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MondoRaro – attacked by hackers

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The DIO site team would like to publicly express its solidarity with MondoRaro, the independent UK based news magazine for Italians abroad which was attacked by hackers on April 25th 2010.

Since December 2009 the web magazine has been running a series of investigative articles exposing the fraud and corruption inside Damanhur.


Stop press: hacker attack

On the 25th of April MondoRaro was attacked by hackers who destroyed our database and the platform on which we develop the magazine.

We are fighting to return with a new MondoRaro. Thanks to everyone for their moral support and to those who offered to give us a hand economically. We truly and sincerely thank you.

We at MondoRaro, however, are very proud and most of all do NOT want to accept economic help from our readers. We want to go it alone because it was our decision to put up a fight and we do not intend to play victim in any way. We know that being attacked is part of the ‘game’. We are not victims…we are fighters…

It is ‘normal’ when dealing with certain subjects that ‘someone’ gets a ‘little angry’ with us… ours is an uneven battle…on one side there’s MondoRaro fighting in a civil manner by providing information and on the other there are those who defend their own power by commissioning IT criminals to silence the magazine.

Perhaps “someone’ thought that we would give up. For sure that someone has won one battle and we have certainly suffered serious damage…you can attack people and things but it is impossible to attack ideas…We at MondoRaro are fighting for an idea…an ancient idea which, despite the centuries, has yet to be truly applied and practiced. That idea is called FREEDOM and it has to be defended in all its forms, especially when defending it becomes ‘dangerous’…

MondoRaro has always been a frontier magazine … and on the ‘frontier’ of the web, on the border that divides the information managed by those who hold power ‘the guardians’ and those who fight, in total autonomy and freedom, to inform ‘the underground’…we are ‘genetically underground’…

Thanks to everyone…friends… and enemies…without you it wouldn’t have been possible to better ourselves…

Gianni Leone – Director

Translated from the Italian:


Written by damanhurinsideout

May 2, 2010 at 10:06 am

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