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CeSAP – Valchiusella says NO to Damanhur! – 2009 election results

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Local Council elections

It is a well known fact that Damanhur publicizes its political successes in the Valchiusella valley all over the world, presenting them as a model example of social integration.

Damanhur – apart from the well- studied game of moving residences, which has been related in other posts, has always sought to climb the electoral ladder of the many Valchiusella local councils.

That said, this year’s election results speak out very clearly.

Damanhur HAS LOST its council seats in the following districts:

Alice Superiore

Baldissero Canavese



They will no longer have seats on the councils of those districts.

In Vidracco, where they presented two lists they won the ruling majority and seats as a minority because no other lists were presented.  But it is interesting to note the following:

Administrative Elections in Vidracco 2009

Electors 467

Voters: 395

Ballot papers left blank: 20 (5.6%)

Ballot papers annulled:  48 (12.15%)

Votes for List 1: 279

Votes for List 2: 48

Administrative Elections in Vidracco 2004

Electors 468

Voters: 436

Ballot papers left blank: 15 (3.44%)

Ballot papers annulled:  20 (4.58%)

Votes for List 1: 273

This means that the NON DAMANHURIAN residents of Vidracco did not vote or left the ballot papers blank or defaced so that they were annulled.

Finally, in the list in which the retiring Damanhurian Mayor was standing for election in the European Parliament (not being able to stand for a third mandate in Vidracco he had to find somewhere else to go) he did not even reach the required percentage of qualifying votes.

The reaction of the media is exemplified in this online article:

http://www.cronacaqui.it/news-elezioni-in-canavese-buscaglia-vince-a-brandizzo-san-giusto-in- rosa_23057.html

Damanhur is already talking about leaving the Verdi (Greens) and joining, surprise surprise, the party ‘Italia dei Valori’ (to which many ex-magistrates and public figures belong and with whom the guru and certain Damanhurians have close an ‘intimate’ relationships).

Posted to cesap 2009/06/10 18:52

The original Italian post can be seen here under the title: ‘Elezioni Amministrativi’.



Ref: Local Council elections

Dear Sophia

The situation is much worse than you have painted!

Shall we begin with the election campaign? We have had to suffer weeks of proclamations from the various Damanhurian exponents of ‘Con Te per il Paese’:

“We have decided to stand for election in this district because residents have asked us to do so because they appreciate the work we have done in Vidracco and they want us to bring our skills into their district” and bla bla bla!

Let’s look at the results:

In ALL the districts in which the Damanhurian movement ‘Con Te per il Paese’ stood for election they received far less votes than in previous elections!

Damanhur has lost council seats in:


Alice Superiore




In Lugnacco they gained another seat, passing from 3-4 councilors in opposition but only because the retiring Mayor was afraid to create a second list. But even in Lugnacco, ‘Con Te per il Paese’ lost 30% of its votes!

In Vidracco where there were two Damanhurian lists, the number of blank or annulled ballot papers was much higher than the number of votes for the second Damanhurian list. And this was an even bigger smack in the face for the heads of ‘Con Te per il Paese’, a smack so great that they avoided giving the news to the Damanhurian adepts. The official results were not even posted in the Town hall!

It would have been too obvious that the propaganda of collaboration between Damanhur and the residents of the valley could only be verified in some other parallel universe visited by the great guru Falco in one of his frequent journeys into space –time!

Well, I ask myself “Where were all those people who asked the Damanhurian movement ‘Con Te per il Paese’ to stand for election?” Perhaps the illustrious valley figure was right when she wrote “Lies have short legs”.

Anyway, it would seem that in Vidracco a certain ENKIDU received many votes, that he carried out an effective election campaign on the Synchronic Lines but was not elected councilor because of a legislative quibble by the enemy in which it managed to declare the ballot papers annulled.*

Unfortunately the poor creature did not take it well; he was last seen in a bar in the lower depths of Caracas getting drunk on CRODINO! *(the golden aperitif that makes other worlds go mad!)


Ed: *The annulled ballot papers nominated ENKIDU for Mayor in Vidracco – see Chapter 3 the Myth of Enkidu.

*In Italy, a gorilla character is used in advertisements for the aperitif CRODINO

Posted to cesap:  2009/06/12 20:38

Written by damanhurinsideout

June 15, 2009 at 12:20 pm

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