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MondoRaro – Who will pay Damanhur’s debts?

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Who will pay the millions of euro of debt that Damanhur has with the banks?

I would like to begin by complimenting you on this journalistic initiative to bring the true reality of Damanhur to the attention of more people. Those of your readers who have the will and the patience to visit the site of CeSAP (www.cesap.net) or FOCUS (www.focus.it) will find lots of information on this mind control cult and will have a clearer picture of what Damanhur is all about. The operation by NAS is just fraction of what lies hidden behind that place, especially behind Airaudi.

Damanhur has created fear for many years in the people of the Valley. This cult has always moved and behaved in an intimidatory way toward the people who have opposed it. Just to give an example: denouncements and law suits were begun against inhabitants of the Valley just because they dared to object to Damanhur’s territorial expansion or because they dared to say what they thought about it to a Damanhurian. In all cases, out of nowhere, a series of witnesses appeared (obviously all Damanhurian citizens) who testified to what Damanhur said…

All of this is part and parcel of the decades of Airaudi’s way of doing things…do it straight away and with no holes barred. Everything that enters his head is to be done immediately, without thinking about it and even worse without considering if it is really possible or not. This NAS event is just one small aspect. Almost everything in Damanhur has been done without license and without the requisite permissions. Whatever Airaudi has wanted has always been robbed from others or the Community and in that his most faithful subjects have always helped him.

Now the interesting thing will be to see how this cult deals with its imminent bankruptcy. For years Airaudi has wasted money and pocketed Community funds to feed his own person tastes. For more than a year Damanhur has been sinking deeper and deeper into bankruptcy. But who will pay the consequences…?

For sure every follower takes on more than 40.000 euro of debt as soon as he or she becomes a citizen. To that you can add the personal debt that accumulates as people struggle to maintain themselves inside the Community (in some Nucleos it now costs 1,400 euro a month plus personal living expenses…..How can an ordinary employee expect to find that much money?)

When it is declared bankrupt (which must happen fairly soon) who will pay the millions of euro of debt that Damanhur has with the banks? Will it be divided between all the Damanhurians and added to their previous debt or will those who have personally guaranteed the loans with their salaries be left to pay off the millions? In the first case it will mean that more than two hundred families will be out on the street as a result of covering the debts that their children or relatives have incurred by entering and participating in Damanhur. In the second case only a hundred or so…but it will be a real disaster…

And in all of this will Airaudi disappear abroad with all the money or will he pay his share? Bearing in mind the financial moves he has made over the last few years the first hypothesis is the most probable.

These aspects are never made public and if they should by chance be heard about by those inside they are attacked as untrue and ridiculous…

And to make things worse, inside there is enormous psychological pressure (typical of all cults) to believe that everything is going really well and that they are the best. And these people in their ignorance are living a false notion totally unaware of the truth of the situation!

Many of those living inside know nothing of the abysmal economic crisis in which the cult is sinking but it won’t be long before they are faced with the sad and tragic reality of it.

I hope that what I have said will help someone understand.

With affection


First posted 11/12/2009 13:33 to www.mondoraro.org as a comment on the article entitled ‘Damanhur il NAS di Torino denuncia 34 persone. Falsi medici. Sequestro di alcuni locali.’ By Gianni Leone.


Written by damanhurinsideout

January 2, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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