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We citizens are subjected to a series of inter-related controls. Constantly and without a break.

In the Nucleo families where we live we are constantly under examination by the Head of the family (Caponucleo) or the Reggente (a species of super administrator).

Every month the Caponucleos or Reggente report to those above them, the King Guides.

Every ‘A’ citizen has to take part in the Game of Life, the Tecnarcato, the Social, the School of Meditation and a Way (a sort of work group).

Just think, for each of these bodies, I have to write at least one report a month (sometimes one every 15 days).

In these reports I have to describe how I am feeling, what I am doing for the common good and program what I intend doing in the following months.

If I have problems I have to say so and if I have resolved them I have to write how.

If I have nothing to write, because in the hundreds of previous reports I have written just about everything I can think of, it is better if I invent something because otherwise the system will get suspicious.

In the end for me and many others who are in my condition, these reports are just a game of pure fantasy.

Then there is the daily diary but I will talk about that another time.

They say that in Damanhur for many years now it has been the various governing bodies that have taken all the governmental decisions.

They say, with considerable force that the founder Airaudi plays only a consultative role and that he is mostly involved in his own studies on magic and esotericism, painting and traveling.

You have to know that this is false, false, false.

In Damanhur nothing, absolutely nothing is done or decided by anyone if he, the founder Airaudi has not given it his blessing.

From what the older Damanhurians have told me and from what I can see for myself it has always been this way and if history has anything to teach us, I believe it will always be so.


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