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Alien insemination

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This is another important aspect of Damanhur and from certain points of view rather difficult to examine. The situation is perhaps best illustrated by excerpts from the Meditation School transcripts of evenings with Oberto Airaudi – Falco.

In Damanhur these evenings, called Seratas, consist of 40 minutes of questions and answers and are held every Wednesday and Thursday. All questions are booked beforehand and have to follow a certain pattern or Falco refuses to answer them. He has often been known to publicly humiliate questioners for not preparing their questions better. In fact most initiates are too intimidated by him to actively participate and as a general rule questions are asked by the Damanhurian Theoreticians on everyone’s behalf.  The evenings are an obligatory part of the Meditation School path and initiates have to justify their absences and ‘recuperate’ any missed Seratas by watching the video recording in the School’s viewing facilities.

The Seratas are considered an essential part of receiving the teachings of Falco.

That said; let’s begin to take a look at the question of Aliens in Damanhur with a post from the Ce.S.A.P forum by Mappamondo which gives a brief outline of why and how Damanhurians came to be inseminated with aliens.  Mappamondo’s post is followed by short extracts from Falco’s Seratas for those of you who wish to take a more in depth look at the subject.

I have also included a link to a short video made for Italian TV which verifies what is being said here. Watch out for the poster at the end!

DIO Editor

Ref: my reflections

Hey guys the debate gets more and more interesting but I have to push ahead with my work and I do not have time to delve into interpretations at the moment, so let’s take a look at the facts.

Let’ go back to the technique of hypnosis which, as I have already said is widely used by Falco inside the Community.

Another interesting experiment which involves the use of that technique and its related courses is the insemination of aliens.

Gabriele is ‘synchronically’ talking about the same theme, therefore I advise those who want to understand the phenomenon better to go and read the latest posts by Gabriele in the specially created topic. Meanwhile let’s look at what has led us here.

Some years ago, perhaps five or six or perhaps more, Falco did an experiment with certain Damanhurians in which some, very few in fact, at a determined moment ‘hosted’ the entity of someone who had died. The experiment was supposed to bring increased personal consciousness, because hosting an entity meant ‘making room’ for someone else inside you and feeling and seeing things through the eyes of another.

The experiment promised to be very interesting and stimulating from an existential point of view and many people wanted to do it, so much so that Falco decided to interrupt the experiment because according to him people were not sufficiently ready to deal with it. But the experiment went out the door and back in through the window.

It wasn’t long afterward that there began to be talk of aliens and I think someone did an experiment that consisted of hosting an alien inside themselves. The experiment was supposed to bring the person greater awareness in as much as the alien, being by nature a different intelligence, was to have made a contribution to the intelligence of our species.

From the post of Gabriele  “….an experience that brings control of ones own abilities and balance, control of character and personal reactions, because they are experiences that are shared with other people….try to think in another way.” (From Wednesday with Falco 7 September 2005).

That was the experiment that brought with it a series of courses and re-courses, called updates or better still ‘alien inseminations’, where people were warmly encouraged  to participate (if you didn’t it meant that you were not growing spiritually).

In the early years the courses were run two or three times a year, today they are run every two to four weeks. At the end of the updates and during the weeks that follow people have to write down all their sensations, thoughts, observations and just about anything else that might appear interesting. If they have nothing to write about it is better if they start inventing something…

All these updates have to be paid for …of course.

But the worst damage is done on a psychological level in as much as the people often begin to attribute absurd significances to the things that happen to them, just as they often justify their personal actions by blaming them on the alien that they are hosting.

In a situation of this kind you lose your sense of reality but this has a purpose and it is called THOUGHT REFORM, a process that transforms a person with their approval and without them ever realizing what is happening.

With regard to thought reform it would be very interesting to find an explanation of how these techniques manage to impress themselves upon individuals and where they end up taking them.


Posted  2008/04/18 00:50 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: Le mie riflessioni’

A quick note before you read on:  The insemination of alien beings is conducted by Falco. This involves a short preparatory meditation in his presence to induce a light suggestive/hypnotic trance.  Falco, armed with a variety of ‘Spheroselfs’ (alien inspired technology) then transfers the alien being or beings into the body of the recipient. There is no physical contact between Falco and those preparing to act as hosts.

Video Link:

Take a look at this short tongue in cheek film made for Italian TV on the alien presence in Damanhur. In the closing shots you will see a poster advertising Falco’s course for ‘Ospitare Alieni’ on the Damanhur notice board.

