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WEEK ENDING: 13/09/2009

Site: http://current.com – How I found Utopia – Comments in reply to a video on Damanhur made by Mateo Willis  30/09/2008


This conversation has been running since October 2008 and after a period of silence the discussion was opened again last week.

Please note that on this site comments are easily visible but replies have to be opened by clicking on the green replies tab. Occasionally comments become replies and vice versa which creates a certain amount of confusion when following a discussion between several contributors. Here are a few interesting extracts from the most recent debate – not all comments and replies are shown here:

SlugishSpock replies to verita:

It is not your place to silence me verita, I live in a place that holds up and values free speech. Therefore if I feel the need to talk then I will do so. There are no limits in dialouge and any place is a valid place to talk about anything. I can agree that people suffer in Damanhur and inequality exists in this place. People suffer everywhere and inequality is inevitable in society since Damanhur exists as a collection of ogranized human beings it follows that suffering and inequality are a part of Damanhur. These two qualities must be obvious to people though. Simply because of scale. They claim 1000 residents I hear that is a gross overstatement. So to be conservative 700 people allign themsemselves to the Damanhurian system. That is a small number that people living in the system could keep track of. We could say perhaps that nearly all suffering and inequality that goes on in Damanhur would be obvious to those within the system. If we were to measure suffering and inequality this small number becomes difficult to compare with the rest of the world. 699 people suffering while 1 prospers is a terrible ratio. The magnitude of suffering going on would be an important factor. Are people starving? Their are accusations that cancer is above average in Damanhur do to some technology they employ. Are people able to have strong relationships and cildren? Do the people live in fear? I guess what I am saying is yes, this place appears to have a strong counterpart of inequality that could be lickend to something like a dictatorship. However I am not convinced that real suffering occurs in Damnhur beyond the realm of living in a dictatorship and being a person who is programmed to see democratic structures as the pinnacle of good. What makes Damanhur a truely impossible place to live happily. Would you prefer somalia? china? north korea? That is a bad arguement. Damanhur is not bad because I percieve other societies as being more oppresive or dangerous….Where Damanhur sits on the spectrum of human societies is irrelevant. It has a right to exist and hopefully it will evolve. I doubt that Damanhur is either all bad or all good. Personally I do not plan on going their, certainly not living their. However to say that this place is completely understood and follow this link it holds the box a truth is insane. It would have to be more up to the individual wether or not Damanhur was a good or terrible place to live. The shaolin monk lives in poverty. Works to uphold his community and values. Subjects himself to the utter extremes of pain, vulnerablity, and suffering willingly. Is he being opressed? Should his culture die because it is not built on more modern values?

Verita replies:

Carissima SlugishSpock

I am not trying to silence you…on the contrary I am encouraging you to find the answers…which you will not find here.

But to return to your post:

Are you are saying that just because suffering exists in other religious realities and people accept it…that absolves Damanhur of any responsibility for its regime?

You have missed the point and I do not need a lesson in democracy or social anthropology from you to know that when an organization claims to be one thing and turns out to be exactly the opposite something is very wrong somewhere.

I suggested that you read the Damanhur inside out site because it expresses the life experiences of many people who have lived in Damanhur and given the best part of their lives to it, only to discover that they had been terribly deceived.

I do not think it is gracious to dismiss their lives as a ‘box of truth’ at the end of a link. Excuse me!

You also write:

“It would have to be more up to the individual wether or not Damanhur was a good or terrible place to live.”

Yes, individuals must decide for themselves…but what do you need to make a wise decision? You need information from both sides…up until two years ago the only information available was extremely biased in favor of the Damanhurian system and those who left the Community could not talk about their negative experiences for fear of all kinds of reprisals. The Internet has changed all that. Now people can consult the Italian forum sites and ‘Damanhur inside out’ and read what life is really like in Damanhur. They can weigh up all the information and compare it with all the latest sociological research on such movements.  Some may still decide that Damanhur is the life for them and they will then pay the price for that decision. As many already have.

Perhaps they will be happy … but in the long term I doubt it… their children will probably never forgive them.

You say Damanhur has a ‘right to exist’ and I say YOU HAVE NOT LIVED IT!

