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Damanhur: the letter sent to the Prefect to denounce the election migration.

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My previous article on Damanhur ended in the following manner:

In the light of the documents supplied in this article and those published previously I ask the Official Authorities concerned, from the pages of this online magazine, to begin an investigation to verify eventual, illegal construction and fraud to the detriment of Damanhurians on the part of the ‘managerial group’ of Damanhur, including Airaudi. The undersigned is at the complete disposal of the authorities concerned and will furnish them with all the documents deposited on its external servers. I am seriously concerned about the slave-like working conditions and mental conditioning that many Damanhurians are being subjected to.

An appeal that, as of today, I will continue to make at the beginning of every article regarding Damanhur.

Now let’s return to the 16th of July 1999 and the letter sent by certain District Councilors and Mayors to the Prefect of the Province of Turin and the Public Prosecutor of Ivrea. The authors denounced a strange phenomenon…the mass migration of 260 people into the district of Vidracco. As you can see from the copies of the document, up to 20 people are shown to have taken up residence at the same address. They must have been really big those houses to contain 20 people…

(DIO Ed: follow the MondoRaro link below to view the original document)

Before the elections of 1999 in Vidracco, as we have seen, 260 Damanhurians arrived. On the 13 of June 1999 the elections were held in Vidracco and guess what happened? By chance Antonio Nigro won and thus became the Mayor of the small district. The same Antonio Nigro (known by his Damanhurian name Bisonte Quercia) that I spoke about with regard to the presumed irregularities of the Temple of Mankind (article 30/03/2010). For those of you who read the previous article, it now becomes much easier to understand, that where Damanhurian Mayors have been elected in the past, strange events have happened that even today remain unexplained and continue to raise serious doubts.

In the light of this new document dear readers, according to you is it customary for Damanhur to ‘invite’ its own adepts to ‘migrate’ for elections? And as always, according to you: how is it possible that 260 people follow the ‘advice’ of Damanhur’s managers? I would like to offer a reply to that question, by proposing an idea: MENTAL CONDITIONING.

You are thinking that’s an incredible idea aren’t you? I also thought the same thing but I can’t find any other logical explanation as to why 260 people emigrate by chance to another district and then by chance elect a Damanhurian Mayor.

I have another question to put to you:

According to you, a Damanhurian Mayor who is followed by his own Community and ‘by chance’ elected– is it ‘by chance’ that he is evasive when answering questions regarding the violation of safety regulations in a Damanhurian building?

To finish I have another question:

What happened after the Prefect of the Province of Turin and the Public Prosecutor of Ivrea received the letter from the District Councilors and Mayors?

I think that the answer to that will have to be the theme of my next article.

Gianni Leone

Translated from the Italian original:



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Written by damanhurinsideout

April 2, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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