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This site would not be complete without a look at the lucrative world of extra-terrestrial ‘Selfica’. Below are a few extracts from the shopping website of Damanhur’s Selfica laboratory SEL-ET.

Link: http://www.sel-et.com/en/html/vetrina.asp

Note the claims made for their products and the prices.

Inside the Community Damanhurians buy these products cash and do not receive receipts of purchase. All Nucleo-Communities are required to own a Spheroself and many spiritual healers own Stiloselfs. To use a Stiloself you need to own a Spheroself otherwise the alien intelligence has no base to refer to. All Damanhurians are required to own a Personal Self – prices begin at around 5,000 Euro with yearly updates of 500 Euro. Purchased directly from Oberto Airaudi without receipts – of course.

If Damanhurians leave the Community and wish to get a refund on a piece of high technology Selfica they are told that the product in itself has no intrinsic value and all that they paid for was Oberto Airaudi’s ‘energetic preparation’ of the instrument …which was personal to them. They are only given a small refund for the material value of the Self of around 15% of the market value… if it is made of a precious metal.

The Self is then ’recycled’ and sold on to someone else at full price.

DIO Editor


Extract from the SEl-et site

Link: http://www.sel-et.com/en/html/ArcMagazineDet.asp?IDArt=3


One of the most interesting fields of research that Damanhur has developed is that linked to ‘Selfica’, a discipline that involves the concentration and direction of vital and intelligent energies. Selfica was widely used in Atlantis and traces of its use can also be found in Egyptian, Etruscan and Celtic cultures. The ancient Arabs used Selfica until the VIII century B.C.
Selfica, introduced into Damanhur through the research of Oberto Airaudi, creates structures based on the spiral and the use of metals, colours, inks and minerals that are able to host intelligent energies. With a simple structure based on metals, particular substances and geometric combinations, Selfica facilitates the superimposition of the complexity of living beings. The particular energies that selfic structures call upon are in fact living life forms, border intelligences that pass from one reality to another acting as intermediaries between planes of existence.
Selfic energies belong to a sector of our universe characterized by ultra-light speed and when they are called inside an object it is as if they undergo a kind of deceleration.
Building a selfic structure is a way of making a body available for the use of the ‘Self ‘.

The intelligence of the Self is in fact the energy that manages the physical part of the structure and which continues to use the laws of its own plane of existence in order to act in ours.
The interaction of a Self with an individual is always based upon mutual advantage: for this reason Selfs can be considered specialist symbionts. The Self attracts useful conditions for physical life or for the development of personal potential, connecting to the aura through the ‘microlines’: the energy lines of the human body.

In exchange the selfic intelligence has the opportunity to gain experience of a different world from that in which it originates. Selfs and human beings do not live all aspects of their existence in reciprocal interaction, only those that bring specific mutual advantage.
The largest selfic structure on the planet is hosted by the Temples of Humankind, a great underground work of art built by the citizens of the Federation of Damanhur.
The selfic installation’s principal function is to correct, balance and modify sound, rhythm and time. The Temples seen in the context of a laboratory create the ideal conditions for interacting with Higher Forces for the evolution of humanity. The use of the selfic structures of the Temples has allowed for the development of new areas of research, both in the field of health and the exploration of time and space.

The Laboratory

Link: http://www.sel-et.com/en/html/ArcMagazineDet.asp?IDArt=2

The Selfica laboratory Selet conducts research in the field of energies linked to the use of metals. Selfica is an ancient art that creates structures based on precise mathematics which connect to specialized energies and intelligence. Experts in Selfica direct their research to the creation of ‘live’ objects with functions that are aimed specifically at the well being of the user. Among their many uses, Selfs are used to encourage personal and environmental harmony and to amplify sensorial capacities.
The simplest Selfs are made of metal but the SelEt workshop also creates more complex structures that combine metals with spheres containing specially prepared liquids for the transformation of energy. Other structures unite precious metals with microcircuits constructed in specially prepared inks, to carry out complex energetic functions.
These Selfs can be programmed for multiple functions and can be used by more than one person at the same time for different purposes.

Let’s look at a few products and the extraordinary  claims that are made for them…

High Tecnology Selfica

Link : http://www.sel-et.com/en/html/vetrina.asp?IdVet=1


selfic pendulum

A very complex instrument that increases the characteristics of a traditional pendulum by contacting the energetic geometry of the most sensitive parts of the operator. The selfic part carries out the important and very complex function, of filtering the personal interpretations linked to the expectations of the operator, that tend to influence responses. This is an instrument of revelation and transmission and at the same time a reservoir of energy and information. The pendulum acts as a facilitator in all dowsing operations: from the simple diagnosis of probabilities to time prospecting. It can also act as a medium with other forms of intelligence. This selfic pendulum can easily be used by everyone.

660 Euro VAT Inc



An ideal accompaniment to the Stiloself, the selfic Slittino is used both as an ‘antenna’ and as a small hammer. When it is passed along the body using the antennae, the Slittino interweaves its subtle parts, repairing the aura and the body’s energetic structures. This intervention means that the vital energies that are contained and emitted by the system last longer. It creates energetic lines on the surface, which in the subsequent three days, enter deep inside the body and become the preferential channels for the flow of information from the Stiloself. The little ‘hammer’ part of the Slittino is used to diffuse sound frequencies throughout the body by using the bones as a resonating chamber.

