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Damanhur needs new Damanhurians 2010

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WE need new Damanhurians – 2010

A new series of posts have appeared this week in response to Damanhur’s multi-lingual recruitment campaign for new adepts. The posts, tongue in cheek and full of delightful irony make comic reading and we publish them here translated into English for your enjoyment ….

But first… a couple of notes to guide you.

In Italian the term ‘Polli’ meaning chickens is a derisive term used to describe people who do not think for themselves and lack discernment, rather like the word ‘sheeple’ in English.

The contributor ‘Uomofalco’ (Falcoman) has been writing in the Focus forum for several years ironically responding to posts by ex-Damanhurians by impersonating ‘Falco’ the charismatic billionaire leader of the Federation of Damanhur.

DIO Editor


Posted by Sottofalsonome on 2010/10/22 www.focus.it in the forum ‘Noi e le Sette’.

Under the title ‘Damanhur cerca adepti! ULTIMI POSTI DISPONIBILI ! ‘

Damanhur seeks new followers! LAST PLACES STILL AVAILABLE!

Damanhur has recently launched a new publicity campaign (in 8 different languages) in the hope of scraping together some new followers…

Damanhur 26 settembre XXXVI (2010)

Dear Friend

Damanhur has opened up the possibility of becoming a citizen in a short period of time.

This is a moment of great social and political transformation in Damanhur and an important part of our preparation for confronting the future.

We believe that community life, based on solidarity and sharing is a sound way of transforming life’s difficult moments into a pathway of personal growth.

Damanhur has a grand project. Through its ideas and deeds it wants to provide a positive example to the world: that of a new social model for humanity. A model that will invert the trend of declining values in today’s society

We have been working towards this for over thirty years: The Temples of Humankind are the great spiritual heart of our project and the future development of the People’s Temple aims to become a concrete message of hope for all humanity.

You too can now participate in the Damanhur project, choosing how you wish to do it: in addition to the path of permanent citizenship, the possibility now exists of becoming a ‘temporary’ citizen, which allows you to experiment with community life and actively participate in our great Dream.

The moment is now.


Dear Chickens

We are having a difficult time; many of the chickens that preceded you have decided to stop laying eggs for us and left. The chicken house is now practically empty and we don’t know how to make ends meet.
Forget all the tall stories we have told you up to now, it is all water under the bridge, the pathway to becoming a Damanhurian is no longer fraught with obstacles, courses and infinite assessments. Now, you too can become a Chicken on the hurry-up just present yourselves at our offices with:

1. A written request on a simple piece of paper (we will give you our form to fill in which relieves Damanhur of any responsibility should you end up destitute).

2. A copy of your identity card

3. An object that you treasure dearly (you never know it might come in useful)

4. Your tax returns for the previous year

5. Proof of your family status

6. Documentation from the land registry of all your land and property holdings.

People will have told you that Damanhur has a leader who is a billionaire, controls everything and owns an unimaginable amount of property; that citizens are exploited and forced to work illegally; that you have to donate all your property to Damanhur: that our leader was hammered by the authorities for tax evasion; but don’t worry about all that, it is not true, and even if it is, there is now A GREAT SOCIAL AND POLITICAL TRANSFORMATION in Damanhur. Therefore don’t worry about it. We are waiting for you with open arms!



(Ministry authorization requested, promotion valid until 31/12/2010. The customer is not held responsible in cases where the item promoted does not correspond to or comply with that stated in the announcement)



Posted by Ocibi on 2010/10/22 www.focus.it in the forum Noi e le Sette’.

Under the title ‘Damanhur cerca adepti! ULTIMI POSTI DISPONIBILI ! ‘

Here I am ...Can I?

Here I am can I?

“A different contact with reality”



Posted by Uomofalco on 2010/10/23 www.focus.it in the forum ‘Noi e le Sette’.

Under the title ‘Damanhur cerca adepti! ULTIMI POSTI DISPONIBILI ! ‘


Sottofalsonome…I want to thank you publicly for your good translation.

But you could have done it better, even though it pains me to have to say so. My position forces me to bring your attention to it… the opener  – Dear Friend – was translated with the generic and asexual – ‘Dear Chickens’.  And that applies also to the list of requisites.

In actual fact you should make it understood that differences, albeit marginal, actually exist between the preference for a cockerel‘s assets as regards those of a hen.

The preference is well known in the community and consequently it is paid attention to because the “pathway’ reserved for the different genders varies substantially.

By pathway I mean also the real and recurring Viaggio (travels) with the famous and fun-loving female “travelers”.

By pathway I also mean reaching powerful positions within the community.

And I want this to be known because this is a recruiting campaign of the New Era, and it is good to break with the past.

Given that we know each other, and very well, I am sure that what I have pointed out will not be taken negatively but as a new opportunity for personal growth and the demonstration of your abilities.

Even though you are a traitor and therefore decidedly unworthy, I would like to demonstrate my magnanimity to the world.  And in the face of those who write absolute rubbish on my account.

Even so, I would like to thank you publicly for having contributed (obviously with you own means and those of your generous family, nothing more…) to my personal maintenance.

Collecting bowls to everyone.



Written by damanhurinsideout

October 24, 2010 at 3:11 pm

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  1. Interesting. :) I just recently finished New Life program, and I haven’t found it compelling enough for me to join. My opinion is that in Damanhur the energy is generally just fine, sychronicity works and I was able to think very rationally and clearly (also me being a sceptic, and your page helped alot ;) ). I was only dissiapointed at the lack of weekend courses…. I went to Past Life reading, which turned out good and I’m happy I did it… But all the other courses were postponed, which really sucked :/ The food in my nucleo was awesome. The only thing I didn’t quite like is that every Falco’s word was considered to be “holy”, and Falco was on top and people below… But I wondered much of it – was it people who made it so, because they need someone to follow, and Falco just went along? Or was the other way around? … Oh and another – they are supposed to be “eco” community, but few others said that for it they use too much plastic… And they are not that eco at all… Just marketing move I guess. They have one garden which they don’t spray w pesticides and suddenly, they are eco… How very itallian, lol. I hoped to learn much more, but I was dissiapointed on that. But some people are really great however :)


    May 26, 2014 at 6:06 pm

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