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CeSAP – Who are the real vandals in Valchiusella?

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Latest News from Vidracco by our Damanhur inside out Italian correspondent.

This post appeared in the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net this afternoon after the publication today of an article in the national newspaper ‘La Stampa’ about recent damage supposedly caused by vandals to the Vidracco Water Museum. The Museum an old water mill, is used almost exclusively for Damanhurian sponsored activities and was restored with great PR value by the Damanhurian administration of Vidracco using European funds. Since its opening it has been rarely used and is left empty most of the year. The Museum has a modern sophisticated alarm system that warns the local police of any intruders.

The vandalism is blamed on the appearance of anonymous notices in the valley the day before administrative elections which drew everyone’s attention to the fact that during the last ten years of administering Vidracco, Damanhur has carefully looked after its own interests in the village to the detriment of non-Damanhurian residents. The notices gave a long list of local village services and customs that the Damanhurian administration has closed down in favor of its own.

Voters were invited not to support Damanhurian lists.

Damanhur issued its own notice in response calling the Valley authors liars which was signed by a Damanhurian Doctor who works with the Damanhurian Red Cross services in the village.

This was a very counter productive move on the part of Damanhur because village residents are only too clear about what life is like in their own village. They know that what was written by the Valchiusella authors is true. As a consequence they refused to vote in the Council election, damaged their ballot papers or left them blank.

Damanhur presented two lists of candidates for the Council in Vidracco. An opposition list was not presented by the local people because there was no chance of it winning seats. Damanhur has always moved the residencies of its citizens to create a majority vote in Vidracco in support of its own list and its own interests… Now read on!

Vandals at the Water Museum of Vidracco

Certain vandals (?) have attacked the Water Eco-Museum of Vidracco.

More than 20,000 Euro of damage!

What strange timing, the community is at an all time low in terms of popularity, as revealed by the terrible local administration election results, forums are shedding light on many aspects which have until now been jealously guarded secrets, many adepts are leaving over night and public opinion is taking a very critical position as regards the Community!

What is desperately needed is a really black news story to try and restore some support!

A few days ago, I secretly entered the Temple and I activated Falco’s Time Machine. I wanted to set it to take me to the future where I could buy a newspaper which would carry the winning numbers of the super lottery to be drawn next Sunday. Unfortunately I did not really know how it worked and I must have made a mistake because I found myself in a Valchiusella village that did not have a newsagents! What lousy luck!

I looked around and I saw some people putting up a notice, I walked over and I saw it was a notice from the Community of Damanhur that said there had been an attack against them, by people unknown and that they had destroyed something. The notice stated that Damanhur had worked for the good of the valley but that extremists had posted anonymous notices in the villages that had incited hatred against them and because of this certain people had decided to violently take it out on Damanhur.

Then I felt a strange sensation, I saw a kind of crack and squeezed through it, I hit my shoulder and then found myself back in the Temple again, sweating and with a very painful shoulder!

I am still asking myself, was it only a dream or did I really travel in time?


Posted to www.cesap.net 2009/06/16 21:35 under the title  Vandali al museo dell’acqua a Vidracco


Ref:  Did I travel in time?

Just to make things clearer, there has been no economic damage to the Community of Damanhur but to the Council of Vidracco which is funded by citizens.

Acts of vandalism are deplorable but for the Council which squanders enormous resources on flowers and miserably failed events and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of Euro, most of which is spent on publicizing Damanhur, 20,000 Euro is a pittance.

The Council is one of the richest in the Valley because it has an income from the ‘rental’ of the Cives Quarry i.e. it is selling off the mountain to increase its economic resources.

Greens?????? Bo, it will be but we don’t believe it.

What will happen now? The Damanhurian companies in crisis will have a bit of work to do repairing all the damage!!!!

Let’s meditate on that.


Posted to the ‘Noi e le sette’ forum of www.focus.it 16/06/2009 under the title Ho fatto un viaggio nel tempo?’

Ref: Did I travel in time?

In fact the question is:  Who is protesting? Who benefits from it?

In Valchiusella very few have doubts about the answer…

For sure, everyone loses because the Mill was restored with tax payers money. The part of the victim however, is being inexplicably played by the Community of Damanhur.


Posted to the ‘Noi e le sette’ forum of www.focus.it 17/06/2009 16: 28 under the titleHo fatto un viaggio nel tempo?’

Link:    http://www.focus.it/Community/cs/forums/334468/ShowThread.aspx#334468

Written by damanhurinsideout

June 16, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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