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Damanhur and censorship on Facebook

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The Internet has a great virtue, anyone can write their own opinion. This virtue however can sometimes become a limit, a limit because on a given subject one can find a certain number of people who write “white” and the same number again who write “black”. How can we understand who is telling the truth and who is not?

It is not always possible to publish documents and photos, not all sites allow for it and it is therefore difficult for the reader who does not know the real situation to decide where the truth is to be found.

In these cases though there are certain aspects that can help us to unravel things, sometimes they are not very obvious and one needs to read between the lines but once they are picked up on they are truly illuminating:

The group managed by Damanhur on Facebook is a clear example of this.

Let’s take the ‘Damanhur’ group for example, in the description of the group one reads:

“The Damanhur facebook group is for people that have been in damanhur, live there or are interested in the place”.

I lived in Damanhur for many years therefore I posses the necessary requisites for participating in the group according to what is said in the description I have just quoted. I decided to join and tell of my experiences, to me this seems a correct and honest thing to do especially with regard to those people who do not know Damanhur and who should have the opportunity of hearing information from different points of view and not only that of Damanhurian P.R.

Result? I am banned and my posts are cancelled!

This kind of behavior creates suspicion in any context in which it is verified, faced with more or less strong criticism it is normal to respond, to begin a discussion, contributing arguments that support your own views, then readers can make up their own minds, at least this is what happens in a democratic situation.

However the Damanhur group administrator sets himself up as a supreme censor! Cut, eliminate, ban!

I can’t say I am surprised by this. I lived in Damanhur for years with this kind of behavior:  keep the truth hidden from the Damanhurians and at the same time concoct a virtual reality that tranquilizes the population with a continuous and never ending stream of propaganda of how clever we are, only us, the elect!

Perhaps the censorship created some bad feelings between the participants in the group, enough to force the administrator to justify his action producing a worse result than if he had kept quiet.

This is what he wrote:

< In this group we share our own personal experiences and the group can be a tool for people wanting to meet up in damanhur. For the people wanting to post there viewpoints on damanhur as a cult do it on the forums or anti damanhur group on facebook.>

I think it speaks for itself, just positive comments; the group is an auto-celebration of Damanhur.

I have also followed the Damanhur Denmark group for a while, different administrators but exactly the same management, same treatment reserved for critical posts: CENSORSHIP! Same useless attempt to justify things:

<It´s against my principle to delete anything, cause we all have the rigths to hear different views and not only what is proprieted. But in this case we have made the choice to delete the posted blog cause it could cause more harm than good>


And exactly what criteria were followed in deciding whether or not to cancel the post? If the posts create MORE HARM THAN GOOD!

GOOD for whom? The people who are reading or Damanhur???

If you read it again carefully you will discover an important detail, take a look: First the administrator writes about HER principles, then she writes that WE have decided: but WE who?

Interesting isn’t it? Two groups that behave in exactly the same way.

This is a clear demonstration of how Damanhur manages information: absolute control, the elimination of every critical voice, CENSORSHIP!

Seeing how they behave here on Facebook, who has more credibility, those who say Damanhur is not democratic and that people inside are destroyed by it or those who say Damanhur is the height of democracy?

It is often the details that give us the complete picture!


Posted  15/07/2009 to the anti-damanhur group of facebook, in Italian.

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 15, 2009 at 9:38 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Hi
    I have just been in Damanhur for the first time. I have been very faschinated of it for years. But my impression was that they have made their own reality and just lives it and I can not really find myself in that. It got suspecious of a lot of things and when I got home I found my way to this website to see what the other, not so glamous side, have to say. I find it very usefull and am glad to see that it is not just me that has “resistance”. It makes me feel that my common sense is not just a result of not wanting to see the truth.

    And still I would like to tell that the Damanhur in Denmark facebook group is not administred from damanhur. I know the administrator(s) and they are just a couple of people that have been in damanhur some times and are fashinated of it and wants to connect with others. when your comments showed up, there where discussions of what to do. they chose to deliete it. it might have been the right choise or the wrong, but was taken because they wanted a place where they could connect with interested people. not with people that didn´t approve of damanhur.
    You and I can have our own oppinions of wether it is an appropriate way of doing it, but I just wanted to tell you, that the group has nothing to do with any damanhurians and that the administrators are just ordinary danish people that have been to some courses in damanhur. Just because I think that it is very important that everything on this site is correct – because if you find something that is not, it is not quite so easy to believe the rest. Hope you understand:-)


    November 22, 2009 at 11:29 am

    • Hi Sus

      Thank you for your comment…

      We are aware that the Danish Damanhur group is run primarily by and for Danish fans but we also know from our informers inside the Community that a certain amount of supervision is exercised by the Damanhurian marketing office, just as happens in the Damanhur group set up by Norwegian visitor, Kevin Gamst.

      It is a well documented fact that Damanhur only wants to project a positive image of itself on the net and is not open to criticism of any kind. The only criticism Damanhur is prepared to entertain is in the form of hosting a public debate on their territory at Damanhur Crea. You can be sure that once they have identified their critics, those people will later be served with law suits for defamation or encounter difficulties of certain kinds. No one is willing to expose themselves to such a risk.

      The various interventions in facebook by supporters of this site have been aimed at bringing information to people BEFORE they are sucked into the Damanhur system. Obviously visitors with their antenna raised will easily spot the contradictions from the outset and not get involved but many intelligent and sincere people have been fooled in the past and continue to be so.

      Your friends in the Danish group who frequent Damanhur and its courses are running a grave risk. Damanhur is not what it appears to be. No one ever discovers what it is really all about until they are well established on the inside…and then it is too late.

      Damanhur is not a life-enhancing spiritual and ecological haven, it is exactly the opposite. It is a reality that destroys the human spirit at a very profound level.

      Do not under estimate its power to corrupt.

      DIO Editor


      November 22, 2009 at 12:58 pm

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