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General Falco and his private army

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Life lived

Damanhur by means of the bodies that govern its life, directly inspired by Falco, spurs its citizens on in an increasingly exasperating existence, made up of continuous requests for money for just about everything, at an absurdly fast pace, with continuous crossover controls that examine how much one is in line with Damanhur and the dictates from above.

A ‘socio-spiritual dictatorship’ well disguised by politeness that preaches the exercise of free-will.

Thanks to the various contacts with society outside that have been created by ‘over-altruistic’ activities, it is increasingly difficult to compare Damanhur with a cult or consider it equal to other closed groups and sects.

Talks over the years have become increasingly numerous with regional and national politicians, (even at government level) representatives of Law and Order, internationally famous cultural figures and artists…etc.

The web has been woven and aims to reach far and wide.

Everybody, if needs be, can say how Damanhur is a correct model for society, how well Damanhur is doing in a world deprived of ideals and great spiritual objectives.

All this has been forecast and strategically calculated over the years by Falco.

And that’s not to mention the political commitment achieved by means of the Green Party.

Every move has been strategically dictated by the real game of Risk* that Damanhur has been carrying on for years.

Being rooted in the social fabric of the outside to be protected and safe from attack should the ‘shadow’ side of Damanhur ever be discovered.

Why have so many of the outside associations that contacted Damanhur in the past not pursued their intention to work with it?

Because Damanhurians, when they move have the same logic as an army. Compact, obedient, fast, determined and often well organized. The citizens of Damanhur when required become the personal army of General Falco.

It is necessary to vote? Everyone unanimously votes on the basis of the criteria received.

In Canavese- Valchiusella this is immediately noted. A secure number of certain votes is therefore politically appetizing.

The Civil Protection squad of Damanhur?

Militarily irreproachable. Solid. True soldiers.

This, observed from the outside by those who are in no way stupid and we are talking about strategy, makes it quite clear that inside Damanhurian society there is a mechanism that is able to precisely direct the will and the choices of Damanhurian citizens.

That mechanism has a name:  The School of  ‘Meditation’.

‘Meditation’ represents the socio-spiritual axis of Damanhur it is the backbone of the whole social structure.

The supreme head of Meditation, the absolute Pontiff, the Pharaoh, He whose word and behavior is beyond question, is Falco.


Posted  04/03/2008 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Vitavissuta’.

*Risk or ‘Risiko’ as it is known in Damanhur, is a board game based on the famous Waddingtons game for children. In the Damanhurian version the objective is to develop nations and conquer the Earth, obliterating the armies and populations of your opponents by using anything from conventional arms to nuclear weapons, biological warfare to space technology. Falco has developed the idea into a method for teaching political strategy to an elite group of followers, mostly those who are involved in outside politics. The war game requires Damanhurian players to attend game sessions with Falco for up to 20 hours a week and is sometimes played at an interplanetary level on a large, specially created board using plasticine models.

DIO Editor

Detail of Risiko board

Detail of one of Falco’s Risiko boards from 2004 showing troop placements.

Photo: courtesy of old Damanhur web pages.

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September 9, 2009 at 5:34 pm

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