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The strange affair of the Multiplier

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Over the years I had heard people talk, or should I say ‘whisper’ among themselves about Falco’s miraculous box. I had seen the mysterious object displayed in the exhibition of magic instruments on People’s Day but I had never seen it in action.

One of the Damanhurian Esoteric Theoreticians was known to have said that the most amazing thing about the Multiplier (‘Moltiplicatore’ as the box is known), was that when it multiplied banknotes each one came out with a different number!

I was very intrigued but no one ever talked about the Multiplier, so information was difficult to find. As far as I knew once an object was placed in the box it would be magically multiplied after a ritual request. The box was used for magical operations and on a limited basis only and was certainly not to be used as a substitute for automated bank machines. Pity, I had often thought, some of us could do with a bit of extra cash.

One day I discovered an old Damanhur website page showing a picture of the Multiplier carrying the following caption:

The Multiplier - Moltiplicatore

Moltiplicatore – Moltiplicatore costruito nel 1988. Erano 4.000 anni che non se ne realizzava più uno. Serve a moltiplicare sostanze, oggetti e valori.

Translation:  Multiplier – Selfic multiplier built in 1988. The first one to be created in 4,000 years. It can multiply substances, objects and valuables.

Years went by without anyone ever speaking about the instrument. Perhaps it was being used regularly by the priestesses of the Way of the Oracle but I never saw or heard any more about it.

Then one day I was promised the opportunity to see how it worked, or so I thought.

If I remember correctly it was the 5th of April 2006 and all Damanhur’s dutiful ‘A’ citizens had been told to attend a special meeting after Falco’s ‘Serata’ in which the Federation’s King Guides would present the Community’s financial accounts for the previous trading year. The balance sheet was presented in the form of illustrations and graphs showing the amount of income received and how it was spent. This was the first time that the Guides had ever explained the Community’s financial affairs.

The proportions of income and expenditure by different sectors were illustrated with a ‘cake’ diagram and one portion indicated the percentage of the Federation’s income that was provided by Oberto Airaudi. It was a surprisingly big slice: 850,000 euro

After about an hour of financial analysis the Guides announced that Falco also had some comments to make and he appeared on stage. He said that he wanted to explain the origins of his contribution to Community funds.

He explained that some of this money came from the MULTIPLIER.

Once a week, so he said, two of the citizens entrusted with the day to day running of Damanhur’s financial affairs would get into their car and drive it around the local area accompanied by the Multiplier.

This magic instrument by linking with the astral planes ‘collected’ any Italian currency that had been lost, misplaced, destroyed or burnt from all over the world. Money that had been dropped in the street or left lying around for some reason, money with no known owner. The multiplier acted like a magnet for lost and disembodied banknotes, regenerating them in the material world. As the couple drove around this lost money would manifest in the car or in the trunk.

Falco offered certain selected citizens the possibility to go with the couple and see the Multiplier in action. It was necessary to make a personal request to him or the ‘Game of Life’.

Everyone was stunned by such a revelation.

I made a request.

Suffice it to say and to my utter disappointment, I was never invited to see the Multiplier at work and to my knowledge neither was anyone else.

I am often tempted by the idea of borrowing Falco’s magic box.

It might be the only way of getting my money back… the money I lost believing in Damanhur…


Written by damanhurinsideout

July 15, 2009 at 10:36 am

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