‘The Secrets of Damanhur’ by La Repubblica TV – 2 November 2007


DIO Editor


Wednesday with Falco

7 September 2005


A little while ago you spoke about the fact that there are many openings and possibilities for understanding better, for having a different comprehension of what it is that we are. With this in mind I would be pleased if you would talk some more about the experience that X&X are having with respect to hosting a being, an alien creature, because what really hit me the most from their accounts was the fact that one re-sees everyday things with new eyes and curiosity.


Remember that the real aliens are those around us and if we can understand something about those around us that is already a great step forward.

However, the alleged differences are so great, that it is much easier to notice a true alien than the aliens we encounter everyday. We are the real aliens, from every point of view. Certainly the most interesting aspect that one notes with this kind of experience, more than anything, is its intermittency, because it is not constant and continuous. There are moments in which they appear more and moments in which they appear less. Then, whatever the type of being, it will in its turn have its own rhythms and its circadian rhythms will be different to ours. If someone lives on a world that has a day in respect to ours which lasts 36 hours instead of 24, its rhythm of presence and continuity will be different, seeing that it probably has need of sleep or physiological alternation of some kind. We have a 24 hour rhythm and the other, the alien a day and a half, so certain events will happen at night rather than in the day. It’s enough to think of these simple elements to understand the duration and intermittence of these experiences.

Then, in this case we already have a particularly interesting case because to support an alien intelligence of this kind, that has its own needs, that has four or five sexes, four or five individuals that form a single individual, composed of many parts and make an aspect of that kind understandable, compensation needs to be created in our completeness and our ideal completeness is masculine or feminine.

Naturally I am not talking about the androgen but I mean the vision of the world through our double brain. We have two hemispheres on two different individuals and with four perhaps we manage to withstand differences of this kind. There are other realities that we could define as half creatures, beings that are infinitely different. This intelligence however has senses and characteristics that in some ways can be translated into our kind of experience. It is obvious that when you go to a place that you do not know, the first thing you notice is that which you never notice at home, that is our normality is practiced differently in respect to our habits and codified conditions so this becomes normal both in the alternation of and the different use of the senses. …

Wednesday with Falco

19 October 2005


I would like to ask you if you have envisaged the passage going the other way, that is more than one of us could be hosted by a single creature. Have you envisaged in the experience this inverse type of mechanism being possible?


From this point of view multiple hosting is also envisaged but for different reasons. For example the experience that certain people are doing at the moment is based upon a type of creature that arrives from a world that is extremely hot, with a different pressure in respect to ours and which normally moves at a speed decidedly superior to ours, approximately four times faster.

It is the same relationship that exists between us and a small snail. We don’t see a snail moving and this creature from its point of view sees that we move like the speed of a snail. This creates some difficulties but also interesting opportunities because we also have to learn to move at a different speed. Once we talked about the way in which a cobra might see the world when he sees a projectile arriving and he bites it. It is he who has bitten the projectile and it is not true that the projectile has hit him. Therefore our relative speed, our perceptions are of this nature and in this case they also become interesting opportunities.

As far as we are concerned, the hosted being happens at various moments and for quite a long time.

Many Damanhurians have been sent as guests by means of the dream state – at least a hundred people – especially after the recognition of the ‘People’. Perhaps you had very particular dreams in that period; I hope some of you will remember because these drops of experience can be useful for extending these possibilities and abilities.

I would say, at the moment, many Damanhurians time travel ‘a great deal’ and not only for time related issues, living alongside other beings that will one day establish Atlantis or other realities. They are being born and are dying in those bodies, expanding on this type of experience, which is an extraordinarily important enrichment, by adding parts to our soul structure so that it will become more complex compared to what it was before. Thanks to consciousness, that gift of consciousness it becomes possible to turn the gas up or down.

It is an experience that is being extended; in the next few weeks it is possible that other people will be chosen. I was thinking of six or eight people – for hosting two or three other creatures. The selection will happen naturally on request as some have already done and is based on the stability that people demonstrate. If you are schizophrenic I will say no to you because you are already doing it on your own and it is not necessary to search for something else to reach the same state of consciousness.

Wednesday with Falco

23 November 2005

The relationship with alien beings


A few months ago, when you opened the revised course on ‘Medianita’ (channeling – clairvoyance –learning to be a medium) you offered us the possibility of contacting entities or beings from other worlds that are very different from ours. For a few weeks now a few people have been experimenting, in a special course, with the new opportunity of making contact via the physical body.