Thieves also have a right to exist but that does not mean they should not be punished for their crimes.



p.s. If by any chance you are writing as a member of the Damanhur press office …please forgive me for saying that you have not lived it….and look around you…the truth is right there under your nose.

SlugishSpock replies:

Again, I assure you I have never been to Damanhur but if it makes you feel better you can continue dismissing me as a being involved with the Damanhur press office. I have read as much as I am able on the subject of Damanhur. It is from my perspective a terrible place to live. Laws restricting the reading of “outside” literature is an affront to everything I stand for. Manipulating people to think this place holds salvation and perpetuating that ideal in people with strong systems of social control is appauling. The 4 control structures Damanhur uses to keep its people believing they work for goal A when in fact they are more likely working towards goal B is unfortunate. On the off chance the Falco is in fact what he believes I will stop short of organizing an independent guerrila task force to move in on Damanhur. The people in this place need outside help, but are in the awful position of being beside themselves and will most likely resist help with every fiber of their being.

SlugishSpock replies to Lion Kimbo:

“I wouldn’t be so quick to claim her perspective as your own, because she is misleading you. Countless things spoken on their site is downright false, and you can verify easily.”

I assure you I am not adopting another persons opinion. I approached this issue with an open mind and after reviewing all the sources I could find I came to my own conclusions. “Now explain to me: How could this happen, if Damanhurians are not allowed to read about anything happening outside of Damanhur?” It could easily happen in two ways. One the journal is false and no such activites have taken place. Two Falco remains connected witht he outside and uses his influence over Damnhur to further his agenda. “That said– Damanhur is a place for making dreams real.” This is a dangerous course. Who’se dreams? How? It sounds like a grand statement, but how does something like that play out in reality. “As for “salvation” — I do not know what you mean by that term” I mean the amount of dedication the citizens appear to give Falco is under the pretense that he is a divinity destined to save humanity. “As long as the effort is voluntary, as long as people can leave at any time, — then: I need to hear a strong argument about why people cannot lend themselves to such an effort, or why we should criticize those who do.” You have already given the arguement. If the effort is voluntary then it is justified. I would like to argue that the idea that a person within Damanhur can leave at any time is absured. Maybe on the superficial level, as in the doors open and you can go but not on the realistic level. I can only licken it to a child voluntary living with his parents. He can leave at any time but he has nothing, nowhere to go, he is completely dependent on parents. The Damanhur citizen may leave, but can they? Goal A represents the surface teachings, philosophy, and presumed justifications for all actions within Damanhur. Goal B represents any and all ulterior motives that Falco as a human being could potentially have. I can not pin point what his motives are but I also can not accept that the inner-workings of this system are fair and for the purposes that are being taught. Falco is either so dilluted in his pathology as to believe he is a divinity and everything that flows from him is just or he is knowlingly abusing peoples lives. I am not saying that Falco is in it strictly for the money, but Walt-Disney is a horrific example to your case. Walt-Disney had no power, he was not in a position above people making decisions that darastically influence lives. Walt-Disney started an entertainment based corporation, and I am sorry to say it was in fact in it for the money as all american CEO’s inevitably are. Falco is more in the position of someone like Dick Cheyney. He has real power over people, and when we follow the money it is all securely in his pocket. It is a question of loyalty, can we trust the people we call ma Why was zero effort spent on getting me to stay at Damanhur, in my two weeks there? In all sincerity to me this is more proof on the side of a system of control. If this was a society with humanitarian goals, and an impossible amount of work to do wouldn’t it follow that more people would be welcomed/sought? In a system of control it would be more beneficial to keep a number like 300 and only let in more when it became necissary. Why risk bringing in a person that could potentially withstand social control and break the system? Why invest in resocializing more people when the drones are effective as is. The dialouge involving this place is difficult. The accusations are of lies, deseption, manipulation, and exploitation. If you visit this place the pretense is you are not seeing the real Damanhur…The only thing that can truly help sift through all the information and misinformation that exists is a follow up report. Interviews with those who have left and those who remain.

Check out the conversation or leave a reply here: http://current.com/items/89355590_how-i-found-utopia.htm#90925460

Verita replies:

Dear Slugishspock

I can assure you that the information on the damanhurinsideout site is not false it is exceedingly accurate. It may be misinterpreted by its readers but the information given is absolutely correct.

