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Enkidu on Facebook

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My thanks to the contributor of this deleted post whoever and wherever you are!

DIO Editor


Enkidu is that you?

Hi there

My name is Enkidu. I am a very close friend of Falco and I visit him from time to time in Damanhur.

Sometimes I materialize in his house, sometimes in Damjl and sometimes in the camper at weekends.

We don’t get to see each other very often but when we do, he is always pleased to welcome me and I often get to meet some of his special friends among the Damanhurians.

I have just got the hang of this new earth game called Facebook and I thought I would give it a try because materializing over such cosmic distances is very tiring and it is not as if Falco and I are young anymore…

I am writing to this group because I am very upset about what some ex- Damanhurians are saying about me in the Italian forums and although I live many light years away I think it is important that you hear MY side of the story.

The ex- Damanhurians are saying that I am just a trick of Falco’s, that I was originally a borrowed circus gorilla who is now impersonated by a Damanhurian dressed in a theater costume. They say I am not an alien visitor but just another method Falco uses to impress and frighten the Damanhurians.


Falco tells the Damanhurians not to look me in the eyes … NOT because he thinks they will recognize someone they know but because he knows that I am very dangerous when I materialize as a gorilla. Unfortunately it is the closest we can get to the human form.

I hope this message gets through to you new supporters of Damanhur. If it suddenly disappears it is because I no longer have the physical strength to maintain the connection or because the heads of this group for some strange reason do not want you to know the TRUTH.


Falco is no fraud or charlatan; he is a stellar magician who has contact with many alien life forms throughout the cosmos. He regularly travels in time, is able to see the future and guide planetary movements. Don’t worry he doesn’t need your earth money, he has a magic box that duplicates bank notes and he is already a billionaire.

Don’t believe what the ex-Damanhurians say; they wouldn’t recognize an alien if it stared them in the face!


Posted to the ‘Damanhur‘ group on Facebook  07/02/2009 and immediately removed by the group’s administrators. For more information on Enkidu see  ‘Chapter 3 – The Myth of Enkidu’ .


Wow it sure is difficult materializing in Facebook from my dimension…
I see the heads of this group have removed my previous posts …seems my suspicions were correct…they do not want you to know the truth about me…

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 31, 2009 at 5:19 pm

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