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Damanhur, lies and election defeat. Mental conditioning, fraud and illegal construction?

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DIO Editor: This article is illustrated with a series of official documents which we are unable to provide for readers of this site. Indications are given in the text to the documents mentioned, all of which can be viewed on the MondoRaro site by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Damanhur, in two small districts of Piedmont, that of Baldissero Canavese and Vistrorio presented its own candidates, but unfortunately for the mind-control cult it was defeated.

(see: 2 docs – election results)

On the 22nd of March 2010 the Mayor of Vistrorio, Federico Steffenina, makes the following statement to the local newspaper ‘La Voce Canavese’ (see image below), regarding the suspected and habitual  ‘electoral migration’ of the Damanhurians:

“We have got used to it. It always happens here. Certainly these movements make you think: people who have voted in Vidracco, then vote in Vistrorio the following year and vice versa. The right to vote is not denied to anyone, but here one sees some very particular maneuvers”.

A great uproar bursts out…In the Damanhur daily paper QDq (also in digital form) of the 24th of March. An article appears which talks about ‘movement and annoyance’ with regards to the declarations of Mayor Steffenina. QDq goes even further and accuses Steffenina, wrongly, of having defined Damanhur as a cult in the article which appeared in La Voce Canavese. In addition, again in QDq, an old story is brought up which happened in Vidracco in 1999 when certain Valchiusella Mayors wrote a letter to the Public Prosecutor about presumed election rigging. At the moment I do not have that letter in my possession but I promise that I will publish it as soon as possible.

To follow: a capture of the QDq article which appeared 24th March (click on image to enlarge).

(see: 2 extracts from QDq)

Why did the Mayors write a letter to the Public Prosecutor? Why does Damanhur bring up an old story in order to make itself appear a ‘victim’? What else was going on in Vidracco in 1999?

Well, in the process of my research I made some interesting discoveries:

A certificate dated 31 December 1999 was drawn up for the partial use of the ‘Temple of Mankind’. At the end of the document (see scan below) it was precisely stated that if the ‘Temple of Mankind’ was destined to be a site of worship open to the public and or a community of people, the property must comply with ‘safety regulations’.

At that time the Temple did not comply with safety regulations regarding places of worship….I ask myself does the Temple currently comply with those regulations…? Perhaps the authorities concerned should do a check.

(see: certificate for partial use of Temple)

So far, nothing of any great interest you might say…but wait, follow the article and for sure you will find something.

On the 10th of December 1999 the non-Damanhurian Councilors of Vidracco in that period (protocol 2555/99) brought to the notice of the Mayor (Damanhurian) Antonio Nigro that he was obliged by law to ensure public safety and for that reason they asked the Mayor if the Temple had obtained the necessary authorization in order to be open to the public.

(see: official request from councilors regarding public access to the Temple)

The Mayor Antonio Nigro replied to the request from the Councilors (protocol 598/2000) approximately 3 months later…dated the 8th of March 2000, stating that the structure had never been open to the general public.

(see: reply from Mayor Antonio Nigro)

The non–Damanhurian Councilors replied to the Mayor (protocol 1212/2000) saying that he should have replied to their letter within 30 days as is established in the norms (Art 10 of the current ‘Rules for the functioning of District Councils’) and brought to the Mayor’s attention the lateness of his reply, which the Mayor himself had declared and not properly defined, was due to “pressing and inescapable commitments”. What were these commitments? It would be interesting to know wouldn’t it, even though we are now a few years on? In addition, the District Councilors brought to the Mayor’s attention the fact that he could not possibly not know about the various package tours offered by different agencies to visit the Temple for prices ranging from 250,000 lire to 600,000 lire.

(see: reply by Councilors)

The Mayor at this point states (protocol 1314/2000) that the District Councilors are using a ‘persecutory tone’….that he is a victim and that they as nasty busybodies…who should stop their requests for clarity…

(see: reply by Mayor Antonio Nigro)

I am not an expert on the subject but for sure the Mayor should have obeyed the law and issued an ordinance to close the Temple to the public. I hypothesize: could the behavior of the Mayor be considered as an official failure to act? If this is the case then the Public Prosecutor could surely take action or have too many years passed for an investigation to be opened?

Whatever the authorities choose to do, according to the law, the material I have presented in this article raises a certainty and a doubt.

1. The certainty: Up until the 8th of March 2000 the Temple of Mankind did not have the necessary authorization to be open to the public.

2. The doubt: Can we hypothesize that a Damanhurian Mayor did not behave according to the Law?

I do not have to tell you how difficult it was to obtain the documents in order to publish them.

Now let’s return to the present…

In the edition of QDq of March 25th it was suggested that the statements of the Mayor of Vistrorio and a presumed ‘necrophiliac’ flyer are somehow linked (in what sense ??? Does the person who wrote this piece for QDq know what is meant by the term necrophilia???).

(see 2 extracts from QDq)

In the light of the documents supplied in this article and those published previously I ask the Official Authorities concerned, from the pages of this online magazine, to begin an investigation to verify eventual, illegal construction and fraud to the detriment of Damanhurians on the part of the ‘managerial group’ of Damanhur, including Airaudi. The undersigned is at the complete disposal of the authorities concerned and will furnish them with all the documents deposited on its external servers.

I am seriously concerned about the slave-like working conditions and mental conditioning that many Damanhurians are being subjected to.

Gianni Leone

Translated from the original article:



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