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Latest news articles on Damanhur in the Italian local and national press.

For translations of the articles please refer to the relevant site pages…



La Sentinella del Canavese

La Sentinella del Canavese  – Front page – 6 August 2009

Tax problems for the ‘Falco’

La Sentinella Page 3

La Sentinella del Canavese – Page 3 – 6 August 2009

Falco is confident that his consultants will clear up his accounts

Torino CronacaQui


Torino – Cronaca Qui – 7 August 2009 – Page 12

The leader of Damanhur in trouble for tax evasion. Oberto Airaudi has not paid 2.2 million in income tax and 600,000 in VAT


La Stampa


La Stampa – 01 October 2009 – page 79

“Brainwashed by Damanhur”  – Napolitano intervenes

The Head of State: The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to shed light on the situation


La Sentinella del Canavese – 30 November 2009 – page 3

Seals on the medical surgery – Vidracco, inspection by NAS at Damanhur Crea

Il Canavese – 2 December 2009 – page 7

Operation by NAS at Damanhur Crea – Seals placed on the medical surgery

Torino Cronaca Qui – 2 December 2009

Vidracco – Seals placed on the Damanhurian medical surgery

La Voce – 7 December 2009 – page 25

Vidracco – Doctor Damanhur now risks sanctions  –  a medical surgery is closed

La Voce – 22 March 2010 – page 30

Baldissero – Damanhur ‘Migration’ – 35 residences moved

La Sentinella del Canavese  – 20/05/2010 – page 11

Controls for tax evasion conducted by the Revenue Office: four years of commercial activity under scrutiny
Airaudi settles with the tax authorities

The founder of Damanhur pays one million two hundred thousand euro

La Sentinella del Canavese – 15/12/2010 – page 38

Community sentenced in court

Damanhur TFR on 85,000 Euro

The Judge upholds the request of an Englishwoman

La Stampa – 15/12/2010 – page 81

Even the god Horus has to pay the TFR

Damanhur sentenced to pay  90,000 euro to a former member

Giampiero Maggio

La Stampa – 01/04/2011 – page 61

Damanhur has to pay an employee’s social contributions

La Sentinella – section Valchiusella  – 06/04/2011 – page 32

Damanhur has to pay another TFR


Il Canavese – 06/04/2011 – page 3

Illegal working practices in Damanhur (working in the ‘black’)

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