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Damanhur Health Center closed down by medical fraud squad

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From our Italian correspondent: 26/11/2009

Very little information has yet been made public on the reasons behind the recent closure by NAS (Nucleo anti-sofisticazione – a special branch of the Military Police) of Damanhur’s Center of Integrated Medicine at Damanhur Crea in Vidracco.

However, a small news item appeared in the Turin edition of the national daily La Repubblica on the 20th of November which may be relevant to the current situation even though Damanhur is not directly named in the notice.


I Carabinieri del Nas, negli ultimi 10 giorni, hanno scoperto 14 casi di esercizio abusivo della professione sanitaria e 4 strutture adibite ad attività medica non autorizzate. In totale, sono 34 le persone denunciate per esercizio abusivo della professione sanitaria, e 4 per attivazione di ambulatori medici non autorizzata; sequestrate 10 strutture tra depositi all’ingrosso di farmaci, studi odontoiatrici ed ambulatori fisioterapici, per un valore di diversi milioni di euro. (AGI)

(20 novembre 2009 ore 07.27)



In the last ten days the Military Police of NAS have discovered 14 cases of health profession abuse and 4 structures being used for medical activities without authorization.  A total of 34 people have been denounced for abuse of the health profession and 4 for the activation of unauthorized medical surgeries: 10 structures have been sequestered including pharmacy wholesalers, dental practices and physiotherapy studios, valued at several million euro.



UPDATE: 01/12/2009

November 30th 2009: The front page of the Canavese newspaper La Sentinella reports:

La Sentinella del Canavese - 30 November 2009

I Nas Sigillano lo studio medico di Damanhur

NAS seal off access to Damanhur’s medical surgery

On page 3 La Sentinella reports: Sigilli nello studio medico


Seals on the medical surgery

Vidracco, inspection by NAS at Damanhur Crea

Seals on the medical surgery opened in Vidracco at Damanhur Crea. During the past few days the Military Police of NAS have carried out controls of the location charging the official director, Dr Maria Luisa Ravaioli (Formichiere Carota) with a long series of administrative irregularities which according to NAS included permissions, official stamps and records which were not in order. Activities have been suspended at the surgery until further controls have been made. As far as the investigators are concerned, the surgery which availed itself of the collaboration of numerous medical specialists was in fact a general surgery.

The Federation of Damanhur has taken a hard line.

“The bureaucratic paperwork for this kind of structure is so complex that it is impossible to manage or forecast how long it will take to acquire the necessary approvals”   – according to their press release –

“We are talking about procedures which facilitate bureaucracy rather than work which guarantees a service to citizens. The skill of the professionals who collaborate with our surgery has allowed various people’s lives to be saved thanks to pharmaceuticals and specific equipment. Professionalism and good organization are a guarantee for all the citizens who live far away from hospital services”.


DIO Editor’s note:

I would just like to clarify a few points for readers as regards the information in Damanhur’s press release.

Damanhur loves to arouse public sympathy by playing the Italian bureaucracy card…


Damanhur is notorious for its ‘build now and worry about permission later’ philosophy. The Temple of Humankind is a prime example. Damanhur regularly ignores Italian laws of all kinds because it sees itself as an independent nation state. It is currently facing court cases for abusive construction, the illegal employment of workers, illegal de-forestation and the appropriation of land belonging to the Monti Pelati nature reserve, to name but a few of the legal thorns in its side…

And let’s be clear…Damanhurians do not live in remote and inaccessible areas.

The area surrounding Damanhur is well served by hospitals. Castellamonte hospital is only 3 kilometers away, a 5 minute drive from Damanhur’s main center in Baldissero. The maternity hospital at Courgne can be reached in 15 minutes and the main general hospital in Ivrea is all of 15 kilometers away: at most a 20 minute drive. Ambulances, of course, can cover these distances much faster.

The Damanhurian Integrated Medical Center has been set up to make money for the Federation. It offers a selection of ‘alternative therapies’ at exorbitant prices under the guise of a general medical practice. The Center is a front for Airaudi’s profit making activities and the lucrative promotion of his ‘experimental’ selfic Cabins and healing instruments.

Damanhur’s immediate response to the closing of the Medical Center has been to move its medical activities back to their old site in Damjl, in Baldissero.

And it is business as usual.



A similar notice has also appeared on page 7 of  the newspaper ‘Il Canavese’ by Valerio Grosso entitled:

OPERATION BY NAS AT DAMANHUR CREA  – Seals placed on the medical surgery


Seals have been placed on the medical surgery at the Damanhur Crea center in Vidracco. It was a blitz by the NAS military police which suspended activities of the medical surgery directed by Dr Maria Luisa Ravaioli (known by her Damanhurian name of Formichiere Carota) inside the commercial and artisan center of the famous religious community of Valchiusella. At the basis of the operation conducted by NAS are supposed administrative irregularities in the form of permissions, official stamps and records of various kinds for what the investigators consider to be a general medical surgery. In fact various other medical professionals besides Ravaioli work in the surgery. As far as the placing of the seals and the suspension of activities is concerned, the Federation of Damanhur has intervened and obviously confirmed the seriousness and professionalism of the doctors involved, bringing up the lengthy bureaucracy and excessive administrative proceedings which impede the surgery from continuing.

“The regrettable situation involving the surgery will soon be resolved – affirmed the Damanhurians – and normal service will soon be resumed”.

