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Damanhur: 35 electoral migrations to Baldissero Canavese. Trading votes?

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In today’s article, seeing as we are in the middle of the elections, I want to talk to you about a strange ‘phenomenon’ that has been verified over the last few months in the tiny centre of Baldissero Canavese: the electoral migration of 35 people.

Baldissero Canavese is a tiny village in Piedmont. The population in 2007 was 509 residents. In 2008 the number of residents remained unchanged. In 2009 it increased by 7 and the village had 516 residents. But in the first few months of 2010 with the arrival of the elections the Damanhur ‘migrants’ arrived. 35 people took up residence in the tiny village.

Now it is not difficult to imagine that we are not talking about chance. If 35 people ask for residence in the same period in a tiny village like Baldissero Canavese it is obvious that a Community is on the move. Why has this Community moved? Are the house prices in this tiny Piedmont district particularly low? Has a new commercial activity opened up and taken on 35 people all at once? There is nothing wrong with a Community voting in its own representatives but it is a little bit strange if it is ‘flocks’ from district to district… in fact the practice of ‘electoral migration’ is not new to Damanhur.

Let’s take a step backwards for a moment.

In Baldissero Canavese, the elected Mayor from the previous election died (natural causes), before the Council was held to validate those elected. The Council district was immediately put into the hands of a Commissioner while new elections were organized for the next most appropriate moment (i.e. today).

In the previous elections the Damanhur list was ‘Con te per il Paese’. Let’s look at the consensus obtained by all the lists last year:

Svolta per Baldissero 163

Unione Democratica 155

Con te per il Paese 38

Baldissero pro 23

Arca azzurra 3

For the 2010 elections the Unione Democratica, Con te per il Paese e Baldissero pro, have merged to present a solid front in an obvious attempt to ‘conquer’ the small district. Instead of three lists there is now only one, the ‘Unione Democratica’. The local newspaper ‘La Voce Canavese’ affirms that the candidate for the Unione Democratica, Diego Nigra, has promised the Damanhurians two key posts on the Council if they win.

Meanwhile in the digital newspaper ‘Qui Damanhur’ (QDQ) of the Damanhur Community it is ‘squawked’ to the four winds that Damanhur has never moved its residences. The Mayor of Vistrorio has even been brought into it for his statement published in ‘La Voce Canavese’ about the ‘electoral migration’. QDQ of March 25th writes:

‘A young Mayor, but in his way of thinking more closed than his older colleagues, can’t really believe that what he said was sensible: “the village is ours”, “Damanhurians only look after themselves and couldn’t care less about Vistrorio” and so on. Racist? Vulgar? Off the rails? … Steffenina from Vistrorio has every right to think as he wants and I firmly believe that in a democratic country everyone should be able to express their opinion without censorship”

At this point I began to get curious, so I tracked down a copy of ‘La Voce Canavese’ of the 22nd of March to verify just exactly what the Mayor of Vistrorio, Steffenina had said and to verify if the Mayor is indeed ‘racist’, ‘vulgar’, or ‘off the rails’. It took me several days to find a copy of the newspaper. In the picture you see below (scan of the paper) one reads something quite different from that which appeared in QDQ.

“We have got used to it. It always happens here. Certainly these movements make you think: people who have voted in Vidracco, then vote in Vistrorio the following year and vice versa. The right to vote is not denied to anyone, but here one sees some very particular maneuvers”.

Question: So what is vulgar about the statements by the Mayor? Statements that I must admit have made me more than curious. I have been collecting information on the ‘electoral migration’ for some time and seeing that the ‘ring leaders’ of Damanhur negate the fact, I think it will be necessary in future articles to demonstrate that what has happened in Baldissero Canavese is not just an isolated case, but is in fact the norm.

I am really sorry for all the honest Damanhurians. I hope they will soon cease to be victims of the manipulation and find the courage, strength and awareness to react.

And yet again: ucci ucci …I smell the odor of ‘Falcucci’ ….

Gianni Leone

Translated from the original MondoRaro article in Italian:


A translation of the article published in La Voce Canavese  22/03/2010 can be found on the following page of this site:




Comment posted on the MondoRaro site with an analysis of the election results:

OK, let’s do a simple calculation as mathematics continues to be the exact science par excellence.

The number of voters LAST YEAR as stated in the article, was:

Svolta per Baldissero 163
Unione Democratica 155
Con te per il Paese 38
Baldissero pro 23
Arca azzurra 3

The UNIONE DEMOCRATICA list unites with CON TE PER IL PAESE (the Damanhur list) and ‘Baldissero pro’, in an attempt to defeat the winning list of 2009, ‘Svolta per Baldissero’, promising 2 key posts on the Council to Damanhur in exchange for their vote.

Therefore the statistics would indicate that ‘Svolta per Baldissero’ could probably count on 163 votes, while the Unione Democratica list with a combination of votes from the supporters of three lists, plus 35 new Damanhurian residents, could gain a total of 251 votes. The representatives of the three lists must have surely thought it was a “Winning move!”

Mmmm…..but statistics is not always an exact science! Because this is what actually happened in the Council elections of the 28/29th of March 2010:


Votes 229 – 52.40 % – 8 seats

Votes 207 – 47.36 % – 4 seats

Votes 1 – 0.22%  – no seat

Moral: probably the citizens of Baldissero Canavese are wiser and more far-sighted than the statistical calculations of Damanhur because there was a transfer of 66 votes among the 440 voters, (out of a possible 505 voters equal to 87.12% AN ITALIAN  RECORD  TURN OUT in the election) representing 15% of votes (not a small figure) from other lists to that of  SVOLTA PER BALDISSERO.

Therefore the UNIONE DEMOCRATICA list was carefully targeted by many!

A clear demonstration that siding with Damanhur …is NEVER a good choice!

Chiara Chiarezza

Posted 2010/03/30 18:30 as a comment to the article ‘35 election migrations to Baldissero Canavese. Trading votes.



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