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Pressing the button on the Chinese

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During the first lessons of Meditation you are taught that when you kill someone you only kill their body and consequently you do not kill their soul, if you do it for the right reasons, you do not incur Karma.

The ends justify the means.

Is it true that you need to demonstrate that you are ready to kill someone you do not know, a Chinese person, knowing that you will not be caught?

In Damanhur this is called ‘pressing the button on the Chinese’. It is a reference to the ‘Quesiti’. The Quesiti are rules/energy that according to the Damanhurian School every Damanhurian needs to have to make progress on their spiritual path. The first Quesito concerns ACTION.

In this Quesito, the initiate has to understand that his or her role is to act in all situations; it does not matter whether the action is right or wrong, it is “better to act and make a mistake than not to act at all”. To obtain the first Quesito the newly born initiate is taken into the so called ‘Sacred Wood’ for two days, where the Game of Life team spells out a whole series of concepts relating to the moment, the importance of action, the Damanhurian as spiritual warrior and fear etc. At the end of the two days of indoctrination they are given the Koan of the Chinese. They are stood in front of a button and they are told that by pressing the button, magically, on the other side of the world a Chinese person will lose their life but as a result of their choice the lives of many other people all over the planet will be saved.

Obviously no one will ever know that the Chinese person has died by their hand, so from that point of view they can feel reassured.

Newly fledged initiates are faced with taking responsibility for their Choice, in this case, the idea that they have actually killed someone. This entitles them to the first Quesito and being considered a real Damanhurian. If they do not press the button they have to renounce everything.

At the end of two days very few people refuse to press the button…


Extracted from a longer conversational post between Sottofalsonome and LuceBianca:

Posted  03/22/2008 01:28 to the forum ‘Noi e le Sette’ of www.focus.it under the title ‘Re: Ringraziamento

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 16, 2009 at 9:46 am

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  1. Hi, I am interested in the public philosopy of damanhur, because it is the same as mine. BUT I asked to myself how can a Guy like Oberto Airaudi, who seems to have a deep knowledge regarding the hidden laws behind this world, do such ugly things?

    As I heard from damanhur, a few days ago, I started to ask what is there. There´s something wrong in this world and I thought People live there in peace and harmony. I thought about to built an own community basing of the Idea of damanhur. But I really want to do it for all but now I am really unsure, because I do not want to be like Airaudi. What do you think, in the vids on youtube, airaudi or damanhurians sais, they give tipps how such a community can exist, is it advisable to ask them? To remember, I am not going to be a Damanhurian this time or give any money. Really spiritual peaople do not ask for money.


    December 15, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    • Dear Wingmaker

      What you are shown by the Damanhur marketing machine is just a ploy to pull you in to the regime, relieve you of all your wealth and convince you to build your life inside its walls. You will be expoited for all you are worth…
      Do not ask them for advice …unless you are interested in creating a mind control satanic cult.
      Go your own way!

      DIO Editor


      December 20, 2010 at 12:35 pm

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