For example: new members of the Meditation School are instructed not to read other texts that might cloud their vision and distract them from the teachings of Falco. That is well documented in Meditation School literature. But there is nothing to stop those same people from buying a newspaper, a book or looking for information elsewhere. Obedience however is one of the criteria used in assessing whether or not you are suitable for Initiation…those who behave well get to join the Mystery School.

Unfortunately many ‘A’ citizens work inside and do not have much time to read newspapers or watch TV, they tend to rely on the internal paper QDq to sift through essential news and bring them the basics. The internal paper is a brilliant propaganda machine and on the very rare occasions I get to see a copy I am amazed by the power it has to influence my thought.

Living in Damanhur as a full time citizen is a fantasy film. As time goes by the significance of the outside world diminishes and citizens focus on the magic, the secrets and the rituals. They sometimes pay attention to an external event but only if it threatens to upset their lives. For example, the arrival of swine and bird flu (Falco loves pandemics… anything in fact that will arouse fear and panic) or end of world scenarios. They care very little for things non-Damanhurian and are encouraged to despise the rest of the world.

Damanhurians believe that they are magically protected and can overcome any obstacle…including a nuclear war…they will just retreat inside the mountain. Falco has created a false sense of security in everyone. It is part of his strategy to make people feel safe inside and afraid outside. Very few Damanhurians feel comfortable about spending more than three days away from the Community on their own…a strange kind of panic sets in. Going away with other Damanhurians is OK but going alone becomes really scary unless you are on a Damanhurian diplomatic mission and energetically protected by Falco.
Protected from what you may ask? From the ‘ENEMY’ of course…Damanhur is fighting a magic war!

Falco has always maintained that only 300 ‘A’ citizens are necessary to construct Damanhur but as numbers are diminishing he is now looking to replenish his troops. Americans cannot get work visas in Italy so they are rarely encouraged. Europeans are a much better bet. The recruitment is very subtle…barely noticeable until you show signs of taking the esoteric bait. Once you are hooked that’s it …no one, not even your closest friends and family will be able to convince you that Damanhur does not have your best interests at heart.
It is true that you can physically leave anytime you want but psychologically it is quite another matter…your body could walk out the gate but your mind would collapse in terror. It takes a long time to find the courage and even longer to find the money!

And then there are all the financial guarantees linked to your salary that you have been ‘encouraged’ to sign with banks for Damanhurian property loans. Several ex-citizens have paid thousands of euro to be released from bank agreements only to discover that Damanhur had made a profit out of them a second time around…
The corruption is endless and disillusioning… it is a poor recipe for a new world…

LionKimbro replies:

Verita, your criticisms conceal that a big part of the reason people join Damanhur is explicitly in order to build a new society. Intentional societies have values and codes; This is very normal. If people come together and say, “We’re going to uphold these values, and we’re not going to speak against them, — this is what we’re about” — then, if you start speaking out against them, you *will* be kicked out. Don’t complain “free speech!,” “free speech!”, because your free speech is irrevocable: You’re complaining to us here, aren’t you? It’s like saying “Well, I married him, I should be able to say anything I want to him, and decide where my kids go to school, and have complete dominion over everything that is mine.” Yes, to a point, but guess what: It’s a marriage. Your partner has a say. And if you regularly speak against your partner, you can be kicked out. It happens that the society you were working on had a core value of communal raising of children. How could you have missed that? You found that you do not hold that value. Now you come to us and plead “They’re bad, because they don’t practice nuclear families?” (Clarification: “Nuclear family” = the American phrase for the 2-adult, 1-4 child family as a self-contained unit; I don’t know how widely that term is used.) It’s like becoming a Mormon, and complaining that you’re building beautiful temples, believing various ideas, wearing funny underwear all the time, are deeply involved in the family, and trying to hold these very high ideals, struggling to resolve contradictions between competing ideals. “I just want this and that, but without the other stuff.” What? Are you just against people being able to make their own choices? Should society say, “Oh, you can’t choose to persue ideals, or make new societies?” New society efforts require leaders (it helps immensely if they’re charismatic — it’s very hard to make new societies when the leader’s uncharismatic,) require discipline and effort and distance, require all of these things. And we should not be surprised that new societies have some core values that are different than the main stream — otherwise, what’s the “new” in new society? My understanding is that people died so that you could have freedoms to do great things — including the freedom to make new societies, and live by your own strictures of conscience and method. It was not so that people MUST live in nuclear families, MUST live by main stream values, MUST create their own thoughts completely independently of others, etc., etc., etc.,. If people are not free to associate, to form new ideas, new groups, new cultures, to choose to raise their children together, etc., etc.,. — then the “freedom” to raise children by yourself is no longer a freedom, but an enforced requirement. As you know — staying at Damanhur is always voluntary. Yes, they highly discourage leaving. But this is normal, and to be expected in a society building effort. Damanhur is not playing around. Damanhur is incredibly, lucidly clear, in agonizing detail, in the Trilogy of the Initiate, about what this entails. The people there have high dreams and aspirations, and incredible accomplishments, made from extraordinary sacrifice — a sacrifice that was chosen. They make no pretense of being perfect, and repeatedly disavow such ideas.

