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Mind control and mystification in Damanhur

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The mystification of Damanhur

“Damanhur….grows…for over 30 years. Around 1010 members of which 616 are resident in the Community…a project of planetary dimensions…a People, bringers of PEACE, SPIRITUALITY, SOCIALITY, LOVE etc.”

But the numbers don’t add up. If mathematics is not just a matter of opinion, in 35 years the Damanhurian people of today occupy what amounts to, at most, a small quarter of a city. The principles however are shared by millions and millions of people.
Perhaps the search for planetary PEACE and ‘saving the world’ has clashed with the basic foundations of civil society: a respect for the family, that which occupies the Italian Constitution, a respect for the dignity of human beings, loyalty and honesty in inter-personal relationships etc.

From personal experience I can say that: a difficult moment, love bombing, a diet low in protein, meetings to improve your self esteem, hypnosis sessions in order to re-read childhood episodes which have become unbearable after coming out, nocturnal sound stimulation of a few seconds at all hours, by telephone, computer, provider, night lights always alight, candles alight in the window, Selfica on the fingers and wrists, the religion of a reincarnated divine leader with supernatural powers, a weariness in mind and body, brings you to leave the family, accepting that which Airaudi sustains, i.e. the oblivion of the self.
In practice one finds oneself without one’s old healthy identity and one arrives at the absolute death of the self, or almost, to annul oneself inside the group. Obviously this does not apply to Airaudi.

All this for an ideal that today, after the recent happenings and interventions of the Law, have shown to be mystified, violated and betrayed, for interests that belong to a certain individual only.

And now the home of your birth is full of ‘negativity’, it suffocates you, therefore embrace the sky and walk away to freedom (?) into the ‘valley of Light’, with your former self forgotten thanks to mind control techniques.

For 2-3 months one sends no sign of being alive to one’s family. Meanwhile evening sittings of hypnosis, singing courses, dancing courses, reinforce the aggregation. Six months can pass or even a year before any contact is made with relatives.
The Damanhurian who decides to leave the Community (?) is set up as an example of ’infamy’.

The families who are resigned to Damanhur or those who wait in hope, those who do not create trouble for he who maneuvers and at the same time guarantee that the system is perpetuated are called ‘agreeable’. The relatives who disturb the process of manipulation are defined as ‘disagreeable’ and are punished in their affections: the child gives no sign of him/herself for years and some families resort to ’Who has seen’ …(ed. TV program on missing persons)

But the PEACE, FREEDOM, SPIRITUALITY and TOLERANCE where are they? Does PEACE exist in Damanhur or are we faced with a COERCED PSEUDO FREEDOM?

And peace with whom? In the outside world everything and everyone is to be fought and inside the fight is interpersonal. On an inner level the fight continues between the old self which is not completely obliterated and the new remodeled and conditioned one which accepts and consciously justifies (?) behavior and actions that are outside of the Law, as was seen in the latest intervention by NAS (ed. Medical Fraud Squad of the Military Police).
If Christ stopped at Eboli bringing peace, love, tolerance and spirituality, in which Piedmont valley did the Anti-Christ stop?

And the relatives, agreeable and disagreeable, who will never accept the obliteration of self in their own children, where will they stop?


Posted 23/02/2010 21:54 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘la mistificazione damanhuriana’.


Re: the mystification of Damanhur

I find your analysis very interesting and stimulating and I think that the judiciary or those in similar positions will have a lot to do in order to help the people who leave that reality.

Talking of which please allow me to correct the statistics you have supplied because the data issued to the public is not accurate. The population defined as Damanhurian comprises around 280-300 people (maximum) and others who revolve around it 500-600 (maximum). As always they use the technique of notably increasing the numbers (when it suits them) and lowering them (when they are embarrassed) but it is important for those who want to understand Damanhur to have the correct figures.

