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Falco’s alien origins

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An excerpt from an interview given by Oberto Airaudi to Italian journalists Selene Ballerini and Roberto Pinotti for the magazine ‘Dossier Alieni’ on the 28 November 1998.

Oberto talks about the beginning of Damanhur:

Falco: In 1997 we bought this land to create Damanhur. It took us two years of searching to find the right place on a meeting point of Synchronic Lines. In July1997 I started having a recurrent dream, it was very strange, I had never had a recurrent dream before. I told my dream to Orso and one afternoon we decided to go up to Monti Pelati (the hills which are part of the Damanhur settlement). Up there at a certain point Orso and I saw a floating object arrive. Like in a classic Science Fiction film. We saw a large luminous object shaped like a sphere. We took it to be a signal and walked a few meters closer.

Just like in a classic movie of that kind, the object began to pulsate and became concave, illuminating the interior so that the exterior was no longer visible. It began to display images which seemed to be in relief. First it resembled a mirror, then we saw a landscape of the place where we were standing and then we saw a picture of me in which I approached the sphere and touched it. This image presented itself a few times, until we realized that this was what I was supposed to do. It took us a little while to understand because we were feeling rather astonished. I advanced and touched the object and it was warm.

The pictures continued and began to present a very long story. We saw pictures of sunrise and sunset, presenting the idea of a day and establishing a contact with time. This scene repeated itself until we touched the sphere to communicate that we had understood the message. The dialogue continued in this way and the images were combined with things that we had to do in order to construct Damanhur. There were images I did not recognize and others that were similar to those I had seen in the books that I had read when I was a child. Do you know that story?

No, we don’t.

When I was very young, a strange man brought a trunk to my parents’ house containing various books which he said I should read. Strangely enough my parents accepted this without question and put the trunk aside for me. When I had learned to read, my mother gave me the trunk. I read all the texts it contained including a very unusual one. It was a strange book because as I read the pages and absorbed the information, the writing disappeared in front of my eyes. I still have it, that strange object. Perhaps today we would say it is a technological object rather than a magical one.

So, what were the images you saw in the book and then in the sphere?

One was about a strange incident that happened to my mother. One day during the Second World War, when she was a young woman of sixteen or seventeen, she was on her way to work near Asti. She was riding her bicycle and going to catch the train with her brother when a meteorite fell destroying six rows of vines. They were thrown off their bicycles and my mother was really scared. She was exposed to a light which persisted for a long time. Then there was a flash and it went away. The pictures I saw on the spherical object when it became convex reproduced that scene.  Maybe it was a sort of signal which triggered other processes because I have also experienced a meteorite falling close to me several times.

For example, one day here in Damanhur, many years ago, we were waiting for a signal to tell us in which direction to build the stairs which now lead up to the main square. All of a sudden an ionized meteorite in the form of a luminous streak fell from the sky and landed between my feet. And then again, two years ago a small piece of a meteor fell from the sky near me, I picked it up and later melted it down together with gold so now we have some objects made of magnetic gold.

Can you tell us more about your communication with the ‘sphere’?

For two hours, Orso and I tried to understand the strange pictures. There were parts of the Temple project together with other things relating to the future social system in Damanhur. We began to understand how to communicate and which part to touch, so the communication became faster and more accurate.

This object, according to the images that we were shown, would appear to other people and would give messages that would be interpreted throughout the centuries, in different lives. But if, the people did nothing in the first few years after its appearance it would have never come to them again. In our case, we were asked to create Damanhur and make it grow through more advanced social systems than exist in the rest of the world. This contact happened again twice with the same object in the same place and then it became more frequent and the sphere started to appear in the Temple itself. Now there is a specific hall in the Temple for the sphere to manifest.

These things, as I said, were explained to me through images and I could even copy drawings from the object. All I had to do was to put a piece of paper on top of the images: it was like a kind of photocopying sphere. From it we received part of the technology that helped with the research into Selfica. The suggestions it gave us were mostly technical and technological but later the dialogue become much more interesting, to the point where we can now ask anything we want. Thanks to the instruments now present in the Temple, it is like switching a radio on and off. The images from the sphere helped us understand that the Temple of Humankind has to become a spaceship inside the earth, a point of remembrance and conservation for the things it contains.

For those who have a ‘ufological’ vision, what I have proposed suggests that the Temple has such an origin. There must therefore be a vaster science inside this universe, intelligences interested in creating solid reference points. When we made the first connection other people had had the same dreams but they did not think they were important or forgot about them. There is a difference between a dream and a call: if it is a call you act personally, you move, maybe you go all the way to an absurd place… and that’s how the story begins.

Damanhur could have been created somewhere else but without the Synchronic Lines and  all that we needed it would never have become what it is today. Our job has been to prove that we are able to take technology and information and with our own hands render them practical in today’s world.

Translated from the original Italian article.

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June 15, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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