What is Damanhur? It’s a marriage.

Check out the conversation or leave a reply here: http://current.com/items/89355590_how-i-found-utopia.htm#90912851

Verita replies:

Dear Lion

You are so blindly in love with Damanhur that you do not want to hear that it is cheating on you…

If Damanhur is a marriage… it is an arranged one…the result of a successful seduction by the Meditation School.

Let’s be quite clear about one thing …Damanhur only marries you for your money.

And years later when the honeymoon is over and you finally wake up to the awful truth… you have no option but to ask for divorce.

But there is no division of the wealth that you brought to the partnership. There are no civil meetings between both sides on how the divorce will be settled …you leave in silent disgrace without a dime.

Damanhur takes everything and then does its best to pretend that it never married you in the first place.

It gives your old wedding name to the first new bride or groom that comes along and if it hears you complaining about the terms of the divorce settlement it takes you to court for defamation.

Be careful who you get into bed with…cults are dangerous… practice safe sects.


LionKimbro replies:

Here is one thing, verita, where we have agreement: “But there is no division of the wealth that you brought to the partnership. There are no civil meetings between both sides on how the divorce will be settled.” Marriage is something that the law has thought about for a very long time, and that people (pretty much all people) have come to agreements about. But groups of people who choose to live together and aspire to a common aim — such a thing is very rarely heard about. “Yes,” there are corporations, but this is something entirely different, because only a small percentage of people in corporations pour their hearts into them. The assumption in our society is that people will belong to “the main stream,” and that we are in the same imagined community. (Celebrity gossip, the national agenda, the popular TV shows, etc., etc.,.) People who choose not to live according to the main stream are ostracized and called cults, until they become sufficiently large (and exist for sufficient amount of time,) that they magically become “religions.” (The Mormons, for example.) My defense is simultaneously for Damanhur in particular, and new society efforts in general. What I advocate for is that society develops relationships with child societies (which are inevitably particular extensions of main stream values,) and not label them “cults.” (Someone said, “Well, that’s the only word we have for them.” And yet, if you go to new societies, none of them ask to be called “cults,” so there is a problem with this word.) When new societies are a recognized form, then there can be agreements between the main stream and new societies and a conversation. That is, (using a metaphor,) as long as people think the concept of marriage is intrinsically disagreeable, then society will never seek laws about how to do marriage right, and there will never be divorce lawyers. My dream is that CeSAP stops saying “Cults are evil! It’s all seduction and brainwashing!”, (giving no thrift whatsoever to reasons, to heart, to mind, to rationale,) and that CESNUR grapples realistically with the responsibilities of new societies to the broader society and to their individual members — and that these groups connect and start outlining real triangular agreements between new societies, main stream society, and individuals within the societies. Put in a sentence by way of metaphor: As long as society sees the whole concept of marriage as intrinsically wrong, then I don’t understand how divorce lawyers can realistically exist as anything but a farce. (And really, these “brainwashing” theories are simply that: farce. I could just as well substantially argue that CeSAP has “love bombed” you by auto-sympathy to apostates, given you a “new language,” a new cognitive framework of meaning, holds itself unaccountable and in many cases above the law [deprogrammers], engages in groupthink, is paranoid, and on and on.) I think that individuals benefit enormously from participation in new society efforts, because many of us understand clearly how much the main stream atomizes us, controls us in illusions of “freedom,” and keep us alienated within our skins and own homes. I believe I understand why people want to create new societies, and I believe that it is good to do so. I too tire of “spirituality that doesn’t make a difference,” and “activism that doesn’t make a difference.” I agree that new societies make excesses and make horrible mistakes. I don’t think they know how to do otherwise, because it’s not like there’s any systematic study in “how to do it right.” Those who do those studies are today organizing, and it’s largely commune groups (incl. Damanhur) doing the research. It is clear that there are major potholes, such as how power affects testosterone levels within leaders and such, and how that affects decision making. This is the outline of how I come to this conversation.

