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MondoRaro Magazine investigates Damanhur

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In 2009 -2010 the Italian-UK independent online magazine ‘MondoRaro’ ran a series of rigorous and well-documented investigative articles on Damanhur… www.mondoraro.org

The articles, by magazine Director Gianni Leone, were written in Italian. For those of you who can read the language here are the links via google cache. Unfortunately the original pages are no longer available on the current site.

MondoRaro Damanhur archive:

1. Damanhur: NAS of Turin, denounce 34 people- Phony doctors. Sequestration of various premises.


2. Damanhur: rogue mind control cult politically protected ? Miraculous cures and fraud?


3. Damanhur and the conquest of the small towns of Valchiusella.


4. Damanhur, Avatar and the colossal flop lie of Massimo Introvigne


5. Damanhur: Fraud by Oberto Airaudi to the detriment of Damanhurians and the Revenue Office? 115 properties owned by Airaudi.


6. The real estate holdings of Damanhur valued at more than 24 million euro, who do they really belong to?


7. Damanhur: 35 electoral migrations to Baldissero Canavese. Trading votes?


8. Damanhur, lies and election defeat. Mental conditioning, fraud and illegal construction?


9. Damanhur: the letter sent to the Prefect to denounce the election migration


10. The tax situation of Oberto Airaudi is settled – he pays one million one hundred thousand euro to the Revenue Office


DIO Editor: Articles 5 – 9 are available in English on DIO (see pages side bar)


Related pages:

A selection of translated comments on the above articles can be found in Recent posts from Italian sites via the following links:

1. Recent posts from Italian sites – MondoRaro – Who will pay Damanhur’s debts? – Master.


2. Recent posts from Italian sites – MondoRaro – Why Airaudi is considered demonic – Lillo.


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December 28, 2009 at 8:33 pm

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