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Oh DIO am I scared…

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Oh DIO am I scared…I have just done a tour of the two Damanhur facebook groups and a few blogs and I am feeling desperate.  Why won’t people listen to what this site is saying. There are people planning to move to Vidracco from Denmark and set up a colony alongside Pejda.

What are they thinking of?

Have they done their homework?

Don’t they know that every foreigner who has ever moved to this valley to be near Damanhur has been bankrupted by it?

There is no work here for foreigners…there is no work here for Italians! How do they think they are going to live?

Damanhur will not give them work…Damanhur only wants their money, their support, their trade and their contacts.

Why don’t these people want to listen?

Why do they think they know better than ex-Damanhurians, many of whom have given the best part of their lives to Damanhur? People who had exactly the same wonderful idealistic notions as they do, twenty-five to thirty years ago?

How long is history going to have to repeat itself before people get the message?

How many more ruins are going to be sold to these unsuspecting foreigners?

Do they know how long it takes to get planning permission in Italy?

Do they know that if they buy a house in Vidracco they have no hope of ever selling it again?

Italians do not want houses in Vidracco…no one wants to live under the Damanhurian administration. If foreigners buy property in the district they will be stuck with it for ever. The only way they will be able to get their money back will be to persuade other naïve foreigners to buy it from them. There are already two houses for sale in Vidracco that are owned by foreigners who left Italy after bad experiences with Damanhur. The houses were restored by Damanhur’s building company at incredibly high costs. The owners will never recoup their money. Nobody will ever buy them.

Do these people really understand what they are getting themselves into?

Do they know that the Valdichy Project failed miserably because the latest recruits rebelled when they were TOLD to begin ‘Terrazzatura’ for the Community?

Oh yes, come and live in our valley, bring your money, your friends and work for us for free!

We will make you feel you are on a spiritual mission. You do not have to ‘join’ Damanhur (at least not straight away)  take your time…we will get your money off you in one way or another … and your property…don’t worry, it will not hurt…it will be years before you notice you’ve been taken for a ride…

Oh and by the way…

The tree village is ABUSIVE it should have a demolition order placed upon it. In any other district it would have been demolished by now. No one can build permanent houses with essential services in this country without permission.  Why is it that the Damanhurians are allowed to do it in Vidracco?  And don’t tell me they have the authorization because it is not true…They have no permission for mains services up there in the woods. It is protected woodland.

Building the tree village was Falco’s idea but it is the Damanhurians who have paid for it all. They were encouraged by him to build structures that are illegal and they can all be pulled down tomorrow…

Thousands and thousands of euros just thrown away.

They will all go back to living in caravans but this time on the ground.

Damanhur is not what foreigners think it is and they will never have any say in what it becomes.

There is just ONE MAN WHO DECIDES its future.

If they were wise, they would make sure they never became part of it.


Translated from the Italian by DIO Editor –  17/07/2009

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 18, 2009 at 10:20 am

6 Responses

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  1. Is there nothing good in Damanhur. Is there no serious spiritual striving and tradition this place. Please dont include us in your worries. We have no plans or expectations to earn mony in Dh. We have other plans to sustain our living there. Should we give up these plans for your experiences in another field. Is there in your prejudiced no acceptance for free initiatives without judging. What if our plans actually have proven us to be sustainable, should we then give these up because you tell us.
    Our minor-idea – of making kind of community there – inspirated by the treevillage, as Vidracco citizens we know very well that it is problematic to get permission for permanent constructions, therefore we think alternative in “impermanent” constructions, that could be echologically shaped beautifully into nature. Nothing is permanent anyway. Even it will not stand there for hundred years, is no prerequisite not to follow our ideas. Thanx for your concern, sadly they are not very usefull or constructive, while people have to follow and live their own dreams and not absolutely take consequences of your nightmares. Your accession to Dh has undoubtly been quite another than ours, and we are not in the range of an economical ruin and we have no doubt to the sustainability of the project, it is carefully investigated and planned. NC.

