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Living in a Damanhurian Nucleo

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LuceBianca…I often hear people talk about ‘Nucleos’…Can you tell us how they function? What are the criteria for becoming part of one? Do you decide which one you join or are you assigned? Can you change family if you want? What are the rules governing Nucleos?


Posted  03/11/2008 23:08 to the Forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of www.focus.it under the title ‘Re: Ringraziamento’.


Dear Sottofalsonome

Nucleos are one of Airaudi’s biggest pieces of nonsense.

In Damanhur Airaudi decided that everyone should live in Nucleos because as far as he is concerned enlightenment can only be achieved through living together, i.e. reciprocal tolerance. But this also implies a series of other rather curious aspects.

But first let’s talk about the Nucleos then we can talk about the rest.

Nucleos are formed from a minimum of 6 people to a maximum of 25 who all live together in the same house. Obviously the dimensions of houses vary and over the years the quality of housing has certainly improved. Ideally in every Nucleo singles and couples each have their own room, there are communal bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room (not always). This is based on the general vision of Damanhur at the time and depends on conditions. In certain cases singles and couples who decide to change family simply notify the head of the Nucleo and after clearing any personal debts, move house. Or the choice can be made for you by higher authorities and you are forced to change and as always the ‘Damanhurian machine’ comes into play putting pressure on the poor citizen until he or she gives in…

The choice of which Nucleo you will enter first is almost always chosen by higher up. Inside each Nucleo there is a ‘Capo Nucleo’ (Head) and ‘economo’ (treasurer) and various other sector heads depending on the household. For example there will be someone responsible for recycling, cleaning, shopping, animal rearing etc. Every member of the household usually has at least one role of responsibility that they have to report on each week at the Nucleo meeting. All family members are obliged to attend the meeting and various day to day matters are discussed ranging from what needs to be done, purchased or prepared. The meeting also includes a discussion on the information and orders that arrive via the Capo Nucleo from authorities higher up. Each Capo Nucleo has at least one meeting a week with the King Guides in which they are given instructions on what to do and how to carry it out.

Let’s return to the Nucleo and all the tasks that you have to do besides attending meetings. Every Damanhurian has to do 4 hours communal work a week for their Nucleo plus a Nucleo ‘turn’, (half a day’s work spent cooking a meal, washing dishes and cleaning up etc.) which, depending on the size of the family can be once or twice a week! Living in a Nucleo keeps every Damanhurian busy for at least 10 hours a week, without counting unforeseen events, extra meetings, which often happen or special monthly meetings.

All of this dialogue, discussion and debate is one of the ways in which Airaudi says you lay the foundation for your spiritual evolution. But having talked with others and from what I have read and discussed on these methods, this is also one of the best ways to control people (many commitments to fulfill –little personal time) and also one of the best ways to know everything about everyone at any given moment.

For years now the larger concept of community has been lost and all that is talked about is Nucleo-Communities, i.e. each Nucleo has to learn to be a community in its own right and manage itself accordingly. This is why every Nucleo member has so many commitments and has to work a 16-18 hour day, Saturdays and Sundays included.

All the work done in a Nucleo is financed by the Nucleo itself and the Federation rarely contributes anything. This means that in the famous 44 communities that Damanhur says it has (the figures have changed recently to 20 because they were falsely based on empty houses), all the reconstruction work, house extensions and repairs are all paid for by citizens and the houses are owned by the Damanhur Real Estate Coops or by Airaudi. In fact Airaudi owns several of the houses in which citizens are currently living and they are paying for all the reconstruction costs. Over and above that citizens also often pay a monthly rent which is included in the community taxes paid to the Federation.

The ‘Quota’ is what every Damanhurian has to bring home every month to the Nucleo and it comprises in part living costs: food, electricity, gas, water, wood etc, payments for the purchase of the house a/o improvements, solar panels, wood burning stoves and federal taxes which can vary from 450-600 a month. Every Damanhurian has to find an average Quota of at least 1,000 euro a month.