As for the rest, the fact that mind control is practiced in Damanhur is obvious for those who are outside but much less obvious for those who are inside. Those who are immersed in that environment do not realize that all that they think, do and say is totally guided from above and he (Falco) is the only executor of the commands. And for those who realize, few have the strength to react and leave their prison without bars. And it is for this reason that many people hope that Damanhur will be closed down and very soon, so that people will avoid all the psychological suffering and physical abuse perpetrated by Airaudi and his consorts.

Luce Bianca

Posted 24/02/2010 13:07 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: la mistificazione damanhuriana’.


Re: the mystification of Damanhur

Compliments to Fiamma for the courage demonstrated in a post which arouses a variety of reflections.

It is the first time that someone has related their experiences about the mind control process they were subjected to in Damanhur.
The manipulative methods of recruitment are more or less the same in sects, destructive groups, new religious movements and abusive cults, but few people make public reference to their own experiences even though they may define themselves as an ex-cult member.
It would be opportune if without fear and embarrassment and with the solidarity of all those interested, the various ex-members of Damanhur would actively participate and testify to what they have experienced. It would help us all to reach the truth. It would help ex-members to re-discover their real self and help those who are still prisoners in Damanhur unconsciously looking for assistance. It could even help possible recruits and so prevent it  happening to others.
Everything, that is without fear, even though they may be threatened. Personally I have also received threats and I went directly to the Public Prosecutors Office. We can then stop having anything to do with extra-terrestrials born of divine origins. We have the State and criminal sentences are real.

Testimonies of the manipulation that has been suffered are also important for the Damanhurians investigated by NAS, the Revenue Office and other State authorities.
One day I had an irritation in my eyes. I asked if there was an oculist in Damanhur, having read the propaganda in their various brochures about health assistance. I was told: “Yes, there is an oculist” I asked; “a medical specialist?” Reply “No”. But is he a doctor? No. But he has a diploma at least? No, they replied, but he works with eyes, with eyesight and will do a diploma.” I was dumbfounded. I went to the hospital.

If we look at what has happened to Arkeon, we can see Moccia and his close collaborators charged with the abusive practice of psychology and aggravated fraud etc in criminal proceedings. Let’s hope that such a fate also awaits Damanhur and that the investigation into tax evasion, phony doctors, phony paramedics and fraud continues. And let’s not forget the refuse dumping, lack of permits for certain activities, the exploitation of youngsters with low pay, wages paid cash in hand and board and lodging in the buildings of the ‘bosses’ rented for cash.

One also reads it is possible to bring a civil case.

But that is the second part of the film.


Posted 07/03/2010 20:06 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: la mistificazione damanhuriana’.


Re: the mystification of Damanhur

Yes, freedom does not exist in Damanhur. Just as Fiamma says it is a COERCED PSEUDO FREEDOM and the worse thing is that the Damanhurians do not realize it is a way of life because they are constantly subjected to mental manipulation.
They do not realize that the isolation from their families and society at large is the way in which the control is reinforced and the manipulation maintained.

If a family wants to see their son or daughter, they have to give at least 15 days notice. Why? So that the child can be prepared to deal with the emotion that the meeting may arouse. During the meeting the child will be targeted with text messages to keep them under control.

And then the child will say “What are you doing here?” as if all affection for their family were already dead. “But really, we haven’t seen you for a year” replies the family.
They go out for dinner and it seems something might change but then the text messages arrive and disturb everyone while they are eating a pizza that can only be got down with the help of a drink.

If one is fortunate, a child of ‘agreeable’ parents will return home after many months of absence, but only for 3-4 days, seeing that 7 days could provoke a change of heart or a re-think. It will be a brief stay. They have to return immediately because of enormous work commitments and Damanhurian workers must not be decentralized because without them the whole system would come to a stop (?). Obviously all of this is an excuse in order to maintain the mental conditioning.
And then if Damanhur realizes that something untoward has happened, they invent traps or some episode to denigrate the parents who do not ‘deserve to be trusted’, who have ‘betrayed the trust’ that the Damanhurian has given to his/her own family.
We are faced with the manipulative techniques used in obscure totalitarian regimes which dissolved because it was not possible to manipulate millions of people over a long period of time. But if there are only a few hundred people and they are isolated mentally and physically, continuous and aggravated manipulation is possible.


