
    and I’m really proud of you for doing this Very importnat work which already helped many and prevented them from going there, or helped to heal those who went there..

    Lots of Love!
    Gil :-)


    April 2, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    • Hi Gil

      Thank you for your suggestions and kind words of encouragement.
      I can assure you attempts have been made to inform Wikipedia readers of the true nature of Damanhur but the Damanhur PR department continuously amends our edits. We cannot sit at a computer 24 hours a day constantly rewriting the Wikipedia entries. It becomes a war! However, you did ask exactly the right question to arrive at this site. DIO is currently linked to many important sites and is actually quite difficullt to miss. If you could read Italian you would see that it is also linked to Italy’s major anti-cult sites.

      Please tell all your friends about us and spread the word. Many unsuspecting foreign nationals are being recruited by Damanhur because they do not take the time to research it first.

      Good luck to you

      DIO Editor


      April 2, 2011 at 5:35 pm

  7. Hello,

    I am most grateful for this information. I have been fascinated by Damanhur for a long time and regularly receive their newsletters via email. It was always my goal to visit the community and witness for myself the beautiful underground temples. I wanted to experience a different way of life and Damanhur gave me something I believed I should aspire to. I recently had doubts about the “perfect image” of te community and after an extensive search on google I came across this site.

    I now realise that I was taken in by the beauty of the images and the lure of leading a spirituallly fulfilling, happy life in harmony with nature. I have come to the conclysion that Damanhur is just another cult which has the typical charismatic egotistical leader with his sheep like followers. My spiritual search has taken me down many paths but I now know that I can only look for the answers from within.

    I lead a happy life but I doubt I will ever “find myself”. But how many people actually manage to achieve this? Many people are brainwashed by religion, cults etc. It is only when you look into your own heart for the truth that you realise how frightening life actually is. I would never want to live in an illusion no matter how much superficial comfort it may provide. I will continue to search for answers myself rather than relying on others.

    Thank you for your hard work and excellent information.



    November 13, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    • Dear Anna

      You are already on the right path and you do not need years of suffering in Damanhur to realise that it is YOU who have the answers not ‘Falco’ or any other self-appointed guru. Your inner wisdom has saved you an enormous amount of pain.

      If you have the opportunity please tell other people about this site so that they too will understand. Thank you and goodluck!

      DIO Editor


      November 24, 2011 at 10:16 am

    • “It is only when you look into your own heart for the truth that you realise how frightening life actually is”. The truth is-we are all source energy, call this god or call it “apple”. It is the connecting direct to source and finding out who we are as unique aspects of god that is where the solution lies. All the powers of the creator are within us. To do this, we follow the heart, leave behind what others think, and well just follow where your inner guide takes you from moment to moment. It is the time of shedding the ego. There are no deal communities. I went to damanhur in 2010. It was the last time I ever looked for any external community. The illusion of Damanhur as you see in the Hall of Mirrors there is the same illusion as the outer world. You might find worldpuja.net and under archives listen to Han Christian King and DeAnne Hampton. You can listen for free. Vladimir


      March 12, 2012 at 9:43 pm

  8. With a search of just “damanhur”, I found your site, 6th down. I’d say that was easy! Slight disappointment that it’s all fake. I knew immediately that something was amiss when I reviewed the ‘courses’ and the fees involved so I looked further down the Google list.

    I become enraged when others tell me how to feel, regardless of intent. I don’t get a sense of anger from you at all. I do get a sense of genuine concern and that your goal is to be a lighthouse to the rest of us. THANK YOU! You have clearly saved many a soul from crashing. If you are ‘angry’, carry on, it’s helping.

    If you know of anyone or group who has replicated the singing plants, I would love to hear about it.


    March 27, 2012 at 3:31 pm

  9. i am a visitor to this site. My teacher came from damanhur and was impressed by the enormous creativity, A friend had some visitors from damanhur, and was impressed by their kindness and generocity of heart.
    I was not expecting it to be like everywhere else……people being obsessed with their baby feelings.
    To make a contribution to the damanhur community and to community at large, we can be objective and honest. And form communities that serve humanity. Help eachother.