Check out the conversation or leave a reply here: http://current.com/items/89355590_how-i-found-utopia.htm#90925492

Verita replies:

Dear Lion

There are so many points raised in your replies that I cannot hope to answer them all but if you read the DIO site carefully …the answers are there to be found.

First I would like to say this and I have said this before on several occasions but you still refuse to accept it…

Your experience of Damanhur is based on a guest visit. You cannot judge the value of an organization based on a two week holiday. As I have repeatedly said… Damanhurians have to be sweet to guests or they are punished by their School of Meditation and that can be a rather unpleasant and humiliating experience.

Your continuous quoting of the Three Books of the Initiate makes me smile. Do you really think Falco wrote those books? His authorship is now in great doubt. I expect you think he paints his own paintings too?

It is true that the man is always busy… busy organizing everyone else to do his work for him and busy talking on his mobile to stock brokers and financial advisers about overseas deals.
The man is a complete FRAUD…tell me why he needs 49 houses in Italy and 60 pieces of land (check the legal register) why does he need Swiss bank accounts and offshore companies? (Check the commercial registers) Why does one of his PERSONAL bank accounts bankroll Association Damanhur and contain figures trailing so many zeros that it makes you gasp. Why is there no financial transparency? Why would a man decide to tell his followers that his income is derived from a magic box that duplicates money?

Really Lion…

Did you know that 300 ‘A’ citizens plus a few extra outside ‘C’s’ are supporting 10 million euro’s worth of bank loans each month and that is only for the housing coops. And no one really knows who owns the properties …for sure Damanhurians cannot claim back the value of the houses they have donated to Damanhur if they leave the Community. So who owns all that real estate?

And you tell me Damanhur is about DREAMS…one man’s dream perhaps…one man’s dream of becoming super rich. He has done it with his citizen’s money: thirty-four years of siphoning money from dreamers … And they are all heavily in debt and I mean heavily …thousands and thousands of euro of personal debt. People cannot leave the Community they are up to their esoteric ears in it.

Do the sums Lion do the sums!

(reply continued below…)


(continued from above)

The temple is an amazing strategy for giving credibility to everything…one has to admire Falco for that. But he did not build it …all he did was paint some alphabets on the walls of the Hall of Water stolen from esoteric books, otherwise he has never lifted a finger…the Damanhurians have built it and created the artwork, the symbolism and the decorations ..but it is all borrowed from other religious traditions none of it is original. Harry Potter does it so much better.

All the outside affiliations are used to give credibility to the venture…wonderful PR and very few people look further than that. Guests certainly have no access to real living conditions inside. Even new citizens are kept in the dark for a long time until they have fully committed emotionally and financially to citizenship. Only those who have been part of the inner circle or in a position of power know how the scam works. Have you any idea how frustrating it is for those who know the truth to watch new arrivals being taken in and fleeced of everything they own? All they can do is write in the forums and hope that people will listen. Many don’t and that is terribly sad …

But I am sorry for their children…they are the ones who really suffer irreparable damage. Inside they get a lousy education by unqualified teachers in a school that constantly experiments to the detriment of scholastic success…they enter outside high schools totally unprepared for the State system. They have to hide the fact that they are Damanhurians because they are ostracized by their piers (in Canavese people know what this community is really about), then when they are eighteen they are thrown out on the street if they do not ‘choose’ to become Damanhurian citizens. Their parents have no money and are unable to help them. If the eighteen year olds have no grandparents or extended family they are completely lost and without support. Many male children have resorted to the Canavese drugs scene simply to survive. If they return to visit their parents and share a meal in the Nucleo most citizens ignore them and treat them like pariahs. They are shunned by everyone for having rejected Damanhur. Can you imagine how a child feels being treated like that by people he/she has grown up with and lived alongside for years?

