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CeSAP – What the program MISTERO did not have the courage to say!

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12 December 2009

The popular investigative program ‘Mistero’ on Italy’s main independent television channel, Italia 1, broadcast a 30 minute feature on Damanhur at prime viewing time last night.

This post by Valchiusella appeared immediately after the program in the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net.

I am providing a translation of the post. Viewers can see part of the broadcast via these links.




The program focused on the Temple of Humankind but also described Damanhur as a cult, running subtitles with information on the Focus magazine article and the current investigation of Damanhur by CeSAP, Italy’s Center for the Study of Psychological Abuse. The commentator concluded the program by saying that lots of alternative information about Damanhur was widely available on the net…

Readers should bear in mind that in order to have access to Damanhur, television producers must sign a contract declaring that they will not include anything in their program that will damage Damanhur’s public image.

DIO Editor


What MISTERO did not have the courage to say!

Everything that the ‘Mistero’ broadcast on Italia 1 did not have the courage to tell you on Friday the 11th of December 2009

A foreword:

The feature on Damanhur broadcast on Friday December 11th 2009 was a little biased, we are used to worse, but the subtitles inserted during the program at least provided a more balance view of what was for the most part, a rosy picture.

They did well however to cite in the subtitles both Focus and CeSAP which has resulted in many viewers consulting this forum.

But what did ‘Mistero’ not have the courage to tell you on Italia 1?

Let’s start at the beginning:

Mistero emphasized that the Temple had been dug out entirely by hand showing viewers archive film of chains of people carrying buckets of soil and rock outside the Temple from the excavations. It also emphasized that the excavated material amounted to many hundreds and perhaps thousands of cubic meters of earth.

Mistero did NOT tell you that the Temple was excavated ILLEGALLY in a zone with hydro-geological restrictions and was to have been demolished! An enormous ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION!

What Mistero also did not tell you is that the Damanhurians are still continuing to illegally excavate their Temple with a complete disregard for Italian law.

Mistero also did not tell you where all those hundreds or even thousands of cubic meters of rock and earth ended up. Did they disappear? Or were they dumped illegally somewhere in the local area? If you go for the first hypothesis you are well off the mark!

Second subject of the program: the map of the Synchronic Lines, presented by Orango Riso.

The Synchronic Lines according to Damanhurian doctrine are the lines of energy that cross our planet and link it to our star (the sun) and the rest of the universe! Wow, the SalernoReggioCalbria… the stellar highway of galactic emotions- thoughts – energy!

There are ‘major’ and ‘minor’ versions of these lines: 9 major lines which travel horizontally and 9 vertically (like meridians and earth parallels). The amazing thing is that according to the great guru of Damanhur known as Falco, 4 of these lines cross right here in Valchiusella, and that is why we Valchiusellesi have ended up with Damanhur. But I say really…right here? It’s worse than the little clouds of Fantozzi!

Mistero showed us a map of the Earth with the major Synchronic Lines drawn on it. You may have noticed that the lines were not linear and straight like meridians or earth parallels but winding just like snakes. It reminded me of a map of Sardinian highways (I have nothing against Sardinians; I just want to give you an idea).

Photo: courtesy of old Damanhur web pages

Some of these lines cross the Sahara desert or the barely explored lands of the Amazonian Forest. Mistero did not ask how it had been possible to create such a map! I think the reply might have been truly laughable!

Seeing as there is no satellite map of the Synchronic Lines (only the Damanhurians believe in them!) we have to deduce that hundreds and hundreds of Damanhurians must have explored the remote corners of the Earth to measure the energy levels and establish precisely where the lines pass. Who knows what instruments they used to reveal these elusive Synchronic Lines.

Obviously the instruments do not exist just as ‘Damanhurian Geographical Explorers and Measurers of Synchronic Lines’ do not exist.

It seems more likely that the map is the result of some psychedelic night out of the great guru Falco who, guided by a ‘Higher Force’ traced the splendid squiggles on a DeAgostini map.

Third subject: the music of the plants.

The young man with the lovely smile who presented the program one has to say was ecstatic and confused by the experience! And I can believe it! Otherwise how could someone affirm that a plant ‘plays music’ and that a geranium steals a saxophone from its case and begins to play ‘One step beyond’.

Macaco Tamerice also briefly explained how the equipment that allows the plants to play music actually works:

Two electrodes are connected, one to the leaves, the other to the roots, in the soil in fact.

Therefore one measures the difference in the potential between the leaves and the soil, a potential difference which would be minimal and this is transformed into a MIDI signal that is then sent to a synthesizer and produces the ‘music’ of the plant!

