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Damanhur: fraud by Oberto Airaudi to the detriment of Damanhurians and the Revenue Office? 115 properties owned by Airaudi.

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Article courtesy of MondoRaro magazine – www.mondoraro.org

Damanhur: fraud by Oberto Airaudi to the detriment of Damanhurians and the revenue Office? 115 properties owned by Airaudi.

I quote directly from the published text of the ‘Constitution of the Federation of Damanhur’, (page 45 of the 1999 Edition):

“(….) the sharing of all material wealth with Damanhur and the disposition of wills and testaments in favour of the Community”

Very interesting don’t you think? But there is something that escapes me…

In my investigation into Damanhur I discovered that Oberto Airaudi, the founder of Damanhur for those who do not know (Falco, as he likes to be called), was investigated for tax evasion and owns 115 properties as listed:

Province of Imperia
San Lorenzo al Mare, 2 buildings

Province of Turin
Balangero, 14 buildings & 4 areas of land
Baldissero Canavese, 26 buildings & 4 areas of land
Cuceglio, 1 building & 2 areas of land
Lugnacco, 3 buildings & 43 areas of land
Vidracco, 3 buildings & 7 areas of land

If the fundamental presupposition inside Damanhur is that you transfer your wealth to the Community, how come Airaudi owns so much property? Where did he get the money from to buy all that property? Exactly what does Airaudi do for a living?

Again from the ‘Constitution of the Federation of Damanhur’ (page 45), one of the requisites for being a citizen ‘A’ (….) the absence of a second house, except in agreed cases….”

Who exactly did Airaudi make an agreement with in order to own so many houses? Are we talking about fraud to the detriment of Damanhurians? How come Airaudi as well as owning so many properties, also possesses a variety of ‘substantial’ current bank accounts? Controls by the Revenue Office into the personal wealth of Airaudi began in January of 2007. The estimated tax evasion was around two million euro.

In his career as ‘guru’ of Damanhur, Airaudi has painted (in certain cases had painted for him and then signed) and then sold approximately 16,000 paintings. At this point you may well ask but what have paintings got to do with it? I will explain immediately. The paintings of Airaudi are sold on average for around 500 euro each, (obviously some are sold for less than 500 euro and some are valued at thousands of euro). 500 euro multiplied by 16,000 paintings amounts to 8 million euro, but it is obvious that there is something wrong with the calculation. If for example I am a Damanhurian and I buy a painting by ‘Falco’ and then for various reasons decide to sell it, I am obliged to give a percentage of the proceeds of the sale to Airaudi…Now how many of these paintings have been sold without the issue of a receipt or document to verify the sale? The percentage of the re-sale, in what way is it accounted for by Airaudi?

Could one hypothesize that in this specific case we are talking about undeclared ‘cash’ sales? If so, how much damage does this signify for the Treasury?

The case of the paintings is only one of the many aspects that will be analyzed in future articles, with the aim of understanding if Airaudi, as hypothesized, has illicit earnings.

Let’s just take a step backwards and return to the 115 properties owned by ‘Falco’. My article refers to the personal wealth of Airaudi and not that of Damanhur. Hypothesizing that all the 115 properties of Airaudi have been ‘donated’ by adepts, shouldn’t they be owned by the housing coops formed by those self same adepts?  Does this mean that Airaudi has not invested all his money in Damanhur, as he has so often declared?

Wouldn’t it be opportune to investigate the somewhat ‘dubious’ origins of the enormous personal estate of Airaudi? An estate which appears to be worth more than 50 million euro.

Gianni Leone

Translated from the Italian original:


Written by damanhurinsideout

March 9, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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  1. Airaudi is simply a conman using spirituality to con his victims, as in a typical cult: other leaders of cults such as the mormons, Jehovah’s witnesses, and L Ron Hubbard of the Scientologists have done the same in the past, exploiting the credibility of their victims / followers, enslaving them to work without getting paid, and of course enriching themselves, as well as sexually exploiting them. Wake up, Damanhurians!


    April 15, 2010 at 8:03 pm

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