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The economic prison and others

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I forgot to write about something else and considering that today I have the possibility to do so, I want to expand upon the posts that I published previously.

Another system that keeps citizens imprisoned is our internal currency, the Credito which is sold as a ‘complementary currency system’ but is in fact a real swindle, it is used to avoid paying taxes to the Italian government, as well as for internal transactions.

All the internal economy is based on the circulation of the Credito: the citizens who work inside the Community are paid only in Crediti, which have no value at all. The ‘internal bank’, to all intents and purposes a proper functioning bank, promises to change Crediti into Euro but this rarely happens in practice, that’s because only a limited amount of Euros are available for citizens and there are not enough to go round.

A citizen who works for an internal company is forced to accept a salary paid in Crediti (regularly in the black, without contributions or with only a minimum number of hours declared) and when he or she asks to change them into Euros the request is almost always denied.

Each person can therefore only relate to inside the Community from an economic point of view: very often salaries are not even paid because the internal companies are heavily in debt to the ‘Federale’ (this is what the internal power base is known as) which lends money but often holds back the financial subsidies that arrive to support the cooperatives or internal companies by using the psychological blackmail of ‘brotherhood’.

It becomes very difficult for everyone, especially if you do not have parents, or external friends who can help you get out of the system. One has to bear in mind that relatives on the outside have probably already been economically stripped to the bone.

How many times, in order to maintain and support the debts of the Community were we encouraged and convinced to go and ask for money from our friends and relatives and move our parents to pity!

And then one discovers that all this was not for the good of the Community but for the good of Swiss bank accounts belonging to a privileged someone and his women friends.

Little by little one entered the mechanism: like all expert traps it was constructed piece by piece and ended up creating an economic prison around the individual.

When one discovers the tricks, and not only economic ones for there are many others, one experiences a huge sense of failure and I can guarantee that it leaves you with a disgustingly bitter taste in your mouth.

It is hard to keep such a disgusting taste in your mouth.

There are those who push it back down into their stomachs because they are afraid to face it, to admit an error that they have perpetuated for decades of their life. Then there are those who decide to face it and in their case the existential and relationship problems begin both with the inside as well as the outside: because the world outside is not ready or able, for lack of working tools, to welcome and support those who leave a cult. Perhaps this is just or maybe unjust; it’s not my place to decide.

The inner pain is enormous when you understand that you have made a mistake and even worse when you have to accept that you persevered with the deceit for so many years: it hurts and it burns: not everyone is able to liberate themselves from such weight.

Therefore we have different types of prison that create fear in the individual and these are just a few:

1) The economic prison: described above; especially Damanhur Crea which is a bottomless pit of debt that brings companies to their knees and not something to be proud of that encourages enterprise and wealth.

2) The social prison: “I have always been here; I do not have anyone outside”. One experiences a great sense of impotence and incapacity to act.

3) The spiritual prison: this is the most terrifying. It is verifiable in the teachings of Wednesdays and Thursdays transmitted via Internet. You only have to be objective and you will realize how much nonsense is inserted into the heads of people; nonsense that is never challenged by anyone, that is not by any of those listening, not even the most integrated have the possibility of questioning it, everyone has to take it on faith, especially the Selfica and the time satellites.

4) The prison of fear: what will happen to my soul if I leave, how will I support myself, how can I betray all the oaths I have sworn, I will live a life of loneliness.

The great art lies in constructing a beautiful image to surround oneself with: “We are clever because we do this and that, lots of good works” without realizing that this is only the outer surface, specially created to hide all the rest and fuel an immensely powerful economic and privileged reality for just a few people; taking advantage of good faith and naivety but above all ignorance; the ignorance of others.

Ambiguity is the art that deceives and here everything is ambiguous, never completely verifiable, never completely transparent and never completely understood.

Now I will really leave you. At least for a while, that’s enough. I hope.


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Written by damanhurinsideout

June 3, 2009 at 8:28 pm

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  1. Hi,

    One could sense that Damanhur is too good to be true, and I genuinely sympathise with the plight of all those that would like to leave what looks like a highly sophisticated and dangerous cult.

    One thing though is beginning to confuse me. If the Damanhurian constitution –or other documents– guarentee that credite are convertable one-to-one with the Euro, and if an ex damanhurian has some kind (any kind??) of record of the credits that they have paid into the onsite bank, why are they unable to pursue a civil case through the Italian courts? Such a move may force Damanhur to disclose its assets more fully as well as bring restitution to those that have lost so much.



