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For those of you who are unaware of the dark side of Damanhurian magic here is a list of some of the lesser known traditions of the Horusian School.

Ritual - Temple of Humankind

1. The ritual sacrifice of animals at the Baita Temple:  black cockerels, poultry and the lamb/goat of the annual divination rite.

2. The ritual conservation of a lock of Initiate’s hair. The lock of hair is held by the Meditation School and used as a witness for magic operations concerning the individual.

3. The annual individual photographs of Damanhur’s Magic People. Each person ritually signs their photo on the back three times with their date and place of birth. The photograph is kept at the Baita Temple and used as a witness for magic operations concerning that individual.

4. The Temple Statue: kept in the Temple of Humankind so that the individual is represented at all times within the energy field. Also used as a witness for the individual in rites and magic operations.

5. The Initiation Tablet: a witness of the initiation rite of the individual and their divine and energetic link to the Triadic god Horus. Conserved in the Temple of Humankind.

According to the Meditation School witnesses are used as a substitute for the person. Initiates are told that they will be used as a reference should they become ill, hospitalized or in need of energetic help.


Initiates of the highest esoteric grades know that witnesses are also used in black magic rites at the Baita Temple. These rites consist of sending demonic forces to attack the well being and physical health of Damanhur’s ‘Enemies’. Initiates of lower grades perform these rites totally unaware of the nature of the forces they are evoking.

Damanhur makes it impossible for an Initiate to locate all their witnesses and if they ever leave the Meditation School those witnesses are available, if necessary, for use in magic operations against them.

Whether those operations really work or not is irrelevant.

Damanhurians believe they do.

Often when Initiates decide to leave Damanhur they extract themselves slowly under false pretenses in order not to arouse any suspicion of having betrayed the cause. They are afraid of magic reprisals. If ‘fuoriusciti’ …(leavers) should happen to suffer from bad health, accidents, or die soon after they have left the Community, this is then used by the School as a dire warning to all those left behind of the consequences of leaving the Initiate Path.

There are also communal rituals usually conducted at night in the open air called ‘Blaiz’ or Blitz. A large group of Initiates stand in a circle and focus their attention on a specific point to perform an energetic attack on the Enemy. These attacks are ordered by Airaudi and supervised by his lieutenants. Initiates are told that they are magically ‘defending’ Damanhur.

But who is classed as the Enemy?

Anyone who has left the Initiate School within the last five years plus all those who are annoying Damanhur on a legal or civil basis.

Is it possible to harm others in such a way?

Damanhurians believe they can…


Photo: Ritual in the Temple of Humankind – courtesy of old Damanhur web pages.

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September 19, 2009 at 11:19 am

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