Some of the research we have been doing at the Damanhur Center in Palermo with the Planchette (Oujia board) and selfic paintings seems to confirm that these aliens have a great interest in establishing a close contact with us, both through dreams and through channeling. This has become evident because in our recent attempts to form new Planchette groups, beings are presenting themselves that do not appear to be from this Planet. This raises many questions, most of all the fact that we could be talking about a major turning point in ways of communicating.

These beings often state that they have been researching our planet for some time and are present in spaceships positioned around the Earth.

Their main interest in contacting us is to complete their research by observing the world through physical contact with us, or through dreams, channeling or acting as Guides for our spiritual growth in some way. But how far does it go?


Well, there have been much greater contact opportunities for sometime now. It is now effectively possible, providing there is the right attention. In fact we have had the instruments to do so for years. Some of you will remember the paintings that I made specially to establish direct telephone lines with certain types of intelligence. The aim of the experience is to create a kind of synergy, a link in certain cases, probably a form of symbiosis, therefore a help, a reciprocal advantage, as a consequence of these connections.

But above all we have begun the invasion of the Planet. Your aliens are nothing but the first signs. As soon as it functions we can go ahead. This will happen mainly because of the fact that I know which people are already aliens on their own account, so I don’t believe there will be any problem inserting other tenants into the apartment block. This will be a kind of infection. We will try to spread this alien virus in the widest manner possible to influence the government of the planet. Because the way in which politicians are governing it at the moment we could do between lunch and dinner. Nothing would change very much with regard to results or experience. We could only make things better.

Above all, this is an attempt to deal with the ‘Hole in Thought” in an appropriate way because if someone repairs it a little inside of themselves, it can be useful for someone else. In this attempt to extend our capacities we will ‘de-provincialise’ ourselves in certain respects. Also in the management of and in respect to habits regarding our inner and outer senses. I think that altogether this will be very useful.

We have seen that its usefulness consists in people sharing a kind of continuous connection, a little different to what people normally have to bring them together, such as using a personal ‘Self’, when the abilities of others are needed.

Then there will be an extension of ones senses, at a certain point the aliens will move house because I think that it would be very useful especially if it all tends to become a matter of habit for some people.

Let’s say most of all in the third week; we will try to do something even crazier. If someone finds they are happy with it and wants to renew the contract, the price will be raised.


When we begin to talk about beings that are physically very different from us who do not perceive with senses similar to ours. How can they give us effective advice? What can they teach us but most of all how can we verify what they say, how can we trust them?


It’s not a matter of whether we trust them. If they add experiences which, on reflection, in the shadows we collect or find inside ourselves, let’s analyze them.  On the planet there are an infinite number of beings that use their senses in a different way to us. They use the sense of smell much more, touch, the electrical senses, the light frequencies in a different way. It is normal for creatures to have these kinds of behaviors according to their environment.

Some of you will remember in the first time travels that we began with the possession of others. Do you remember the various systems: those who followed the operations of those who were possessed in the spheres? We did this with beings of various kinds, for example fish, birds, and also other human beings; some of you will remember this kind of experience. It can in any case be relived and repeated without too much difficulty.

In this case we have intelligences that are attentive and sufficiently expert. Joking apart, I have not allowed this space truck to send down in its first consignment with characters who have not already traveled a few times, who do not know how to approach us carefully, to approach individuals who are not used to this kind of experience. In the future we can see what else can be done and increase things little by little because some will ask to carry on and continue this kind of experience into the future for various reasons. This can only happen if there is some correlation with our senses, do not expect ‘ I don’t know what’ but do expect just about anything.

Wednesday with Falco

7 December 2005


I would like to ask, if, the intelligences in this exchange arrive from places we have visited during our travels in time.


No, these intelligences do not arrive from the places we have visited in time: they are real alien beings they come from far away. These alien beings are on holiday or they come to get to know our world and do so by entering this immense circuit. They come for the experiences that they are able to have or collect. We can also meet other intelligences, other forms; there is nothing to prohibit it.

Edimed – Edizioni della Scuola di Meditazione di Damanhur

Taken from a series of posts by Gabriele to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Queste creature aliene sono in vacanza’. 2008/04/18 00:47

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July 22, 2009 at 4:10 pm

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