Posted  03/12/2008 15:34 to the Forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of www.focus.it under the title ‘Re: Ringraziamento’.


Nucleos are a consequence of the Damanhurian social system. When Damanhur was born it was organized in family units and not in Nucleos. Then over the years Airaudi changed the settings, first creating the birth of the communities which included different Nucleos and later creating the Nucleo-Communities which were required to achieve the status of real communities in themselves.

All of this as history tells was always directed and conducted from above (i.e. Airaudi) and Nucleos just followed the instructions and directions that were imposed by the heads of Damanhur.

Today each Nucleo-Community has a ‘Regent’ who is responsible for the whole Nucleo (The king/Queen  of the Nucleo), then there are other figures such as the ‘Economo’ who looks after all the economic affairs of the Nucleo-Community and the heads of the individual activities of the Nucleo itself such as recycling, market gardening and animal rearing etc.

All the Nucleo-Communities have some form of autonomy, which is managed directly by the GDV (Game of Life), therefore by Airaudi himself. To make things clear it is said that every Nucleo- Community has to become independent and have its own food supplies in order to survive any eventual planetary disasters, catastrophes or similar events. They are therefore obliged by the GDV (if conditions permit) to find the money to drill new wells for water, create market gardens and other useful works for the survival of the Nucleo. All Nucleo members are obliged to finance the projects decided on from above with their own money. Obviously there is an internal vote to see if everyone agrees on the proposal but if you give a negative vote the Nucleo ‘flame’ does not grow and those who have opposed the idea do not pass to the next esoteric grade….Simple!

The interesting thing is that all the work realized in your Nucleo; reconstruction, or work on the Nucleo’s territory remains the property of the owner, which may be one of the two coops that manage Damanhur’s real estate or Airaudi himself. No citizen can claim a reimbursement of the money they have paid to finance such works.

If someone cannot sustain all the costs that their Nucleo has to confront, they can always take out a personal loan or change Nucleo and search for one with less ‘outgoings’. If a Damanhurian begins to run up debts with their Nucleo, they accumulate and that citizen is not allowed to leave the Nucleo until all the debts have been paid off. In various situations of this kind people are forced to borrow money from relations outside or take out personal loans with a bank. In other cases they make an internal agreement and move to another Nucleo where the ‘Quota’ is lower and where they are in a position to pay off their debts in installments. No discounts are given.

The next step is the management of each individual Nucleo by the Federation’s managers. When a Nucleo begins to function well (a rare thing taking into account the enormous amount of things to be done and the quantity of money to be invested each month), the heads of the various internal bodies constantly pressurize the Regent so that things do not go too well, otherwise they would start to lose control. Certain classic techniques are adopted or something is custom made for that particular Nucleo.

The classic techniques extend from an ‘l’appioppo’, the insertion into the Nucleo of someone in great difficulty who needs to be contained and supported’, psychological pressure on certain individuals, interference by Airaudi in the lives of certain couples or singles, excessive and out of place requests; to the disbanding of the Nucleo itself for spurious or non-existent motives.

If the Nucleo has no difficulties then they are created and in this Airaudi is a real Master! I have seen him disband Nucleos because he suddenly decided the house was to be sold and then after everyone had moved out the property remained empty. Citizens are sometimes left living in old caravans for years (summer and winter) without a permanent home and then are attacked because they are not seen to be participating enough and so on…

Talking about Nucleos and the social life of Damanhur requires time, in as much as certain dynamics are not even understood by the Damanhurians themselves. It is important therefore to take everything a step at a time so that the control mechanisms adopted by the Initiate Society of Damanhur can be clearly understood.

Luce Bianca

Posted  25/04/2008 14:20 to the Forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of www.focus.it under the title ‘Re: Ringraziamento’.

Written by damanhurinsideout

August 15, 2009 at 7:02 pm

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  1. From the point of view of social control, the above post makes perfect sense.

    But how do they get anything done in regards to what the Nucleos export? How are they able to do the research, make jewelry and the other stuff? In the best of circumstances these things are really, really rough.

