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Brainwashed by Damanhur – Napolitano intervenes

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October 1st 2009

From our Correspondent in Italy

“BRAINWASHED BY DAMANHUR” – Napolitano intervenes

The Head of State: The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to shed light on the situation

Article by Alessandro Ballesio published in the Italian national daily ‘La Stampa’ on 1st October 2009

Brainwashed by Damanhur - La Stampa - 01/09/2009

Photo: Part of the building construction created by the Federation of Damanhur in Baldissero

Translated from the Italian:

Denounced by a father: “My daughter was manipulated”

The story of a man who for three years has fought to get his daughter out of the Community of Damanhur has ended up in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for the attention of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

An ordeal that began in the summer of 2006 when his daughter then aged 24 decided to abandon Friuli, her place of birth for good and enter the empire founded 35 years ago by Oberto Airaudi in the hills of Vidracco. It was then that for ‘Luciano’ (real name withheld), the father of the girl, a Doctor in lower Friuli, the nightmare began.

“In three years I have seen and heard from her only once because they do not allow me to see her, I know she has been manipulated mentally, I am certain that she has been brainwashed by what I define as a mind control cult”.

But the man in his report sent to the District Attorney’s office, to the Head of State, to the Revenue Office and the Military Police also brings other aspects into play: not only mental manipulation but illegal working, tax evasion, dubious real estate operations and Freemasonry. Luciano who has not ceased fighting during the past three years, speaks about young people, “who give everything to the Community passing from one kind of job to another with nothing to show for 25 years of work.“

The Ivrea District Attorney intends to get to the bottom of things even though an official investigation has yet to be opened.

It is not the first time that Damanhur and in particular Oberto Airaudi known as ‘Falco’ (currently under investigation for 2 million euros of tax fraud), unquestioned leader of the Community inspired by the god Horus, has ended up at the center of suspicion, gossip and denouncements. But in thirty years nothing significant has ever emerged. The anti-brainwashing observatory of Giovanni Panunzio has also focused its attention on the empire constructed by Falco and with regard to Airaudi asks: “will the Judiciary stop at the tax evasion or also investigate where all the wealth of the ‘guru’, who has acquired thousands of followers in 35 years, has really come from.”

The Head of State has also interested himself in Luciano’s case and has asked the Judiciary of Ivrea to look into the situation.

“I know my daughter is of age and therefore is free to choose – said the man – but that is not the point, it lies elsewhere: How free was she really and how much was she brainwashed? The only thing I ask, is to understand whether or not what is happening inside is legal, the magistrates have to give me an answer and they have to tell me that mental manipulation does not exist”.

Roberto Sparagio known as ‘Coboldo Melo’ in Damanhur one of the Community’s long standing representatives, stated in reply to the accusations:

“Here we go again – Every so often someone begins to talk about cults and manipulation, but nothing of the sort has ever been demonstrated. Everyone here has a mobile phone, access to a computer, participates in social and political activities, our children go to schools in Ivrea or to Turin. If that is not freedom you tell me what is.” Coboldo knows nothing about the case raised by the Doctor from Friuli, “I will find out, we will try to understand what has happened”.

Twenty years ago there was a similar case: at that time the father complained that it was impossible to see his daughter, a minor, who had entered the Community with her mother: it ended nowhere.


Founded in 1975

It also has centers in Japan

Damanhur is a federation of communities and eco-villages with headquarters in Baldissero, Canavese.

It was founded in 1975 by Oberto Airaudi (Falco) and has its own social and political structure. On its internet site it defines itself as a ‘Center for spiritual, artistic and social research’. Approximately twenty people live together In each of the communities sited in Valchiusella and Canavese, to which can be added around 400 supporters. There are other Centers scattered around Italy, Europe and Japan.

In detail: the Federation has internal schools, from nursery to middle school. From 1998 it has been a member of GEN Europe (Global Eco-Villages Network), an NGO formed by communities and research centers. Damanhur has also entered politics with the movement ‘Con Te per il Paese’ which participated in the recent district elections in Valchiusella.


Link –  ‘La Stampa’ Archive:

“Plagiata da Damanhur”: Interviene Napolitano – 01/10/2009



DIO Editor’s Note:

It is interesting to note that according to Coboldo Melo, Damanhur’s press representative, mobile phones and computers are an antidote to mental manipulation…!

And the fact that Damanhurian children have to attend State schools from the age of fourteen because there is no internal school for older pupils, absolves Damanhur from any accusations of mind control…

As for the social and political activities, I can only assume that he is referring to ‘obligatory’ volunteering in the Red Cross and Civil Protection services and the fact that ALL Damanhurians must vote and participate in political activities according to the indications of FALCO…

Just to mention a few of the FREEDOMS found in Damanhur…


Damanhur demanded a right to reply to this article and on the 3rd of October 2009 a short paragraph was published in La Stampa on page 67 with a reply from the young woman concerned:

La Stampa - 03/10/2009 “At Damanhur I did not end up in a mind control cult”

I am Lisa Lombardo and I have lived in Damanhur for three years. Soon I will graduate and I am currently an apprentice in a dental surgery which is paying my employee contributions.

I chose to come and live here in 2006 when I was 24 years old because I share this style of life”.

Says the girl, who ended up at the center of a legal case raised by her father, a Doctor in Friuli who for three years has been trying to get his daughter out of the Community.

He has asked the Judicial system by means of a series of critical statements (the most recent being in May of this year), to shed light on what he considers to be nothing less than a ‘mind control cult’.

Lisa tells a different story.

She says:

“Here I found the possibility to express my talents inside an innovative social proposition” and insists that she is fine. Then she explains her difficult relationship with her family:

“After I told them of my decision to come here, I was warned by my parents and my uncle that I would no longer be welcome in their houses.”

Lisa explains, that the case raised the other day in La Stampa, “happened in the past as a result of a statement sent to the authorities by my father in the summer of 2007 and I was called upon by the District Attorney to give my version of the facts.

The case was completely closed.”


Link  – ‘La Stampa’ Archive:

“At Damanhur I did not end up in a mind control cult” – 03/10/2009



DIO Editor’s note:

If Lisa’s father is continuing to lodge complaints about Damanhur with local magistrates (note the comment in brackets by La Stampa), it would appear, that at least as far as he is concerned, the case is not yet closed.

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October 1, 2009 at 8:38 pm

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  1. Absolutely incredible…
    Lisa…you are an intelligent young woman about to graduate in Jurisprudence and you are forced to work inside Damanhur as a trainee dental assistant….!

    Your father is right to be worried about your future!

    And if I remember correctly when you first came to Damanhur the only work you could find inside the Community was in the Somachandra bar and you were paid ‘in nero’…

    After you became a citizen ‘A’ they made you manager of the bar…But no one in the history of Damanhur has ever had their employee contributions paid for working in Somachandra. The bar changes ownership regularly and is always going bankrupt.

    So now Damanhur has scraped around to find you some ‘legal’ work… with the dental surgery? But surely that only operates part-time?

    Someone is obviously worried about your father!

    But … I am really worried about YOU!



    October 5, 2009 at 12:51 pm

  2. Coboldo’s response is the best evidence of a manipulated mind. “The gates are open, we have phones and internet…..”. He obviously forgets the gate in his mind is securely closed. How free can you be after you are kept so busy that you are in a constant lack of sleep and your exhausted mind will take on board anything? It will easily take on board the fact that you are at least twice a week obliged to listen to your master telling you over and over again you are the chosen ones and the outside world is stupid and dangerous. And you will also take on board that you are not allowed to take a look on certain webpages…and still you will believe your mind is not manipulated.


    October 10, 2009 at 8:43 am

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