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Why we have to remain anonymous

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Dear reader …please do not contact the site and criticize the fact that my posts and those from the Italian sites are all anonymous.

If you feel that it reduces our credibility please bear in mind that in a delicate situations such as this, forum contributors need to protect their identities very carefully. Damanhur is very aggressive on the legal front, individuals, national newspapers, Focus magazine, Italian District Councils and even a member of the Ce.S.A.P Association have all been sued for speaking out against Damanhur.  The Community has its own group of internal lawyers working voluntarily or for a minimum rate of pay: they can afford to wage a legal war whenever and against whomsoever they like (or don’t like).

Former Damanhurians already reduced to financial ruin by their involvement in the Community do not have the resources to fight lengthy and costly legal battles defending what they know to be true. None of the contributors to this site or those in Italy have anything to gain financially from disclosing information or sharing their experiences. Everyone voluntarily contributes their time and effort in the spirit of public interest.

The intention of this site is to make essential information about the true nature of Damanhur widely available to those who need it. This is not a personal vendetta against the Community; it is simply an information campaign to illustrate the dangers of taking Damanhur at face value. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

Anonymity is the only form of protection we have. Please accept our apologies for not openly declaring who we are, to do so would not only put our future at risk but also that of our immediate families.

Thank you for your patience

DIO Editor

Written by damanhurinsideout

June 27, 2009 at 4:37 pm

12 Responses

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  1. I have never visited Damanhur. I try to think critically about what I read and what I am told. I try to apply critical thinking to both the promoters of a movement *and* it’s detractors. So when almost everything purporting to be information here is unattributed and anonymous, alarm bells ring for me. As far as I am concerned your credibility, sadly, is therefore fatally undermined. One has to ask “why should I believe anything you say”? If you presented some (any) kind of credible evidence that people who have left Damanhur and who speak critically of it have been threatened or intimidated, then your case would be strengthened. As it is, your words call for an uncritical faith on the part of people such as myself who come to this site. To me, this is asking too much. Whilst at the top of this page you say “Several people have contacted the site to criticize the fact that my posts and those from the Italian forums are all anonymous” at the same time you have not published *those* posts. Why not? Elsewhere on this site we find someone critical of Damanhur complaining that “my posts are cancelled” when they try to post to a pro-Damanhur Facebook page. I know next to nothing of Damanhur but if you want me to believe what you are saying you must do more to convince me of *your* credibility and consistency.

    Ricardo Ebberini

    January 2, 2010 at 2:16 am

    • Saluti Ricardo

      Your comments are totally valid but you have failed to understand the aim of this site. I have clearly outlined the reasons for our anonymity in the discourse above and as we are dealing with a legally aggressive organization it is necessary to be extremely cautious. This site presents a wealth of independent evidence from Damanhur’s own web site, Italian newspapers, TV, and other noted bodies that supports the claims of its anonymous contributors.

      DIO was established to offer English speakers translations of testimonies written by former Damanhurians who have spent more than ten years in the Community. The testimonies were written for a well respected Italian site, an academic Center for the Study of Psychological Abuse which is supported by the Italian Ministry of Justice. If the testimonies were presented there anonymously then there must have been good reason for it. CeSAP, the site in question, has a group of lawyers at its disposal who are specialists in dealing with CULT issues.

      You write that you have ‘never visited Damanhur’…this site is mostly aimed at those who have already visited Damanhur and are considering changing their lives and joining the Community. Those who have experienced the workings of Damanhur know that what is written here is true. You are free to accept or reject the information… no problem. But I have to say that the fact you have taken the time to write a comment on a site whose ‘credibility is fatally undermined’ makes me seriously question your motives.

      The only people who ever criticize this site are all linked to Damanhur in some way.

      We are not interested in ‘convincing’ anyone…. Just in helping people to know more about what they might be getting into. This site presents an alternative view of Damanhur based on many years of personal experience and we hope that it will give people occasion to question the image that Damanhur so successfully presents to the world.

      DIO Editor


      January 2, 2010 at 12:47 pm

  2. We cannot even write about all of our personal
    experiences, because in doing so, our identity would
    be revealed.


    January 2, 2010 at 1:48 pm

  3. http://hubpages.com/_3716wioktlndr/hub/THE-DREAM-VERSUS-THE-REALITY-OF-DAMANHUR Read my article about my visit to damanhur around seven years ago, incredibly I had only just decided to write about it because someone else on hubpages had just written an incredible fantasy article about damanhur without going there. I felt it necessary to correct the assumptions by writing my truth with my name! Linda


    January 2, 2010 at 8:04 pm

  4. You say I have “failed to understand the aim of this site”, since (you say here) it is “mostly aimed at those who have already visited Damanhur and are considering changing their lives and joining the Community”. Yet on your “about this site” page, you don’t say anything even approaching that.

    Are you nonetheless implying here that this site requires a lesser standard of evidence or provability because it’s aimed at those who have already visited Damanhur?

    Since in your view “the only people who ever criticize this site are all linked to Damanhur in some way” I must therefore be linked to Damanhur. I’m not. I came to at this site (and others relating to Damanhur) while doing research for a book on critical thinking.

    You say you “seriously question” my “motives”. It seems a little odd (maybe even inconsistent) to question the motives of someone who simply asks for evidence, of, for instance, critics of Damanhur being threatened with legal action. If you present *no* evidence to that effect, then your rationale for keeping everything on this site anonymous is undermined.

    Had I ever visited Damanhur I would have asked for evidence of the power of the “healing chambers” to heal.

    This is my central point.

