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Cutting the ties of a double bind

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Now we all know that magic doesn’t really exist …right? And that no one can have energetic power over anyone else …right? That no one can make someone sick or suck away their life force on a daily basis…right? That no one can use demons to prey on the unsuspecting souls of others…right?

That there is no such thing as a MAGIC WAR!

Good …so we are all agreed that such things belong to the realm of fantasy and those who believe in them run the risk of being labeled as superstitious, wacky or to put it mildly…seriously MAD.

Bearing all that in mind…here are some suggestions for those who wish to cut their energetic and psychological ties with Damanhur. They are absolute and there will be no going back.

If you find these proposals completely absurd that is fine …you are not in any danger at all. If you find them worrying or shocking, you are probably addicted to Horusian magic and need some expert help.

1. School of Meditation

Energetically discharge and BURN everything and anything pertaining to Meditation!  All ritual books, magic staffs, notebooks, rituals, prayers, tracing schemes, mandalas, People bracelets, ritualized photos of Falco, MCD notes, Serata pamphlets and Meditation School publications. Anything in fact that you have received RITUALLY from the School…BURN IT ALL!

Poetry & prayers - Oberto Airaudi

If you did not return your ritual robes, esoteric grade and ritual carpet to the School when you left, BURN them. THROW AWAY your ritual birthday candles and destroy the lighter.

2. Temple Statue

If you managed to rescue your Temple Statue before you left without anyone knowing. Well done, that in itself is a miracle. NOW DESTROY IT! Energetically discharge the statue then, using a hammer, reduce it to dust. Collect up what remains and throw it into a fast moving river.

3. Initiation Tablet

If you managed to rescue your Initiation Tablet from the storage shelves in the Temple before you left, that was a second miracle. You really deserve to be on the outside. DESTROY THAT TOO! Carry out the same process as indicated for statues above.

4. Selfica

Your personal self …ouch! It cost you thousands of euro. This is going to be a difficult one. It will be the real test of whether or not you are psychologically free.

Energetically discharge the Self, then scoop out all the resin layers and circuits. If you had a ruby or diamond put in, save it to sell later on but it is probably worth almost nothing. Take the case to a gold dealer and sell it to be melted down. Gold is now worth more than 1,000 dollars an ounce and if you wait a little longer the price will rise even higher.

Are you horrified?  You are probably very attached to that object but remember it is only layers of nail polish covered in ink squiggles. What possible use can it have? Sell the gold and be done with it! The same applies to your Horus, Selfic pen, Stiloself and Slitta.

OK…If you really must keep them, wrap them in aluminum foil and black cloth and put them somewhere safe, a long way from where you live, until you find the courage.

Gold and silver selfic jewelry can be sold for its metal value too. Make sure it will be melted down though and not sold as jewelry to someone else. If necessary damage it first.

Selfica dismantled

Bracelets and Selfs of all kinds should be discharged and broken up, cut into pieces and thrown away in metal recycling bins. That includes the Spheroself you paid 5-10,000 euro for. Don’t imagine you will ever get your money back. You have not paid for the materials, you have paid for Falco’s ‘energetic preparation’ of the instrument. It is basically worthless. Dismantle it. Destroy the glass sphere and cut the copper spirals into pieces. Some people have resorted to burying Spheroselfs to be rid of them but taking them apart is much more effective; that way there is no danger of some curious archaeologist digging them up and activating them next century.

Remember Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’? Such objects are best dealt with straight away before they cause trouble for future generations of hobbits.

5. Selfic Paintings

Falco’s paintings. Another expensive mistake! Take them off your walls and send them back to the gallery to be sold. Falco will take 20% of the sale but at least you will be free of the things. If you cannot send them back wrap them in aluminum foil and black cloth and store then somewhere energetically safe. Better still BURN them! That might take a little extra courage but I guarantee it will make you feel strangely liberated afterward!

6. Books

It’s against my religion to burn books but sometimes drastic measures are needed. This is not meant to be universal censorship of the word of Airaudi…it is simply an act of personal liberation.