DO YOU GUARANTEE THIS KIND OF FREEDOM TO YOUR OWN CHILDREN or is this the reason why they have abandoned you to live freely and meet who they want without the need for bodyguards?

It would be intelligent to change things quickly. The Damanhurians have the right to receive what they have worked for all these years.

Sometimes intelligence is an optional.


Posted 12/03/2010 22:02 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: la mistificazione damanhuriana’.


Re: The mystification of Damanhur

It’s a great shame that humanity’s defects are greater than its dreams, it is a real shame that the greatest of ideas often fall prey to the dictatorship and egocentricity of one or two people thus creating an ideology. It is a real shame that the greatest of spiritual ideas end up creating a series of rules based on power games.

The idea of an ‘enemy’ creates fear and clearly sets out to demonstrate that one is on the side of good, on the side of right and leads to fighting against people who, having given all they had to Damanhur, have for different reasons got up and left. But what a disgrace!

People who had worked from morning till night giving everything to Damanhurian funds for years and years and then? They are treated like ‘enemies’ but why? Because not all of them leave with their heads down, some, so I have learned, want to speak out about what really happens in Damanhur.

And Damanhur defends itself but it would not need to if it did things properly.

Behind the Terrazzatura, the hours of devotional work that every initiate offers or better still ‘has to offer’, are huge hidden savings because the labor costs are saved. Even youngsters work for hours and hours for Damanhur without getting paid. The famous Damanhurian companies are so feeble they are unable to pay a decent wage and let’s not talk about public holidays or vacations; they do not exist for those who work for Damanhur. Those who work for Damanhur abroad bring home a lot of money but it is all earned illegally in cash and no one regulates it. Then there are those who go abroad to promote Damanhur for the Meditation School who feel as though they are paid because they believe themselves to be warriors of  light and saving the planet.

It is true that when a person in Damanhur has a relationship with someone from outside they are subject to a lot of pressure. It is true that if a Damanhurian goes away on a journey he or she must telephone Damanhur endlessly so as not to stray from the path. It is true that if you want to go on holiday you have to ask permission. It is true that you are stuffed full of Damanhurian information to the point where you can no longer think independently of the system. It is true that the rules are not respected by the instructors of the Meditation School and that they have sex with their students….And all in the name of energy!

But everything goes on just the same. The Damanhurians get cheated and in their turn go on to cheat others. Those who feel they are nobody, perhaps feel they are somebody in a small group and then do all they can to collaborate without realizing what is going on higher up.

And the Magic? And the Meditation School? And the Temple?

Everything is amazing at the beginning but then one realizes that it is the fruit of the continuous gathering of information from elsewhere. For example the Meditation School: there are always meetings of the instructors, they read other existing texts, copy them and students think it is all Damanhurian.

Esoteric physics for example: information on time seeds can be found in other books. And the magic is strangely never seen. Nobody knows magic like the great magician Oberto Falco and nobody manages to learn it. How come? You need to believe in it and with the strength of that belief your fantasy and imagination play their little games and you end up in an infantile state.

There are many open wounds.

Besides you have to respect those who want to try to live a different social model from the norm but what a pity that Damanhur has failed: its model is primitive and the people inside need to wake up and confront the real world. Its ‘bosses’ need to descend from the stars and wake up to the fact that the power they have been given is just an illusion.


Posted 15/03/2010 13:03 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: La mistificazione damanhuriana


Re: The mystification of Damanhur

You can’t always lump everything together but clumps are often made of the same thing, including weeds. It is the triple effect that has everything in common, like a photocopy, where even though you may change the mathematical order: Damanhur, Arkeon, R.E.Maya, the product doesn’t change it equals: CULT, DESTRUCTIVE GROUP, CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.

And this is because the interpreters are the same: Oberto Airaudi, known as Falco (60 years old) and the reincarnation of the God Horus, Danilo Speranza (62 years old) known as the Seventh Sage and Vitto Carlo Moccia (58 years old). All three, the same age and fruit of the famous 60’s.