    August 16, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    • Hi Toni

      The internal ‘bank’ does not give you any official receipts or records of internal transactions because it is illegal.

      Banks have to be registered in Italy.

      The bank is mostly used by citizens to pay off debts they have with Airaudi for his selfic paintings, products and courses. Some Damanhurians also use the bank to pay a percentage of their company profits to Airaudi or make donations.
      Internal employees use the bank to change their Federal salary check into Crediti coins so that they can pay for what they need inside the Community.
      The problems begin when you try and change your Crediti into Euro because the internal Euro cash flow is kept to a minimum. The Euro of the internal bank is deposited in external banks…to earn more capital.
      It is not in Airaudi’s interest to change your Crediti back into Euro. The bank is extremely reluctant to do it and you often have to book the exchange weeks ahead, even then you are only allowed to change a couple of hundred Crediti at a time.
      To get round the problem it is sometimes possible to exchange Crediti for Euro with citizens who work outside. They have to change their Euro into Crediti to pay internal bills.

      The Damanhur bank is illegal and carefully kept out of sight. Many transactions are carried out in cash to avoid paying Italian taxes and no one is ever any the wiser.

      Damanhurians are certainly not going to take Damanhur to court because when they are inside the Community they are part and parcel of the system. And should they ever leave Damanhur they have no written evidence that they have ever earnt or paid anything…

      DIO Editor


      August 17, 2009 at 9:31 am

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the reply. Your comments and the many posts on this website have more than the air of authenticity.

        The Damanhur website though makes a glowing endorsement of the Damanhur economic model:

        It also states the following:

        The Credito is legally and fiscally regulated, and its value is equal to that of the Euro.

        In the Damanhurian territories, there are many machines that change Euro to Crediti, just as in any moment, it is possible to exchange Crediti for Euro.

        This must surely be a lie. Can you confirm this?

        Also, can you explain what the DES is? I mean, it looks like a Credit Union. Is this for Damanhurians to deposit Crediti or for outsiders to invest in Damanhur?


        August 17, 2009 at 9:55 pm

      • Hi Toni

        The Damanhur website says a lot of things …it is a well crafted piece of PR.
        The Credito is marketed by Damanhur as a ‘Complementary Currency System’ because it is illegal to mint your own coins and compete with the state currency.
        But this is in fact exactly what Damanhur is doing.
        Some local businesses accept Crediti and change them back into Euro with the Federal administration but certain local petrol distributors no longer accept the Credito because they had problems exchanging it.
        Yes, there are cash machines.
        They change Euro into Crediti…BUT they do NOT change Crediti into Euro.
        Guests have to go to the Welcome Office to change their currency back. Damanhur knows that many people walk off with loose change in the form of Crediti in their pockets and that is a bonus because apart from the cost of minting the coins those Crediti will never need to be exchanged back into Euro and count as pure profit.
        By law guests have to be able to change their currency back but citizens do not enjoy the same privileges. The Welcome Office NEVER exchanges currency for citizens.

        DES is a Credit Union but no one uses it…and citizens have no money to deposit and do not seem to trust it…It is used to give loans to Damanhurian cooperatives and is financially backed by Damanhur’s real estate holdings in the form of two cooperatives. But it is a very complex situation and one would need to be a financial expert in the field to explain it fully.
        There is much debate over who actually owns Damanhur’s real estate. In theory citizens who have given property and wealth should have the equivalent quota as shareholders but this does not appear to be the case and certainly those who leave the Community depart completely empty handed, regardless of how much they have contributed financially.

        DIO Editor


        August 18, 2009 at 9:34 am

      • Dear Toni

        Thank you for your recent comments on Damanhur Inside Out.

        I have deleted your comment containing the link to the site Droit Fondamental.
        Sites translated with online translators are rendered illegible and do not help anyone to understand the issues involved.

        I have also removed the link to the Damanhur website in your first comment.
        Exposing readers to Damanhur’s marketing and propaganda compromises the integrity of the DIO site.

        Further comments and questions will be welcomed providing they meet our site standards.

        I am sure you will appreciate our motives for these stringent rules.


        DIO Editor

        p.s. I intended to send you this message privately but as my email to your address was returned as ‘User is unknown’ I can only suppose that you are not an authentic contributor. Any future comments from your address will therefore be blocked.


        August 18, 2009 at 1:38 pm

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