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Every Damanhurian is alone

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I am pleased that we are beginning to emerge from the conspiracy of silence that Oberto Airaudi encourages in all his faithful.  In fact in Damanhur you are taught to pretend and say only that which is useful to Airaudi, so as to justify all the controls imposed inside.

I am saying all this because I lived in Damanhur for many years, more than ten, all dedicated to the ‘cause’: the cause that was first proposed by Airaudi (known as Falco) and then forced upon us! All to guarantee his security with regard to the outside.

I have to say that Damanhur has changed a lot in the last few years and that the people inside are well aware that the ‘air’ they breathe is not the same as it was years ago. There are many things that could be said in this respect but today because I do not have much time I will limit myself to relating just a few.

Beginning at a general level we can say that in the Damanhurian environment all the effort no longer has spiritual or humanistic ideals (as it did at the beginning) but is always aimed at material objectives or even worse personal ones, almost exclusively useful to one individual, Airaudi.

Very often these ends are unhealthy and are constantly justified by hitting out at more or less vague entities. For example one of the classic justifications for many of the illegal actions that are carried out inside is the need for everyone to be constantly on the move so as not to be struck by the ‘Enemy’. This concept was invented ad hoc at the beginning of Damanhur by the School of Meditation, founded by Airaudi.

In order to understand Damanhur better and therefore Damanhurians we need to talk of the principles that regulate the Community and form its philosophical basis. We also need to look at why they influence people so much.

The first lessons of Meditation (the esoteric path that teaches Damanhurian spirituality and which in the space of 9 months takes you to Initiation) are the corner stone of all that you will subsequently do as a Damanhurian initiate. In the first lessons you will be taught that Airaudi is an enlightened being (false, he was initiated into a Masonic School but literally thrown out because he was “uncivil “. From what I have come to understand he took with him various Masonic texts which have been used inside for years as the basis for Damanhurian rituals). Secondly you will be told that there is an Enemy of Humankind and that Damanhur was born to save Humankind from this Enemy. Pity that no serious esoteric school in the world speaks of an Enemy of Humankind, the few that have, have all been cults and created disasters, one of the better known was that of Hitler! The unfortunately famous Ayran race… The third point that is taught is that you are there because you are a soul that has conquered the possibility of being able to work for this grand project and because of this you are, one of the elect! All of this is portrayed in the Damanhurian School with the concept of being a ‘Cork’ (Tappo). It works like this: stoppers made out of cork are those that remain floating in the sea and Airaudi because of his incredibly high level of illumination ( I am joking), knows how to navigate in time, travel between temporal wefts and collect these corks. He directs them towards Damanhur and consequently saves their souls. Yes, saves their souls!

This is why according to the Damanhurian School the only way to avoid losing your soul is to give everything you own to Damanhur without exception. There is strong psychological pressure, daily at this point to make you accept these principles and, even now all those who make up the structure of Damanhur are subjected to them. In the Community of Damanhur the elders are induced, I would even dare to say in a hypnotic state, to confirm all these lies and constantly reinforce the system.

In this system Airaudi can do just about anything he wants. From saying senseless things and passing them off as absolute truth, to saying that, only that which has his approval is true, to taking Damanhurian women (married and not) in ‘Viaggio’ and taking them to bed (sex with an enlightened being is an honor and what he can give you spiritually is priceless!), to asking for outlandish fees for passages in the selfic healing cabins that have never produced tangible results and many other things besides.

Airaudi has created, most certainly with support from outside, a closed system that isolates people. The isolation is given value by the apparent interaction with others through the ‘social services’ that Damanhur offers to society. Yes, because Damanhur has doctors that hold surgeries and support the Red Cross. It has Red Cross members that are also volunteer forest fire fighters (AIB), that take part in the politics of the Valley Councils, manage private businesses (pity though that 99% have personal debts that average between 30-50,000 euro), do devotional work for their Spiritual Way and their own Nucleo family (all of which is absolutely compulsory in order to become a super AA Damanhurian), for an average total of about 60-70 hours a month offered to the system. In addition there is your own job (or jobs) so that you can earn enough money to stay in Damanhur. The average Damanhurian is working a 15-18 hour day including Saturday and Sunday, without a break and if by chance you should get sick and not be able to work it does not matter, others will stand in for you and you can recover the hours later by staying up all night the rest of the week! It’s no problem the Community will help you…

In all of this it is clear that people are so stretched and exhausted by all their commitments that they can never create true friendships with others and this results in people who are increasingly tired and lonely, living an idea of freedom that is completely illusory. In reality every Damanhurian is alone and the level of reciprocal mistrust has increased tremendously over the years. Besides, not having time to do anything else, to read or inform yourself stops you understanding what is happening inside of you…

Currently the average Damanhurian has to contribute at least 1,000 euro per month to the Nucleo family to which he or she is a member, plus 60-70 hours of work, this is the minimum you are allowed to give to the Community. Certain people because of their roles do more than 100 hours of work a month, all of which is offered to the Community (= Airaudi).

In some Nucleos, like Aval, the sacred home of Airaudi, things are even worse. In his house, called Aval, they have just finished building a new structure that has become the new Aval and which carries a mortgage of more than a million euro. From what I have been told it is very big and very beautiful. Pity that the members of Aval in order to live in this sacred place are obliged to bring home a quota of around 1,300 euro a month to support the loan on the house. The interesting point is that the house is registered in Airaudi’s name! Damanhur is full of these kinds of things but the poor Damanhurians always know very little about them.

To my testimony I would also add all the things already said by others which I wholeheartedly endorse.

I hope that this proves useful to those who are curious about this organization and also even more so to those who are inside Damanhur. May they find the strength to wake up from their nightmare, take their lives in hand, leave and become free again!

Dear Damanhurians you are living in an invented dream and many of you are part of this dream without even realizing that you have lost your identity and become complete slaves and victims. Airaudi is exploiting spirituality to enslave people and make them work for him at zero cost, as many have done before him…

Everyone has free will and it is right that we all chose to live in the way we believe in but open your eyes and listen to what your souls are really saying to you.

Wishing you all the best.


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DIO Editor: The average monthly salary in Italy is between 1,100 – 1,200 per month after deductions.

Italian salaries among the lowest in Europe – 2009 – National daily  – Corriere Della Sera

For Italy, the figure is 21,374 dollars (about 15,800 euros), or just over 1,100 euros a month, including the statutory thirteenth monthly salary. This is 17% below the OECD average of 25,739 dollars (19,000 euros). Equally uninspiring are the European comparisons with both the 15-member EU (27,793 dollars or 20,561 euros) and the 19-member union (24,552 dollars or almost 18,200 euros). In other words, we can say that Italians earn on average 44% less than Britons, 32% less than the Irish, 28% less than Germans and 18% less than the French.


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July 3, 2009 at 4:02 pm

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