    Daniel Michael Turner

    August 16, 2009 at 12:49 am

    • People have normal jobs and get things done because they have to earn a living…to pay the Quota
      All the Nucleo activity is EXTRA not instead of.
      If necessary you stay up all night.
      Then you have to add one evening a week for Meditation School, two evenings for Serata with Falco, the day or evening meetings of your Spiritual Way. The Rite of the Oracle once a month and the Rite of Damanhur GET once a month…in the evening …plus other rituals at all times of the day and night…
      Being is not a word you find anymore in the Damanhurian vocabulary it has been replaced with doing.
      Damanhurians are human doings…

      It is one of the classic characteristics found in mind control groups …keep ’em busy so you stop ’em thinking….

      DIO Editor


      August 16, 2009 at 7:15 pm

  2. I neglected to add one important aspect…
    Every ‘A’ citizen has to ‘offer’ 24 – 30 hours of devotional work a month to the Federation. These hours are obligatory and have to be registered as completed by the head of the sector in which they are carried out.
    They can include work for the Federation if you are an internal employee, work on the construction of the Temple, communal maintenance of buildings and grounds or hours for the Red Cross or Civil Protection services.
    This ‘voluntary’ devotional work is known as ‘Terrazzatura’ (a reference to the building of terraces with the earth excavated from the Temple).
    If you fail to complete your hours for the month you are required to PAY for the missing hours at your equivalent hourly rate of pay. So if you work outside and earn let’s say 10 euro an hour and do not have time to do your Terrazzatura your Damanhurian Federal taxes increase by 240-300 euro a month. If you are a professional and earn more you pay even more.

    This is another aspect of the control. It tends to reduce people’s mobility and keep them focused on the job in hand i.e. devoting all their time and attention to Damanhur and its projects.

    DIO Editor


    August 17, 2009 at 8:51 am

  3. Hello,

    these are all very interresting informations about this community (which I’ve studied for some time as well).

    You are mentioning often A-citizenship. I think there are also other types of citizenship – which are they and what are the differences between them. Is ‘Terrazzatura’ obligatory only for A-citizens or for all initiates of damanhurian meditation school? Do the initiates (which are not A-citizens) have to pay the school and how much?




    March 4, 2010 at 1:48 am

    • Jenny

      There are 4 levels of citizenship:

      A resident
      B resident and non resident
      C non resident
      D non resident

      ‘A’ level citizens donate all their wealth to the Community…it is non refundable, despite what Damanhurian promotional videos tell you about shares in housing cooperatives. They do not exist and if you leave the Community you get nothing back. ‘A’ citizens pay around 600 Euro a month in taxes to the Community. Only ‘A’ level citizens are considered real Damanhurians.

      ‘B’ level citizens can be residents and retain their personal wealth but they are mostly treated with disapproval by ‘A’ citizens who have donated all they own and give most of what they earn to the Community. ‘B’ citizens pay more for everything and have to pay their children’s school fees at the Damanhur School – 400 -500 Euro a month

      ‘C’ level citizens are non resident and pay a lower level of monthly taxes to the Community than resident citizens.

      ‘D’ level citizens live abroad do not pay taxes and are simply ‘friends of the Community’.

      All members of the School of Meditation (A,B,C, citizens) do Terrazzatura 24-30 hours of volunteering a month. If you do not do your hours YOU pay Damanhur the equivalent of the lost hours at your current hourly rate of pay.

      Members pay a small administration fee to attend the Meditation School depending on their citizenship level of 10- 20 euro a month.
      BUT….Initiates are required to do all Falco’s courses and buy his selfic paintings, which cost thousands and thousands of euro and have a ‘personal self’ which costs 5,000 euro …and that is just a basic one, then there are the yearly updates to pay for costing 500 euro. There are also constant requests for donations to the Temple etc….

      If you become a Damanhurian citizen you quickly run up enormous debts…that are hard to pay off. This is a well-orchestrated mechanism to keep you in the Community.

      DIO Editor


      March 5, 2010 at 11:30 am

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