    May 5, 2012 at 9:41 pm

  10. Could you list soma better examples in Italy, i mean poeple contemplating Damarhur shit are looking for real values it somehow seems to have stolen…..but do you have nice examples of envirorentalism? Im planning to spend years in Italy, or even move to Italy. Of course what im interested in are real thing and real poeple. Damarhur doesnt seem to be italian for me at all, rather something you could find anywhere else. Im looking for nice surprises. Like: https://vimeo.com/album/2045998/video/51024354 or https://vimeo.com/album/2045998/video/12424398 and have nothing against getting to know a fine community or anything. Hope i will hear from you.


    May 5, 2013 at 4:43 am

    • Hi

      I am sorry I cannot advise you of other communities in Italy. Be very wary …many have hidden agendas.
      Good luck
      DIO Editor


      June 24, 2013 at 6:29 pm

  11. As David Hannum once said, “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute.” Enough said. But thank you for writing your insightful article.


    June 25, 2013 at 2:51 pm

  12. I have just returned from a trip to Damanhur. This is a brief synopsis of my experience from which you can draw your own conclusions followed by my thoughts on their claims to be an eco-social community.

    What they told us….
    What surprised me the most for a group that describes themselves as eco-social was the complete lack of hospitality not even the offer of a glass of water nor a welcome exercise to allow the the various members of the visiting group to get to know each other . The temples are locked up and everything is behind security gates. The temples are behind hidden doors in walls. When you get escorted into the temples, you are carefully watched, not allowed to wander or touch anything. The guides talk about their task being a battle and fighting the enemy within. They talked about offering sacrifices in the sacred forest (“just small things”) we were told about a special exercise where the inmates compete with each other in a battle to “raise the energy” when difficulties arise. And we were also told Damanhur is a universal airport for all sorts of entities that operate on other frequencies. We were also “taught” that there is a duality between mass and energy and part of their values system is to harness energy and turn it into mass. They showed us kilometres of stone labyrinths and spirals which you can walk to find healing or to get answers. They also told us they were alchemists and magicians. The word magic featured quite a lot. All the citizens make little statues of themselves which are all lined up in the temples. They all eulogised about ‘Falco’ in way that suggested he was above other people.

    How they ‘sell’….
    They use a ‘selling’ technique which is meant to seduce you so it’s not pressure selling. It’s no different to a used car salesman showing a car and then saying it’s up to you whether you buy it or not and then waiting to see if you take the bait. In this way only people who really want it and therefore have been hypnotised or seduced will step forward and buy. This is important because they would not want people like myself who would challenge leadership, raise doubt or disrupt the status quo. This matters because it is often people who are vulnerable or looking externally for a solution who would be seduced and sucked in when those people most need empowerment to look inside, find their own solutions and not become dependent. I doubt that the guides even know they are ‘selling’. They were very scripted and measured in what they said. Each of our guides mentioned the possibility of spending 3 months in the community and we were offered the possibility to buy stuff on more than one occasion. One group member parted with several thousand pounds to buy a healing tool.

    My thoughts….
    They actually tell you a lot if you know how to listen past all the ‘dressing’. I was suspicious by the idea of turning energy into mass. My sense was this was all about power and attempting to get control of that which people do not generally have control over.

    I wondered why a spiritual community would be so worried that it would need to keep everything under lock and key when it is in such a remote location. I sensed a lot of fear of intruders. Of course the fear could be for all sorts of reasons. I sensed it was to do with practices that they keep hidden.

    OK, so they sell you stuff, do good PR and market themselves well. Does it matter? What struck me is that it doesn’t seem to present any alternative to the corporate consumerist world that it claims to be providing an escape from. In fact it seemed to be an amplified version with hierarchy deciding the vision and then using propaganda to get people to buy into it. Only the product, instead of being a car or a designer handbag which is supposed to give you status and power, is ‘mystery’ and ‘magic’.

