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German pop star Nena warned about involvement in Damanhur

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8 October 2009

In the celebrity gossip of the German paper ‘Bild’ this week, German pop star Nena of ‘99 Red Balloons’ fame (1984) is reported to have joined Damanhur and included a Damanhurian symbol on her latest CD.

It would seem that Nena is fascinated by life in the Community and would like to live there.

It is interesting to note that the story also carries a warning by various cult experts on the dangers of getting involved with Damanhur.

Although the article is published in a celebrity context and is looking to create a sensation, the information that it contains is perfectly true. The same cannot be said however, for the following comment by Damanhurian spokeswoman Esperide Ananas who, in the English version of ‘Bild’ blithely declares:

“What you see here is a wonderful world which anyone can be in. We don’t hide anything”

A wonderful world…? Damanhur does not hide anything…?

And the sexual abuse of followers by the leader? The five new illegal halls in the Temple? The illegal working practices? The manipulation of votes in local and national elections? To name but a few of the hidden ‘unmentionables’.

But let’s return to the content of the article:

Yes, there is a Time Machine in the Temple and Yes, you have to enter naked in order to travel in it. Yes, Airaudi believes he can transfer the spirits of the dead into newborn babies. Yes, there is a secret language. It is called the Sacred Language. It can be written, spoken and danced. Yes, Damanhur uses its own currency (in competition with the Euro). Yes, Damanhur has its own schools and settlements. And Yes, Oberto Airaudi has had sexual relations with a large percentage of his female followers. He calls it ‘alchemical magic’.

And Yes, Damanhur is a psycho-sect or what is more commonly known as a mind control cult.

And in case you need further confirmation…

Here is an archive photograph of a wall painting in Damanhur’s Temple of Humankind depicting a Damanhurian time traveler entering the Time Cabin…

Damanhurian Time Traveler - wall painting  - Temple of Humankind

For more information on Damanhur’s time travel experiments visit the DIO page positioned below Chapter 2: Atlantis, entitled: Damanhurian time travelers?

DIO Editor


Read the various versions of the Nena article for yourselves in: German (original article), English and Italian.


Bild – Original article in German  –  06/10/2009

Deutschlands erfolgreichste Sängerin – Verfällt die große Nena einer Psycho- Sekte?


Bild – English version….


Blitz Quotidiano …Italian


Courier mail – Australia


Daily Telegraph – Australia


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October 10, 2009 at 2:38 pm

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