    Niels Kolbek

    July 19, 2009 at 5:39 am

    • Mmm…well, let’s look at what we mean by Damanhurian tradition and spirituality shall we Niels…

      ‘You obviously don’t doubt that it is possible that an ex-insurance agent had an encounter of the third kind with a spaceship which showed him (the spaceship, not its occupants) how to construct a Temple. That when he was young he had a visit from himself when he was old (or from an alien) who gave him a book and while he was reading it, ‘absorbing’ its contents, the words totally disappeared from the pages. That he traveled to Atlantis through a rock. That there is a Galactic Council that governs the universe and that the ex-insurance agent is part of it. That the ex-insurer constructed a time machine that allows him to travel into the past and to other worlds. That he has constructed a machine for multiplying money. That he manages to materialize an alien in the form of a gorilla. That he has taught his followers to control their personalities and now they are able to host aliens in their bodies. That there are currently seventy aliens hosted in Damanhurians. That he imprisons alien entities in wire coils that he himself builds and that those coils are able to cure cancer. (What a shame that the person who works with this technology, the Head of the Monks is herself dying of cancer) To tell the truth those coils benefit just about anything providing you are prepared to pay. Do you have a headache? There is one for headaches, problem with concentrating? We also have one for that. Losing your hair? There is one just for you! Just a few hundred Euros and your problem is solved!
      Last but not least…the travels in time and space…Beh…they could be true…it could all be true just as it is true that in the world the ex-insurance agent Oberto Airaudi or so called Falco uses a strange sled drawn by flying reindeer to move around.’

      Extracted from the original post by Sottofalsonome
      Posted 09/05/2008 13:10 to the forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of http://www.focus.it under the title ‘Re: Damanhur: ancora una testimonianza


      July 19, 2009 at 2:10 pm

  2. This debate seems to be creating quite a lot of interest. Check out this comment by Verita on the Rick Ross forum:


    DIO Editor


    July 19, 2009 at 4:58 pm

  3. Hey Niels

    I see the Damanhur censors have removed your post about your plans for a self-sufficient community near Pejda.
    You really should be more careful what you say on Facebook…it might be better if you ask Damanhur’s permission before you write…?

    DIO Editor


    July 19, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    • Well – no – i removed it myself, i understand that it won´t support anyones interest to make this a huge problematic occasion. You should understand that this is a total private initiative and our project has nothing to do with damanhur whatsoever – exept for ordinary visiting turism – or be given account of being fools or infants not knowing what we do, -our agenda is total private, as is our settlemnt and we have no wish to be pulled into this debate pro/contra Damanhur or be . As private settelers we have bought our casa without any dependance on Dh. and to my knowledge we are in no coflict with any italian laws whatsoever.. You can have your opinions based on your own subjective impressions, which i do not doubt, but please don´t interfere in circumstances you know nothing about.

      Niels Kolbek

      July 20, 2009 at 11:20 am

      • Hey Niels…

        No one is attacking the validity of your project

        You have misunderstood…

        All I am saying, as all the best estate agents do is that:

        You cannot live in Vidracco as foreigners and not associate with Damanhur …they run the place!

        If you do not keep in their good books they will make life exceptionally difficult for you.

        Ask the locals!

        You write:
        “Our project has nothing to do with Damanhur except for ordinary visiting tourism”.
        What do you think that Damanhur’s ordinary visiting tourism is? Don’t you understand that it is part of their recruitment system? That would make you part of it too.
        In any case if you are not pro-Damanhur none of their ‘ordinary tourists’ would be allowed to stay with you.
        How do you become pro-Damanhur?
        You get involved in the social life of the community, then Meditation and we all know the end of that story only too well.
        You will have to become involved with Damanhur…because in Valchiusella anyone seen to be even loosely associated with the Community is kept politely at arms length and unless you are a native Italian you are unlikely to build a social network there.

        There is another group like yours up near Issiglio.
        It was founded a while back…they bought a derelict house through Damanhur and even associated with it for a while until they figured things out. One of them briefly taught in the Damanhur school. They are also trying to practice self-sufficiency and permaculture etc.
        But it is hard there without money, or work, or decent housing in an alpine winter. They are all finding it difficult to survive and are thinking of going home. Just as all the foreigners do. Two recently bought a house through Damanhur near Rueglio and had to abandon it because there is no work.

        Others bought a house near the Chiusella River but they encountered so many problems with permissions that they have not even ventured to come and live in it. They are stuck with a ruin that cannot be restored. All these people have been sold houses through the Damanhurian estate agency which is only too happy to take its commission…
        Does it care if you have insurmountable bureaucratic problems afterward? Only if Damanhur stands to make even more money out of you later on.

        When you say, “i understand that it won´t support anyones interest to make this a huge problematic occasion.”
        Whose interest are we talking about here? Yours or Damanhur’s. Have you had a phone call from the PR office lately by any chance?

        Well, I wish you luck with your project perhaps you will succeed where dozens of others haven’t.

        Oh just one last thing …don’t forget to register your residencies in Vidracco. That way in five years time, if you manage to survive, you will be in a position to ‘independently’ decide who to vote for in the local elections.



        Translated from the Italian by DIO Editor – 20/07/2009


        July 20, 2009 at 2:43 pm

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