And in Torino Cronaca Qui on the 02/12/2009:


Vidracco – Seals on the Damanhurian medical surgery

Vidracco – Seals on the medical surgery at the Damanhur Crea center in Vidracco. A blitz by the NAS branch of the military police has suspended the activities of Dr. Maria Luisa Ravaioli known by her Damanhurian name of Formichiere Carota. The reason for the closure was presumed administrative irregularities with regard to permissions, official stamps and various records. The motive of the intervention of NAS in Vidracco was that the surgery is to all effects a general practitioner’s surgery. In fact several doctors other than Ravaioli practice at the surgery.

The intervention by NAS was part of a vast operation of sequestration and denouncements all over the province; in this case it would seem that although none of the professionals working in Vidracco were working abusively, they nevertheless received a denouncement.

And in La Voce on the 07/12/2009 – page 25 – by Annalisa Thielke

La Voce - 07/12/2009 - page 25


Vidracco – Doctor Damanhur now risks sanctions  –  a medical surgery is closed

After an on the spot investigation last week, the NAS squad of Turin have temporarily suspended the activities of a medical surgery in the Damanhur Crea center because it did not comply with regulations regarding certain documents. Now the official director Dr. Maria Luisa Ravaioli (known as Formichiere Carota in Damanhur) risks heavy sanctions and the surgery remaining closed for a lengthy period. It could mean that all the Federation’s plans will be thrown up in the air, as they had intended to transform the modern building and equip it as a general surgery in the future. The initiative had been favorably welcomed by the municipal administration. And it is for this reason, taking into account the social aims of the center, that the closure surprised the whole village as much as it did Damanhur Crea, the Council and the citizens who use its services.

“This excess of bureaucracy – communicated Gufo Mandragora of Damanhur’s Press Office –risks suffocating an essential health service. We are not talking about just any old service but a reality which is fundamental for the protection of health”

The Damanhurians defend the ‘professionalism’ and the efficiency of the health workers’ and underline the importance of their role particularly because of conditions in the small village.

“We are talking about doctors who are passionate about their work – added Mandragora – and who represent a guarantee for all the citizens who live a long way away from  big hospitals and are forced to accept public services that are reduced to a bare minimum and which cannot always intervene quickly. It’s enough to say that one of the surgery’s doctors is always on emergency call 24 hours a day. A health philosophy that ought to be spread more widely and not hindered.”

At the surgery techniques such as acupuncture and other types of therapy have been introduced. In addition, Dr Ravaioli who is the founder of the village’s Red Cross Station, has trained many volunteers, many of whom are qualified to use automatic defibrillators, equipment that can save lives in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Annalisa Thielke


Dear reader…

Let’s look at the facts for a moment…

The Council of Vidracco in which Damanhur Crea is located has been under the administration of Damanhur since 1999. The take-over of the local Council was achieved by creating false residencies for Damanhurians in the village and out numbering non-Damanhurian voters. The Damanhurian control of the Council and its resources over the last ten years has meant that Damanhur has been able to do exactly what it likes in the village and use state funds to promote its own activities largely to the detriment of original local festivals and customs. It comes as no surprise therefore, that the Council administration approved the establishment of the Damanhur Crea surgery.

The Red Cross Station in Vidracco was set up by Damanhur and is staffed by Damanhurian ‘obligatory’ volunteers. It has been successfully used as a PR tool to promote the perfect public image of Damanhur around the world.

As I mentioned in my first comment, Vidracco is well served by local public hospitals and has absolutely no need of the Damanhur Crea surgery. The facility was set up as a private clinic for Damanhurians and as a further enticement for guests to spend money in the Federation.

It should be noted that Vidracco already has its own state health services in the form of a doctor’s surgery at the Town Hall which is used almost exclusively by the non- Damanhurian population of the village. State emergency doctors are just a phone call away …

Why would a tiny village like Vidracco need more than one medical surgery?

The Damanhur Press Office is playing on public sympathy and trying to distract people from the FACTS!

The Crea surgery was set up to make money …


DIO Editor



Update on the NAS visit to Damanhur

Mobile selfic Cabin in the Temple of HumankindAccording to information sources inside Damanhur it would appear that the NAS branch of the Military Police (Carabinieri) not only ‘visited’ the new Damanhurian Center for Integrated Medicine at Damanhur Crea but also demanded access to the Temple Of Humankind and the selfic therapy surgery at Damjl in Baldissero.

In the Temple there are a variety of selfic therapy Cabins. The largest, which was positioned in the Hall of Water (See the book ‘Damanhur – The Temples of Humankind’ by Esperide Ananas) was recently dismantled but several others are still in use.

Tourists visiting the Temple are told that Damanhur is conducting clinical trials on cancer cells in collaboration with Turin hospitals using the Cabin pictured left. The trials are being run to substantiate Damanhur’s claims that selfic Cabins can heal.

This is not true…Damanhur is not conducting medical trials in collaboration with State Hospitals.

For confirmation please read (in Italian) the report on Damanhur by Mariano Tomatis of the Italian Commission for the Control of Paranormal Claims via this link.



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Written by damanhurinsideout

November 30, 2009 at 2:44 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I know someone who had her neck treated in one of the selfica cabins. For years, because of several childhood injuries, she had been barely able to move her head from side to side. Doctors could do nothing.
    After the treatment she was told it would take 16 days for the full effect to manifest. Both she and her husband channel the Pleiadians and they confirmed the effectiveness of this treatment. The Pleiadians said it was a reversal in time, back to the original blueprint of her neck. Was it just a case of self-hypnosis? Who knows? But she had not been able to move her neck freely for about 40 years. I do think this “technology” is worth further investigation.

    Victoria Macdonald

    September 27, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    • Yes, I also think it is worth further investigation …by the fraud squad.
      How much exactly did your friend pay for her placebo effect?
      They saw her coming…

      Dio Editor


      October 1, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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