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Brainwashed by Damanhur: a letter to the father

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I write to you as an ex-Damanhurian and as a parent. I send you my condolences on the loss of your daughter…because you have truly lost her and sad though that is…there is no going back.

Your daughter has entered a world of illusion and become someone else. She is living a magic reality of emotional extremes that even the best Hollywood film would find hard to compete with. In her world there is no room for you or her mother, her family or her past life. Her studies are irrelevant and she has reinvented herself from zero. The process began when she took a Damanhurian name.

I remember your daughter well. A beautiful, rather shy but sensitive girl who was fascinated by the system that quietly took over her life. It may be hard for you to accept this but in Damanhur family ties count for nothing. Initiates are taught that Damanhur’s mission is much more important than an individual‘s emotional needs. Everything must be sacrificed for it. And everything is.

How can you as a parent expect to compete with your daughter’s link to Divine Forces? With her sensation of being a ‘chosen one’, of saving humanity from disaster, of traveling dimensions of time and space. I am sorry. Life in Friuli is nothing in comparison. Your daughter’s head is reeling from Airaudi’s powerful magic cocktail. It is designed to keep her psychologically and emotionally dependent. Even to the point of her own detriment.

Damanhur is a unique phenomenon: so unique that the world can find no label for it, so unique that the world does not know how to deal with it and so unique that it destroys lives with impunity while the world looks on in amazement.

It was born of the movie generation and is sustained by the TV generation. Living Damanhur is living Airaudi’s film. He chooses the actors, writes the script and takes you on location. If you behave well, you earn the privilege of acting out his esoteric dramas. Rational thought stands no chance. The outside world pales into insignificance. Damanhur steals away your mind and it’s hard to get it back. Once you are part of the story you may as well say goodbye to it. Even if you do manage to leave the set, there is no returning to the character you once were. The plot is too strong, too shocking. The psychological damage is completely irrevocable.

I too lost my daughter to Damanhur. She went in Viaggio. She played the Game.

But unlike you, I was a Damanhurian and brainwashed, I seriously believed that having my daughter share my world was a gift to us both.

The devastation was multiplied.

When she discovered the truth she escaped by running away.

And she was wise enough to know that she could not release me from the illusion just as you cannot liberate your daughter from hers.

It broke both our hearts.

I now understand that if she had tried to help me by revealing the lies and corruption I would never have accepted it.

It was better that she left without a word.

You will never convince your daughter that the reality she is living is not what it seems, you will only increase her determination to stay inside and treat you as the Enemy. The Damanhurian system is well served by mechanisms that protect the mind from criticism.

You will have to wait. It may take years but you will have to be patient and wait it out.

One day your daughter will grow tired of the contradictions, of the physical and emotional stress, of the economic pressures and psychological abuse… Be ready to welcome her back into your lives with open arms…without reproach…she will need you like she has never needed you before. You will be her only safe harbor.

Her dreams will be shattered, her self esteem will be non-existent. She may spend years confused about why and how she ended up in Damanhur. Be there for her. Recovery may be slow but eventually she will create a real life of her own. She will need all the help she can get. Those of us who have survived the first years of post-Damanhur know how important it is to be surrounded by friends who do not judge or criticize but offer unconditional love and support.

I wish you and your family much courage and strength.


Posted  06/10/2009 19:05 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Plagiata: una lettera al padre’.

Written by damanhurinsideout

October 6, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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