The cleverness lies with the inventor/musician who associated a particular sound with a difference in potential. It would have been possible to convert that difference of potential into just about anything: into colored light for example, then they could have told us that the plants love discotheques and stroboscopic lights, or they could have transformed that difference in potential into ultrasound and then they would have told us that the plants love to communicate with dolphins!

Music as we know has a big impact on people and so that is why they chose music. But declaring that the plants actually play… well… we are back to the story of the geranium and the saxophone!

To demonstrate that the plants react to stimuli they asked the young man to touch the leaves and we heard that the ‘plant’ changed its sound. And I can believe it! Touching the leaves, the potential difference between the leaves and the soil would vary because the difference in potential of the person who touches the leaves changes the potential difference of the plant itself. Difference in potential difference= a difference in sound!

Following that concept I could even get my Christmas tree (completely artificial) to play.

What ‘Mistero’ did not have the courage to tell you is that Damanhur like every good self respecting community (or cult – decide for yourselves), has a spiritual master or guru who, in this case is called Oberto Airaudi and known as Falco.

What Mistero did not have the courage to tell you was that all the Damanhurians have to donate all their property to Damanhur and are not allowed to be home owners.

What Mistero did not have the courage to tell you was that the great master Falco was recently investigated for tax evasion by the Revenue Office and it was revealed that he is a multi-millionaire with real estate holdings all over Italy and a large variety of bank accounts.

What Mistero did not have the courage to tell you is that Damanhurians believe in the claims of the great tax evader Falco, who says that:

He is part of the Galactic Council that governs everything.

He has constructed a time machine that regularly travels in space and time to Atlantis, other planets and other times to teach primitive peoples how to live.

He has an alien friend who visits him regularly and materializes in the form of a gorilla.

He is the incarnation of the God Horus.

He has built machines called ‘Selfs’ that imprison alien entities which are sold at very high prices to people dazzled by Damanhur and that these trinkets have curative properties for illnesses such as cancer.

What Mistero did not have the courage to tell you can be found in this forum and those of Focus and CeSAP, Damanhur inside out and even the anti-Damanhur club on Facebook.

I have nothing against the directors of Mistero who clearly explained that they only wanted to focus on the subject of the Temple and not other aspects of Damanhur.

This post is not a criticism of Mistero but a simple addition to what Mistero documented in its program.

I hope the ‘young man’ will not be offended by what could be my envy on my part: for some it seems time never passes and they always look like twenty year olds!

I am convinced, however, that one cannot just look at a slice of a reality and ignore what lies behind it.

We can look at a splendid work of the past but we should not forget that perhaps it was built by slaves in an epoch when slavery was a reality…


Posted  11/12/2009 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title: Cosa “MISTERO” non ha avuto il coraggio di dire!


Written by damanhurinsideout

December 12, 2009 at 3:17 pm

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  1. Its seems of little practical relevance because you have already decided which side of reality you chose to sanction as real, relevant, rational, and sane. But I simply must address this impotent attempt at debunking.
    One, trying to paint someone as a criminal for choosing to create a work of art without governmental approval is asinine to the highest degree.
    No government, religious sect, institution, or entitled group can claim authority over the earth.
    The Earth owns itself, and it is for the earth to decide what shall be allowed to happen to its body. It is no more rational to say that a government has the right to tell an individual what they can or cannot do in relation to the land, than it is to say that government has the right to dictate whether you can pick your nose or get a tattoo. You can believe they have that authority if you would like, the governments would certainly like you to, but the fact that the Temple Exists despite your illusory claim to their authority proves it to be no more than word vomit.
    This also relates to Tax evasion.
    You speak as if that is some egregious injustice to humanity, and proof of the truly demonic soul of this so called self appointed “guru” Falcon. If you were to truly research the topic of taxation, and money in general, you would find the only true crime is in passively subjecting to taxation by a institution that has no true authority or valid claim to your livelihood. That is unless you wholeheartedly agree with the constitutional standpoints of that governing body, and freely consent to supporting their effort economically. I am aware that you will most likely call this lunacy, but lunacy is labeling someone a criminal for simply living out his innate liberty from all systems of control. We are free my friend.
    Well some of us are lol.
    As to your attempts to paint these individuals as wowo, or somehow disconnected from reality, because of them trusting their individual experiences about the true nature of this planet over the spoon feed half witted litany that passes for Truth in the circles you represent. All I can offer is, maybe your right.
    And maybe your wrong, but either way you are speaking as a coward who has no true personal insight into any of these matters and who can only offer the same tired attempts to marginalize and trivialize anyone who makes you uncomfortably aware of your ignorance by speaking with certainty of things which you know not.
    Through all of this you are still family, and I wish you a life of peace and substance.
    Perhaps in time you will once again remember that there is much more to life than can be weighed, measured, quantified, or fit into a neat little box that satisfies the confines of you dim small world.


    August 25, 2015 at 3:17 am

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