I tell you Damanhur is not a new form of society it is a CULT.

The children are ANGRY…angry that their family has no home or savings… that they cannot go to university…that their future has been stolen from them by a magician who has dealt their parents a pack of lies. They despise their parents for being so stupid and not listening to the truth.
Why don’t their parents listen? Because they are DREAMERS. They are holding on to Falco’s dream because THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE! They will never accept that the dream was DESIGNED to become a nightmare…

Why? Because Falco has convinced them all that they are special.

Just like he has convinced you that HE is special…


LionKimbro replies:

Verita, damn it, you’re just making stuff up, putting the worst possible spin you can on anything. Your resentment distorts everything. It is very, very important to Damanhurians that everything is voluntary, and that each person is in an ideal place for their character. Damanhurians know that Damanhur isn’t for everybody, and this applies to kids as well. The reason Damanhurians focus so extensively on travel for kids, is so that kids can see things from outside of Damanhur, and can see all kinds of different things so that they can find what matches their own inner nature — it’s very plausible that it’s not Damanhur that the kids want to live at! Not because “Damanhur is evil,” but because people are unique. My understanding is that kids are _required_ to live outside of Damanhur for a period, before they can become Damanhurians. This is to ensure that they see life outside of Damanhur, and this is to ensure that if they do decide to become Damanhurians, it is a conscious choice. As for the quality of education, you need to provide evidence that Damanhurian education is somehow “sub-standard.” Many people who don’t like Gurdjieff, for example, say “oh, Waldorf is substandard,” and so on, because it’s not what’s main stream, but whatever. I would not be surprised if neighboring schools treated Damanhurian kids poorly, but that’s just how people treat those who are different. What you’re really arguing for is main stream living for everyone, and appealing to popular prejudices. Damanhur also funds children’s college education. “…but it is all borrowed from other religious traditions none of it is original.” Again, ludicrous, even if it were true, because: Damanhur is intentionally and emphatically syncretic. It’s also clearly innovative and creative. When I was staying at the nucleo, I talked with one woman there who was not a Damanhurian. I asked her about this, and she said, “Oh, my sister so-and-so lives here, and I’m visiting.” She knew a lot about Damanhur but wasn’t Damanhurian, and was just visiting Damanhur. So again, your story does not match up.

Check out the conversation or leave a reply here: http://current.com/items/89355590_how-i-found-utopia.htm#90930742

Verita replies:

I am not resentful Lion…I am telling the truth…

You are basing your assessments on marketing propaganda and a guest visit. You know nothing of the REAL Damanhur.

And as for the volunteering…. Nothing is voluntary in a cult…Did you know that if you do not do your devotional 24- 30 hours of work a month you have to pay the Federation the equivalent number of lost hours at your current rate of pay!

Very voluntary…very spiritual

There are two reasons for taking the children away traveling…one is to show them a bit of the world…the second is to make them emotionally independent of their parents. The process starts from when they are babies. Falco has a very poor opinion of Damanhurian parents and in the past he took Damanhurian children away from their parents to live in a special children’s house. Even the little ones. Parents were not allowed to visit very often. None of those children stayed in Damanhur once they had grown up.

Damanhur only funds college education for children who study subjects that serve Damanhur’s interests and who intend to become A citizens.

Sisters can visit …when did I ever say they could not?

Stop looking for holes in my arguments and LISTEN to what I am saying…

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking you are already a member of the Meditation School instead of just an outside observer….

You are a credit to Damanhurian propaganda Lion…


Check out the conversation or leave a reply here: http://current.com/items/89355590_how-i-found-utopia.htm#90931577

Verita replies:

Goodbye Lion…I leave you with this message….