The Synchronic Book - Oberto Airaudi

Discharge and burn all of Falco’s books…Yes ALL of them: the Three books of the Initiate (especially those), the Myth of the Sapphire Masks and without doubt the Synchronic Book and The Horusian Way.

Jeff Merrifield on Damanhur

For good measure you could also include: Damanhur- The Temples of Humankind by Esperide Ananas and Jeff Merrifield’s Damanhur – The Story of the extraordinary Italian artistic and spiritual community. BURN the lot.

While you are having a fire throw on all your old QDqs, QDfs, Virtual Journals, course brochures, course notes, Olami literature, Falco’s tarot, dream schemes, etc. and anything else you can find that directly relates to Damanhur.

7. Crediti coins

Spend any old coins you have, give them to a guest or better still an impoverished Damanhurian (let’s face it there are lots to choose from) or if they are silver or gold sell them to be melted down. Remember all coins were magically and energetically prepared…better to be rid of those too.

You should be feeling much better already…

If your children had any of the aforementioned things dispose of them in exactly the same way.

Remove every trace of objects with a ritual significance that I may not have included, for example:  your spheres’ stone, mission stone, shoes with magic signs, pentacles, Damanhurian clothes, Battle souvenirs, Horusiadi trophies, anything in fact that magically links you to Damanhur.

Is this asking too much?

Do you really want to be free of it all?

Perhaps Giorgio was right when he wrote: ‘Once Damanhur is in your system it’s hard to get it out’.

One last thing: take some photographs of your cleansing operation and send them to DIO.

They can then be published on the site.

Forza… ragazzi

You can do it!

Damanhurians Anonymous

p.s. A word to the wise:

Keep in a safe place any official documents that could be useful in legal proceedings for example: personal diaries, records of internal earnings, Nucleo accounts, contracts and letters to and from the King Guides etc. You never know they might just come in handy one day.

Written by damanhurinsideout

September 17, 2009 at 5:50 pm

7 Responses

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  1. Two things. First, the link to this page from the front page isn’t working right.

    Second, why burn the Jeff Merrifield’s ‘Damanhur – The Story of the extraordinary Italian artistic and spiritual community’? I haven’t read it yet, but I’m guessing that it is somehow even more biased than the title suggests.

    Daniel Michael Turner

    September 18, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    • Hi Daniel

      I have renewed the links they should now work. Thanks.

      As for Jeff Merrifield’s book…when you have read it you will understand why…It is pure marketing and extremely dangerous. It gives a very inaccurate picture of life in the Community.
      If you take the time to find the original edition called ‘Damanhur the Real Dream’ you will see how the new American edition has been heavily doctored and revised. I can only imagine that the PR office had a hand in it.
      The less copies there are in circulation the better!

      DIO Editor


      September 18, 2009 at 4:11 pm

  2. can u pls explain why u talk this way? i have been there and didçn t feel all that negative u say…can u talk about your experience?? thanx!!!! gata parda


    January 24, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    • Dear Gata Parda

      Please read the site…

      The evidence is all perfectly clear and well documented.

      It is here to HELP you make an informed decision about the the true nature of Damanhur.

      DIO EDitor


      January 26, 2011 at 2:38 pm

  3. Thank u for this article it is well writen and describes very good how to cutting ties. It is sad that if u talk about such practice u were still labeled “Mäd” or something…


    May 6, 2012 at 12:19 pm

  4. I´m so thankful for your informations on this site, it has help me a lot even though I have just read a little part of the site because I had not seen it until yesterday. I know this is all true you are describing. For few years ago I destroyed everything I could from this place but I did not manage to remove the statue, I have visualised that it is shattered and I really hope that is enough, can you give me some other advise about it?


    March 9, 2013 at 10:02 am

    • Hi Thorval
      Do not worry about your statue…If you are no longer a member of the Initiate School they take it out of the Temple and leave it outside in the grounds to fall apart. Just mentally disassociate yourself from it and that should be enough. Good luck!
      DIO Editor


      May 4, 2013 at 6:57 pm

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