    I left there very worried about the people I came into contact with. I experienced them as deluded and unable to connect with anyone who isn’t ‘sucked in’. I tried to comment on something I saw because my intuitive side was alerted and I was receiving messages of distress. Once the guide understood that I was saying that I was picking up a lot of distress, the person concerned was completely ‘thrown’ and unable to respond and just acted as if I had said nothing and moved on to try and get others in the group to tell her how wonderful it all was in order to dismiss and humiliate me by using of the tyranny of majority rule. I had several other intuitions about abuse, distorted realities and hidden secrets which I found totally disturbing. I do have an ability to ‘channel’ these things which I have developed over many years. I decided to say nothing as my sense was not to mess with these people or invite any sort of engagement.

    Then I found this website and it all made sense.

    In order to see whether this type of website was common to other communities, I put ‘Findhorn’ (the largest intentional community in Europe) and ‘Cult’ into Google but the worst things said about Findhorn are the usual things about the community not living up to its ideals. There was nothing matching the allegations made by the survivors of Damanhur. Similarly for Auroville, lots of comments about mismanagement and generally not living up to the ideals but no ‘survivors’. I have been to Findhorn and the energy there is completely different to Damanhur. It is open hearted and has higher vibrations. I haven’t been to Auroville.

    If you’re thinking of visiting…..
    My recommendation would be this. Pay the 60 Euros and go for the day only. The Temples are worth seeing. Wear a ‘shield’ inside your heart to deflect the subtle selling messages and do not leave any part of you there and do not participate in any rituals. If you find yourself drawn to spending more time and money in Damanhur then ask yourself at every stage what you are letting yourself into and what is the cost (emotionally and physically). Ask yourself who are the 5 independent people in your life who you trust have your well-being at heart and discuss it with them. If you do not have 5 people who you can trust ask yourself how that is and check whether you are drawn to something because there is something lacking in your own life. If you do have 5 trusted people in your life and you don’t feel able to discuss this with them openly and fully, ask yourself what is in the way?
    If you do discuss this openly with the 5 trusted people, be willing to hear their counsel and consider it in your decision making processes.

    In the end, I guess the issues which are aired on this website demonstrate a lack of accountability within Damanhur. Anyone can set something up, dress it up to look good and suck people in. So, what’s wrong with that? For me, a truly spiritual community would be completely transparent about what it does badly. It would accept that it can’t always get it right and have transparent processes for ensuring that when it doesn’t work out there are clear and accountable exit strategies which do not leave people in a bad state emotionally or financially.

    The fact that this website exists at all, even if the whole content is a fabrication (I believe the content is true), should set off enough alarm bells that on some level, the leadership is unwilling or unable to listen and respond to another human being’s distress when it has a hand in causing that distress. Where’s the humanity / spirituality / magic in that?


    January 3, 2015 at 9:39 pm

  13. I really appreciate all these comments. I accidentally stumbled upon this website when looking into the blood work needed to get done before embarking on my 3 month stay in Damanhur in a month. I have googled and looked into Damanhur several months ago, and yes, there was no mention of any of this information anywhere. Although i haven’t read everything on this site, I’d really love to have a deeper and more specific conversation with someone whom has at a minimum, experienced the 3 month program. It is very clear to me what has drawn me to this place, and my number one concern is potential hidden magical rituals that may be taken place to harvest the energy of the citizens there. I’m not yet sure if this place can be that dark. But I want to hear more. If anyone can possibly have a phone conversation with me, I’d really appreciate it.


    September 22, 2015 at 7:50 pm

  14. I like this


    December 30, 2015 at 7:36 pm

  15. Hello Dio, Impressive attempt to enlighten the seekers. I would like to reiterate Gils suggestion. Wiki will allow a section on any index entitled controversy, establish that and they will not be allowed to edit, if they attempt to remove it you can call foul and vandalism and they must respond accordingly. Thx, I’m off to check wiki .

    chris baker

    March 3, 2016 at 2:55 am

  16. I had never heard of Damanhur until last Saturday [January 28th 2017]
    when I came across a Explore video on “You-Tube” from that link found the Official web site of Damanhur;
    at this point I was given the link to this blog; And I’m very thankful I did get this link;
    As often happens the Truth is very far removed from any cults promotion.
    In this day and age to many are being lead astray; Personal research is essential to avoid
    huge and costly mistakes:


    January 30, 2017 at 12:10 pm

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