“The recruitment is very subtle…barely noticeable until you show signs of taking the esoteric bait. Once you are hooked that’s it …no one, not even your closest friends and family will be able to convince you that Damanhur does not have your best interests at heart.”

I am not interested in convincing you …I just wanted to share some useful information…

I hope you and Damanhur have a very successful marriage…

Ciao e buona fortuna!


LionKimbro replies:

Verita, basically, we are in irreconcilable disagreement about Damanhur. I have listened to your arguments; Your belief is that if I do not agree with you, that I have not listened, and that if anyone listens to you, then they will agree with you. Now who’s talking about brainwashing? I see no way for this conversation to go forward, so I am basically done.

Check out the conversation or leave a reply here: http://current.com/items/89355590_how-i-found-utopia.htm#90931964

Verita replies:


You are convinced that you know what Damanhur is all about and no amount of talking here is ever going to change that…

But I knew that already…



investigator said:

Hello all I am a very open minded person, and am familiar with many new age schools of thought. I was the one that got the ball rolling with this a few months ago, and encouraged them to start the damanhurinsideout blog, after I had discovered the damanhurwitness blog had been deleted out of fear of retaliation from Damanhur. I do not feel Damanhur is authentic at all. I watched them engage in censorship on numerous occasions personally. It is my personal belief that those that are spiritually advanced, DO NOT ENGAGE IN CENSORSHIP. In addition on the Damanhur facebook page I was personally lied to by a Moderator after I posted a link to damanhurinsideout. I was told that he visited Damanhur and had a great time as a guest, and his facebook page is not run by them. However I remember a long time ago that someone with the title ” Damanhur Representative” was given moderator status on their facebook page before I had posted anything. After the moderator told me he was not working for Damanhur, the person with the representative status was deleted from moderator status. Also I noticed censorship on news websites where Damanhur articles are only allowed to have positive comments posted. Perhaps they paid some unethical Journalist to write those articles? In conclusion those that are spiritually advanced DO NOT LIE, DO NOT ENGAGE IN COVERUPS, and ENGAGE IN CENSORSHIP. With the recent bombshells coming out from former members, my personal experience in dealing with the Damanhur representatives, I conclude it is nothing more than a mind control cult.

Check out the conversation or leave a reply here: http://current.com/items/89355590_how-i-found-utopia.htm#90932911

Written by damanhurinsideout

September 14, 2009 at 11:30 am

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  1. Hello, Thankyou for enlighting me on the real Damanhur, I was really thinking of visiting as the thought of sustainable eco village really apeals to me as this rat race isnt working for so many.
    I am still working on ideas to make this concept work however it needs to be without the force fed spiritual lessons. I am a very spiritual person and I know the way you grow spiritually is through your own intentions and not the intentions of others.
    You sound a very wise person and you have learnt alot about my dream of sustainable peacefull world, maybe you could put what you and all the other ex damanhurs have learnt into practice. I think you should try to keep in contact with as many as you can and maybe there could be a time and place to regroup with the best intentions.
    You are extremely brave and strong.
    Peace and love to you all.


    January 1, 2011 at 11:37 am

    • Dear Pete

      I think it would be true to say that after many years of living in ‘Community’ most former Damanhurians just want to live life in a simple and positive fashion in the ‘real world’, experiencing its joys and frustrations like everyone else and participating as best they can. Many have 30 years to catch up on and although some remain in contact most have gone their separate ways. Perhaps in the future they will be willing to share their experiences for the benefit of others…who knows.
      I am glad you found the site useful.

      DIO Editor


      January 1, 2011 at 6:15 pm

  2. To much writing about Damanhur is useless.For some people is useful to enter into dark places, to go out and see the light..This is all about D.


    February 15, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    • Hi Tatjana

      Writing about Damanhur is never useless.
      Information is power.
      There have to be better ways of finding the light than walking blindfold into a black hole. Many people arrive in Damanhur with their children and drag them into its darkness too. No one walks out of that place mentally unscathed and its hard for children to understand why they have to suffer in the name of your so-called spiritual path.
      Spiritual evolution is about helping people to make informed decisions.

      DIO Editor


      February 25, 2012 at 5:43 pm

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