1,980 Euro Vat Inc



The most versatile and complex structure for personal and group use. Comprising of a selfic part in different metals, including copper and gold – and a sphere containing specially prepared liquid, the Spheroself’s extraordinary capacities can be used in any field for which it is programmed. The Spheroself establishes a symbiotic relationship and communicates with the people to whom it is linked, attracting propitious events for a harmonious life and enriching occasions for growth. The Spheroself interacts with the environment in which it is positioned, creating a ‘sphere’ of protection and defence for those around it. Every Spheroself can be used by its owner to consciously direct events and propitiate positive situations. The Spheroself can be programmed in many different ways according to the choice of the user. For example: the amplification of therapeutic, intuitive and creative capacities in every field; direct therapeutic intervention on the pathologies of the user; the attenuation of the effects of GMO on the body; the ‘preparation of objects used for healing so that they are in harmony with the user to render them more effective; the increase of mental and physical potential; the harmonization of groups and the development of a deep understanding between people who share the same ideals; the integration of groups in the workplace; the amplification of transmitted messages, for example during work with groups or public discussions.

6,100 Euro VAT Inc


Create the possibility of adding new functions according to personal needs. The circuits add complexity but do not saturate the existing potential. Costo: € 1040


Connects with knowledge of a non-human origin that is not typical of this planet, enormously expanding the complexity of the Spheroself and amplifying the existing programmes.

Costo: € 1040


General increase in the potential of the Spheroself at an energetic level. Amplifies its intrinsic capacity to direct events.

Costo: € 1250

N.B. Potential increases are not purchasable online and must be arranged directly with Selet.



One of the Spheroself’s ‘accessories’ in the therapeutic field, the Stiloself is an extraordinary healing instrument for working on the body. It can act from macroscopic to DNA levels, on the mind and on the ‘subtle’ structures of the human being. The result of many years of research, the Stiloself is now used by a growing number of therapists all over the world. Comprising a gold body and a head with selfic microcircuits, the Stiloself works at different depths in the organs and systems of the human body depending on how it is positioned and whether or not it is in contact with the skin. The Stiloself develops a communicative relationship with the therapist, often ‘guiding the therapists hand’ and increasing empathy to bring about effective intervention. The intelligence of the Stiloself travels through the organs and body systems supplying the necessary information needed to restore balance. It encourages the body to re-programme itself to function normally. Each Stiloself is able to ‘learn’ and increase its efficiency with every use. Also thanks to its connection with a Spheroself and its supportive complexity, every Stiloself ‘networks’ with every other Stiloself being used on the planet. In this way it takes on information about pathologies that it has never treated directly, but which have been cured by other selfic instruments. The Stiloself is very useful in the treatment of cephalea, cervical neck pain, lumbar pain, sciatica, arthritis, of the joints, tendonitis, neuralgia, stomach disorders, irritated colon, haemorrhoids, dysmenorrhoea and pathologies of the menstrual cycle. It can be used to assist relief in many serious illnesses such as pain caused by bone metastasis or to control the increase of benign growths such as lymphoma, fibrosis, and ovarian cysts. It helps in resolving small skin imperfections, marks, warts, damaged capillaries and the general repair of skin tissues. It has a sedative, quietening effect that encourages concentration and memory. Finally it facilitates the activation of latent faculties in the individual – physical, mental and extra-sensory. The Stiloself can also be used for self- healing.

2,840 Euro VAT Inc


Create the possibility of adding new functions according to personal needs. The circuits add complexity but do not saturate the existing potential. Costo: € 1040


Connects with knowledge of a non-human origin that is not typical of this planet, enormously expanding the complexity of the Stiloself and amplifying the existing programmes. Costo: € 1040


General increase in the potential of the Stiloself at an energetic level. Amplifies its intrinsic capacity to direct events. Costo: € 520

N.B. Specialization circuits are not purchasable online and must be arranged directly with Selet.

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July 26, 2009 at 10:05 am

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  1. Hi, when I was a visitor at Damanhur some seven years ago although I saw through the mirage and my article about the reality of damanhur is at hub pages under my tag of UNIVERSAL LAWS, i decided to try out a piece of gold selfic jewellery and took this back to UK. The energies from this spiral seemed to be joining me to damanhur (I have been a disciplined meditator for over 20 years as this time so could feel this). I chuck it away into a rubbish bag which was eventually taken away by the rubbish men. But, months later I was walking out of my back door and the spiral earring was on the path by the door, now we can say it had dropped out of the rubbish bag but I walked out of that door hundreds of times and didnt see it until this particular day. I feel like everything this had an energy but not a good one, it was obviously programmed with strong damanhur vibes which I knew to be negative when I was there, not from the people I saw them just as victims to the imprint, but from the authority of Falco.


    January 2, 2010 at 8:56 pm

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