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Is Damanhur running a health scam?

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Here is a screenshot of Damanhur’s current presentation of its Health Center from the Italian website http://www.damanhur.info. A translation of the text is offered below.

As these pages may suddenly disappear as a result of the recent NAS intervention (see DIO homepage), I felt it might be interesting to offer readers the opportunity to verify the situation for themselves.

DIO Editor



The Center of Integrated Medicine, with its headquarters on the first floor of Damanhur Crea in Vidracco, consists of Damanhurian specialists and professionals and non-Damanhurians who offer assistance in all fields of health: general health needs, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, dentistry and the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, etc. Doctors also supervise the application of traditional Damanhurian medicines, such as pranatherapy, chromatherapy and Selfica.

Center of Integrated Medicine

Damanhur Crea – Via Baldissero 21 – 10080 – Vidracco – (TO)   Tel: 0125 789966

The ‘Green Doctor’

This term defines the doctors that work inside the Federation according to a paradigm that is in keeping with Damanhurian philosophy: the Green Doctor focuses on the person and not the illness. He/she is a professional who uses the therapeutic relationship as a fundamental and irreplaceable healing instrument. The Green Doctor sees health in terms of a holistic vision of the human being and as a personal point of reference for the patient in the most significant moments of life. He/she works to restore dignity to life, birth and death and helps the patient to give meaning to their illness when it appears.

The Green Doctor, in addition to his or her qualified professional preparation and chosen specializations is also able to intervene using methods that belong to alternative medicine (homeopathy, homotoxicology, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, hypnosis and relaxation techniques) along with traditions from the internal health service, integrated in a therapeutic path suited to the person, the seriousness and urgency of the pathology.


On Damanhur’s Italian site the Health Center is now known as the ‘Center of Integrated Medicine’. The Center is staffed by various medical professionals. Its two principal doctors are Damanhurian citizens and work as state registered doctors both inside and outside the Community. One is the general practitioner for the population of Baldissero, the village in which Damanhur’s main center Damjl is situated.

Please note: according to Damanhur’s presentation, state doctorssupervise the application of traditional Damanhurian medicines, such as pranatherapy, chromatherapy and Selfica’.

By Damanhur’s own admission, state registered doctors are endorsing alien technologies that claim to be able to treat serious pathologies. These treatments are very expensive and are sold to patients as ‘experimental’ so that patients have no legal recourse should they fail to produce the desired results.

There is no medical evidence to suggest that treatment with selfic technology has ever had a positive influence on human health.

No receipts are given for the cost of the experimental treatments and all the proceeds from passages in selfic Cabins go directly to Oberto Airaudi.

For more information on the alien technology of Selfica and its extraordinary claims please consult this link:


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Here is a selection of screenshots from Damanhur’s current English language site on the therapies offered at its Health Center at Damanhur Crea.

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November 29, 2009 at 5:15 pm

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