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The School of Meditation

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What can you expect when you sign up to become an Initiate of Damanhur’s Meditation School?  Here is a post from the Focus forum by LuceBianca that gives a brief outline of the basics.

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A complex subject but I will try to be as thorough and as clear as possible.

Meditation is linked to the spiritual path of Damanhur, it is the road that everyone must take in order to live in Damanhur. People who want to do ‘Med’ make a  written request and send a personal photograph to the School. As soon as you are accepted you are told that first you will have to do ‘pre-meditation’ and then after a few months you can enter the Meditation School real and proper. This course, according to Damanhur, is a path of power that will save your soul. This is because over the millennia most of the divinities worshiped on the planet have gone out of control and the only divinity that has remained faithful to humanity is that of Horus (incarnated by Airaudi). This is the first of the major psychological inducements that one is led to believe (often out of ignorance in the subject). From there you take the next step or you leave straight away.

The other ‘information’ that is given to you is that Damanhur was born to save the planet and that all the people who have been there for years have given their lives and everything they possess for this great project. And here one does not understand, and later one does not understand either, why everyone has given everything but one person is allowed to keep everything without question or debate.

The list of things said on this course, which according to Damanhur lasts the whole of your life, is very long and often includes false esoteric information (unfortunately some things you only discover afterward) and political and social information that relates to those who live in Damanhur.

Initiation Tablet

After 9-12 months there is the Initiation phase with fasting and the rite of the clay tablets and other related rituals and esoteric oaths. From then on you are a first level Initiate (Lanu) and you feel part of a huge family which eagerly welcomes you…

Once you are Lanu, Med tells you that to be part of the brotherhood you have to give 8 hours of free work each month to Damanhur, after a short while it increases to 16 and then if you merit it …24. It is not long before you are doing 24 hours of devotional work (Terrazzatura) for the Community which must not benefit you personally.

Then you are asked, always by Med, if you have not done so already, to enter the ‘People of Damanhur‘ and also one of the Spiritual Ways to which you have to give more hours and more money. And so it goes on…

Med regulates the spiritual life of every initiate and evaluates each person according to rules imposed and dictated by Airaudi. Passages to a higher esoteric grade of the School are decided by Airaudi on the basis of how much you dedicate to Damanhur and how much time you spend there. For women it also depends on other things…

The Head of the Meditation School is the official partner of Airaudi, a very sensitive person with a good heart (in fact I ask myself how can she continue to stay there…!) but she has sold her life to Airaudi and is the greatest victim of Damanhur after Airaudi himself. At her side are two others (a man and a woman) who are also victims (conscious) of all the mechanisms and continue to play the game (in fact I do not know how they would survive in the outside world). Damanhur is founded on Meditation. It is the machine that moves every element within the Community and works in tandem with the King Guides who are a direct emanation of the School.

The real joy of the Damanhurian spiritual path is that all those who leave Meditation only have one possibility of returning and avoiding THE LOSS OF THEIR SOUL, i.e. being completely annulled.  It is also said that when you leave “it is as if you had never entered Damanhur and everything that you have contributed no longer exists”.

Publicly they tell a different story but Meditation tells you this.

I hope I have been sufficiently clear.


Posted   03/10/2008 in the Forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of www.focus.it under the title ‘Re: Ringraziamento’.

Further notes:

Members of the Meditation School have to pay a small administration fee each month to attend: 10-20 Crediti/Euro depending on citizenship status. They are also required to attend the ‘Seratas’ on Wednesday and Thursday evenings with Falco which form an obligatory part of the Damanhurian Spiritual Path. The Seratas cost 2.5 and 1 Credito respectively for citizens and 10 Crediti an evening for guests.

Serata with Falco

For those of you who are still interested in joining this School here is a preview of the three ritual mandalas that you will spend two hours a month meditating on as part of your spiritual exercises.

Dea Mandala

Horus Mandala

Pan Mandala

And a photo of the magic carpet which you will have to make and use when you reach the required esoteric grade. To activate your ritual carpet you have to do 4 hours of ritual ‘Tessitura’ without a break. The carpet then becomes your ‘mobile’ Temple.

Magic carpet

Each Initiate is required to spend 4 hours a month doing Meditation exercises either in a designated Temple or, for those of a higher grade, on a ritual carpet.

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August 26, 2009 at 12:33 pm

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