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Spiritual society or social regime?

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Damanhur began 33 years ago when Airaudi told his then pioneers or ‘founders’ that he wanted to build a new reality based upon the spiritual growth of individuals, where the human being would find an ideal space and dimension to settle down in for the New Era. On the basis of these promises hundreds and hundreds of people have given years of their lives, work and money, renounced their families (because in Damanhur even now one chooses between one’s family and the Community), renounced their affections and their own ideas for an objective that they thought was greater than they were.

After 33 years what has Damanhur done and where has it arrived? The dreams that were promised, have they been reached? Dear Damanhurians have you made the dreams of Airaudi come true?

How great or small is the spirituality of each Damanhurian? And above all how much does your spirituality cost?

Have you asked yourselves how much time you truly dedicate to yourselves and your spiritual growth? Over and above the words that you say to one another or that Airaudi says to beguile you, how do hope to grow spiritually if you work 18 hours a day!!! It is impossible…!

Stress and economic anxiety are always the first enemies of spiritual growth in as much as only those who are happy in themselves and economically stable have the inner space for spiritual research. For this reason, over the millennia, those who searched for a path learnt to abandon everything in order not to become victims of the material world and isolated themselves from it in order not to succumb to its temptations. But Damanhurians no! Airaudi says that Damanhurians must fight in the material world to achieve victory. But I ask myself how is it that people in Damanhur are almost always in a bad way, everyone has debts with the internal bank and or external banks and possesses nothing! Why is it that all the sacrifices over its 33 year history have not produced anything for Damanhurians?

If Damanhur is the success it claims to be and almost everyone has crippling debts, the money must have gone somewhere; the tens of thousands of hours of work must have served someone?

Does anyone’s name come to mind? To me yes, Oberto Airaudi.

But let’s return to your spirituality. You who have spent 10, 15, 20, or 30 years in Damanhur are you able to talk about truly lived spirituality? How much time has your culture and your inner life had to grow?

Oh I forgot, for Airaudi spirituality is working with the hands (THE HANDS OF OTHERS…!) Tell me then how much love do you give those who do not think like you? Do you use your hands in that case too? If so how?

And those who do not bring home their quota of money each month, do you love them just the same or do you throw them out of Damanhur? Using always your hands?

When you oblige the people who have just arrived to abandon their jobs in order to enter Damanhur I suppose that is so that you can teach them how to use their hands, is it?



Posted to www.cesap.net 2008/02/21 08:57 under the title ‘Società spirituale o regime sociale’.

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 7, 2009 at 7:16 pm

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