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The good the bad and the downright ugly

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Fans of Damanhur say that they have a wonderful time as guests in the Community, that they only see happy smiley people, so how can it possibly be a cult.

They like to call the ‘leavers’ a miserable bunch of failures who justify their lack of fortitude by trying to destroy what they left behind. Poor things…they failed to make the esoteric grade and now they are angry about it.

They ask…how can you have spent thirty years in Damanhur and not had any good times, why do you only talk about the bad times? Why do you write such ugly things? Your testimonies can’t really be true…

Hey guys… you’re not the only ones who wish our testimonies weren’t true but please… wait a moment before you shoot…

Once Damanhur is in your system it’s hard to get it out…

When you finally summon the strength to separate from your psychological dependence it’s like coming off a powerful drug. Being a Damanhurian initiate is equal to serious substance abuse. Once the withdrawal symptoms subside and you begin to see clearly again, you realize that your dealer sold you short and his promises were all lies. That you paid for his stuff with your life, your children’s future and all that you owned or ever cared about.

The good times are part of the overdose that devastated your faith in yourself and those around you.

No one wants to look back and remember the highs when they were part of an experiment that is not just corrupt but rotten to the core: a reality that pushes dependency in the name of liberty, craves your money and deals in crime. What value could they have? It makes you feel embarrassed to even think that you spent time there, that you could have ever enjoyed being part of such an abusive organization.

Good times?

Those shots in the arm feel more like a kick in the head.

If you have not had a cult experience its hard to understand how drugged it makes you feel; how it takes away your ability to think, to make choices or criticize; how it absolutely colonizes your freedom of mind.

Damanhur is like a narcotic…first it makes you feel good, then it makes you feel bad, then it makes you downright ugly.

Don’t get conned into using it.


Written by damanhurinsideout

August 13, 2009 at 10:59 am

2 Responses

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  1. A friend asked if i wanted to visit the community with her and her husband;.not considering joining.just in Europe and curious.;waste of time you think?Thanks Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Lee

    October 20, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    • Hi Elizabeth

      You are of course perfectly free to patronize criminal organizations if you so wish…
      But remember the old saying …curiosity killed the cat… In Damanhur the practice is to skin them alive!

      DIO Editor


      October 23, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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