    You say you are “are not interested in ‘convincing’ anyone”. I have to say that from my seat in front of a browser your whole site appears to be aimed at
    convincing people.

    You say that “if the testimonies [criticising Damanhur] were presented [to the Study of Psychological Abuse, supported by the Italian Ministry of Justice] anonymously then there must have been good reason for it.”

    Your statement seems to deny the possibility anyone would present unattributed, anonymous (and therefore uncheckable) “information” to such an august body.
    Sadly however in the world at large one is often most likely to find “agendas” (religious, political, financial etc) precisely where the “information” put out is most lacking in checkable evidence.

    If your aim of “helping people to know more” means empowering people who have been manipulated to understand the detail of the manipulation process, then I’m with you. My point is that when everything you present as information is unattributed, anonymous and uncheckable then how can anybody looking at this
    site know how valid that “information” is? If someone with an agenda or agendas created a site like yours and included “made-up stuff” how would we know
    the difference? Do you think material presented to the Study of Psychological Abuse [anonymously] can never be made up? Apparently you do. (While putting no evidence forward of Damanhur critics being threatened in any way, legal or otherwise).


    Ricardo Ebberini

    January 5, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    • Ricardo

      It seems to me that you are looking for a fight…and quite honestly I am not interested.

      As I said in my first reply this site contains a wealth of INDEPENDENT EVIDENCE to support the claims of the anonymous testimonies by former Damanhurians. The testimonies on the Cesap site are authentic, honest and true. How do we know? Because we have years of personal experience of Damanhur.

      How can you be sure that they are true? You cannot …you will have to make your own assessment based on other criteria. You seem to have decided that their credibility is ‘fatally undermined’ …ok we will not cry over it.

      You do not believe that those who criticize Damanhur are sued for defamation? I suggest you consult the archives of the national daily ‘La Stampa’ and the Law Court of Ivrea. It is a well known fact in legal and journalistic circles and the cases are all well-documented in Damanhur’s own daily paper QDq.

      This site offers readers a variety of information ranging from personal testimonies, to articles on mental manipulation and independent opinions on Damanhur from named sources. As I stated above it is an alternative information resource for people interested in Damanhur. People are expected to make up their own minds.

      You seem to have done just that.

      So what’s your problem?

      DIO Editor


      January 5, 2010 at 8:53 pm

      • Dear Ricardo

        Perhaps you would like to explain to our readers …seeing as you are such a critic of anonymity why it is that you feel the need to write using an Italian name from an IP geolocated in Canada by means of a UK email registered under a different name.

        You wouldn’t be trying to conceal your identity by any chance?

        Ricardo …or is it Richard? You are banned from commenting on this site because you have violated our authenticity policy.

        DIO Editor


        January 5, 2010 at 11:27 pm

      • As an American, where freedom of speech is part of our history, I find it strange that your first response is to ban someone who is raising what seem to me to be reasonable questions. There is no harm and in fact an advantage to allow free discourse on your site. I ask you to reconsider your decision because I think it would enhance your credibility as a place of exploration and education rather than a rant.

        I think I understand that you were triggered, but maybe now that some time has passed, you feel cooler?
        As someone who has visited Damenhur and who has friends there and who are considering going there soon, there is a tone to this site that is troubling. I realize you must be very passionate to spend this time and energy maintaining this site and you really want to in form us. I applaud that heartily. Perhaps it would be helpful to consciously separate the factual from the opinion? If you said, “It is our opinion that…” or “We can prove that…” and so on, it would help. Or maybe it is just that it is a matter of culture? We and the English have what may be a different tradition of discourse and that is what is causing some difficulty? We tend to be sceptical of passion or haven’t you noticed! ;-)


        January 26, 2011 at 7:56 pm

      • Dear Mendo

        “In America freedom of speech is part of its history” …never was a truer word said …the same could be said of Damanhur.
        DIO is an information site and not a forum.
        Comments are welcome when they contribute additional information for readers in the form of personal experience. If you want a debate about Damanhur I suggest you look elsewhere. This site provides a vast amount of documented EVIDENCE if you take the time to read its pages. WE make no apologies. Contributors to this site are in no doubt about the true nature of Damanhur because they have LIVED it!
        Our intention is to inform the public, not waste time discussing the issue with Damanhurian supporters who have been encouraged by its PR office to comment on this site.

        DIO Editor

        p.s. A life without passion is a life only half lived.


        January 31, 2011 at 11:34 am

  5. Thank you very much for enlightening people. I have just come back from working in the grounds of one nucleo near the temples in damanhur. I know nothing.
    The temples are astounding and the energy I still feel now but there were suspicious signs, people who seemed afraid to speak openly. The answers to our questions were hedged, vague. To become a member of “spiritual people” first they wanted 10 Euros and when I asked why did they need us to fill in our date and place of birth plus compulsory photograph the young woman was confused and taken aback.

    Yes, it is true the Temple is astounding and for that reason very dangerous and seductive. Thanks to the Temple many people have joined Damanhur. But all is not what it seems.

    Dio Editor


    August 19, 2010 at 8:44 am

  6. I have been there visiting about 6 years ago. I have talked to different people and stayed there a couple of nights, also visited the temple, which is astounding indeed. I (and my wife) felt on the surface not a really loving sfere and we found that it was too commercial.
    After reading several facts on your site, we can see that this fits in our picture!


    March 8, 2017 at 6:07 pm

  7. I have been in Damanhur as a volunteer in 2010,definitly bad experiance.In short notes,bad energys,bad intentions towards people they dont like or people who found out the true about Damanhur.


    March 19, 2017 at 3:34 pm

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