They represent New Age tendencies; they mirror each other in their principles and above all in their aims (THE GOD OF MONEY) and only differ in terms of fantasy and imagination. For example in the names given to their communities (?) All three have divine origins (?) they possess supernatural powers (?) and certainly the ability to manipulate minds, as we have seen from the results. All want to save the world, resolve the world’s famine and so on and all of them are conscious of their past lives.
What are Speranza and Moccia charged with?

Aggravated fraud

Sexual and private violence

Abuse of the medical profession

Psychological conditioning of people

A reign of terror with claims of supernatural powers

Psychological subjection

Induction of imaginary dangers

False testimony in court.

All the current accusations seem to be well supported by evidence and testimonies, with the possibility of the legal recognition of ‘reduction to slavery’.

That which is absolutely as clear in the ‘City of Light’ is ‘REDUCTION TO SLAVERY’.
Airaudi, founder of Damanhur for 35 years, reincarnation of an Egyptian god was inspired by the dictates of the pharaohs. Slaves, maintained with board (meager) and lodging under the sky and in our case in Valchiusella, working and dying for the construction of the pyramids.

Today young people are manipulated and guaranteed board and lodging to work without social contributions on the construction of the economical and personal pyramid of Airaudi and only Airaudi.
On investigation it appears that no Damanhurian after 20-30 years of work on the ‘pyramid’ has ever managed to create a home for themselves and their children and one day they will have to answer to the latter for that.
In 35 years, hundreds have abandoned Damanhur and been labeled ‘infamous’

They are ‘infamous’ because they no longer want to be used?

They are ‘infamous’ because they do not help others to get out?

They are ‘infamous’ because they do not denounce the manipulative abuse they have suffered?

They are ‘infamous’ because they are ashamed of the sexual and non- sexual violence they accepted for years as a normal way of life?

No, they are not ’infamous’, they are just good people who silently want to socially recuperate and do not want to involve their ex- companions.

And their own small children entrusted to other  family ‘Nucelos’ thus killing off  all affectionate ties and the sharing of their daughters and wives with the Great Saint are acceptable things that do not need to be denounced?

One cannot live without dignity and there is nothing worse than giving up and simply licking one’s wounds.

The liberation of the self for oneself and one’s companions arrives by means of an act of courage so that one can look one’s children in the face without having to bow one’s head in shame.

The dozens and dozens of people who have denounced Arkeon and RE Maya to the authorities are to be admired; they have put themselves back into play in search of justice.

There is no fear or embarrassment outside of Damanhur, even though one’s statute may remain in the Temple and Airaudi knows one’s most secret confessions.

That which has died inside of us will have to remain buried.



Posted 22/03/2010 9:07 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: La mistificazione damanhuriana


Re: The mystification of Damanhur

Are you sure we are not reading this forum?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but we are people with a critical sense and we use it…Certain of the things you have said are just interpretations; others are absolutely untrue…


Posted  22/03/2010 13:36 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: La mistificazione damanhuriana


Re: The mystification of Damanhur

Dear Ciliegina

Everything that has been written is not the fruit of interpretation and imagination, unfortunately it is not as present in the minds of Damanhurians, as it is lived and carried on their shoulders or those of their families.

If by interpretation or false data you are referring to the wealth of Airaudi, as written, as Valchiusella says, the data is the result of land registry searches.

However, there is a huge omission in the land registry details: THE SOLE BENEFICIARY OF THE TEMPLE OF HUMANKIND IS AIRAUDI OBERTO SO CALLED ‘FALCO’.

Did you know Ciliegina what it means to be the sole beneficiary?

It means that all the Euros paid by visitors to the Temple go by ‘divine right’ only into the pockets of Airaudi.

As I said, the slaves construct the ‘pyramids’ for board and lodging and the Great Saint collects the cash. Watch out and try not to get mixed up in it.


Posted 22/03/2010 20:57 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: La mistificazione damanhuriana


Re: The mystification of Damanhur

Cilegina, I am truly happy that you are people with a critical sense and that you use it…” I am even happier that you can read whatever you want.

