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In love with the Damanhur dream

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Oh dear Lion…

I am worried about you.

You remind me of myself all those misty years ago when I too was in love with the Damanhur dream.

A dream so strong inside of me that I sacrificed everything for it… and I mean everything… my family… my children… my home… my career… my financial security.

And OK perhaps it would have been alright if I had made that choice of my own free will but I was seduced by Lies… Lion… Lies… What I was told about Damanhur and its magic all turned out to be LIES.

You have only seen the surface and not the suffering of those people… they have to behave well with guests or they get punished by the School of Meditation. They lose their privileges and standing within the group. Their lives are controlled in every respect… sexual, physical, emotional and economical. You have seen the ‘apparenza’ and you have fallen in love with it but the reality is ugly and repressive. Damanhur is a totalitarian society that mirrors some of the worst regimes of the past: listening devices, spies, informers, psychological control, manipulation, sexual abuse and long, long hours of forced labor. And all with a smile.

My beautiful dream… where was it? I was living a nightmare with nowhere to run to.

When you fall in love you do not notice the flaws but one day something comes along to shake you out of it, you suddenly realize the devastation your life has become. I tell you that betrayal at such an intimate level is far worse than the break up of a relationship… it tears your heart out and throws it away.

It takes years to recover.

My anger has been tempered by many, many tears… bitter tears that I have shed along with my children… young souls who are bewildered and destroyed by a regime that treated them as an unnecessary evil… as something that got in the way of me fulfilling my work quota. Children who I emotionally abandoned for my spiritual path, left to fend for themselves, to grow up with 17 parents, who cared enough to harshly discipline but never to cherish.

How do you explain to your children that an illusory world of lies… mattered more to you than they did?

I tell you Damanhur is a cult.

My heart goes out to you… do not make the same mistake.


Posted  07/08/2009 to the topic ‘How I found Utopia’ on http://www.current.com


Written by damanhurinsideout

August 29, 2009 at 5:20 pm

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