The enrichment of the individual always comes through reading, dialogue, self criticism and an inner openness to assimilate all that is positive, no matter where it comes from.

When one thinks that an outsider or a relative is the Enemy because of what they say or do, then one commits a huge error because it is as good as saying one is not open to discussion and the search for inner balance. THERE IS NO NEED FOR FUNDAMETALISM OR  FOR BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY REPOSITORY OF THE TRUTH.

And then, how can you speak about spirituality (as Roberto said), peace, sociality, love (as Fiamma said), when living together in the Community is based on the total destruction of the sense of love in all its aspects, family and social. Reflect Ciliegina.

Are you really convinced that what is said in this forum is interpretation or lies? Don’t you see a certain similarity between what is written and what happens in Damanhur?

Try looking at everything with at least a modicum of critical sense.

It would be opportune to report some of the posts from this forum in QDq, even though it might annoy everyone. And if we first debate by means of the forum, why not dialogue at a later date?

Tell Coboldo Melo, but I prefer to call him Roberto, to publish the posts on ‘tituli’ in QDq and then quietly and calmly give a clear and constructive reply, without raising his inner demons.

It is no longer the era of the ‘Viaggio’ it is no longer the time of the ‘Baita’ and the various rituals in the era of satellites. Pen and paper also permit one to observe a subject, also a car and even more so its number plate.

In contrast, troubles and above all wars, as one sees on TV, cost and the collateral damage as the military call it, is sometimes economically enormous and not only economically.

Remind Roberto that as Deputy Mayor of Vidracco he will not only have to answer to his conscience for his behavior but to much more than other citizens of the Italian State. Obviously that also applies to all those who have a managerial positions in Damanhur.

Ciliegina, I do not know how old you are. When Damanhur was founded, there was a song that said: put flowers in your cannons.

Over the last 35 years has that been the case in Valchiusella?


Posted  01/04/2010 9:11 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: La mistificazione damanhuriana


Re: The mystification of Damanhur

I am in complete agreement with what Grisù has written. I do not know who he is, but if he knows Damanhur as well as it would appear from what he writes, then we probably know each other.

Let’s not forget, however, that the Damanhurians of today are much more affected than before by the lethal virus known as ‘Tecnarcato’.

A virus that represents a very dangerous technique of mental manipulation.

Those who know what I am talking about, know that Damanhurians in addition to doing a huge amount of useless exercises to improve their characters, end up by means of this pathway, completely annihilating their critical sense and sharpening their capacity for aggression through the use of language (verbal and written) disguised in false moderation.

Therefore we can write whatever we want and say everything that we truly feel inside ourselves but they unfortunately are using a filter which that does not allow them to assimilate anything that is said or written in an authentic way: they only see it as misrepresentation.

The Tecnarcato is a dangerous process. Good manners take over from natural behavior and thoughts are chopped to pieces. The individual point of view disappears when confronted by the communal one and as it is the communal one that counts; it then takes over.

Thus arrives the total manipulation of the person and all that they say and do, even though they may appear to be intelligent and in full command of their intellectual capabilities. In effect, nothing is their own anymore and everything is derived from a system which has completely devoured them.

A small point remains, a very, very tiny one deep inside, that of the conscience, a point that can always be woken up and it is to that point that we are speaking. Naturally it is up to the individual as to whether he eliminates himself or not. Let’s hope that the head is still connected to the hands.


Posted  01/04/2010 10:30 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: La mistificazione damanhuriana


Re: The mystification of Damanhur

One has to distinguish between opinion and balls. Not all expression is opinion, most is just balls or worse.

Programmed reincarnation, the exorcisms, the power to heal conferred by the magician, the time machine etc.

Wouldn’t it be better to start thinking for yourself before it all ends badly?

Pietro Coticoni

Posted  01/04/2010 12:11 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: La mistificazione damanhuriana

Written by damanhurinsideout

March 14, 2010 at 11:53 am

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