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The ‘real’ magic is done at the Baita

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Magic Circle at the Baita

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The Baita is the place in which all the ‘real’ magical operations are carried out (I have used commas because there is a lot one could say in that respect) and not in the Temple of Humankind as many people believe.  No one lives at the Baita but initiates are always on duty there 24 hours a day. It is never left unprotected. This coverage means that there is at least one person present on Baita territory at all times. This is very important in that it guarantees that no outsiders  ever enter and if by chance there should be an operation mounted by the police or the military, the person on duty can advise the right Damanhurian sectors to send help straight away.

All the operations with regard to the Divine Triad are carried out at the Baita. This is the integration under a single Triad (like Father, Son and Holy Ghost) of all the divinities of this planet. Airaudi says he now has them all under his control. The operation lasted a long time and a few years ago the total unification was finally achieved. It was from that moment on, according to many, that Airaudi really began to lose his sense of judgment and to lose control of what he had set up in Damanhur.

Phase of the Triad Operation at the Baita 1997

Other than Triad operations there are other rituals of various kinds that are performed on a daily basis: magical rites to defend Damanhur and Airaudi, rites for the Grail, rites for moving planetary masses etc. There are also rites performed to send energetic attacks or deviate events but only by those who are of a sufficiently high initiate grade: these are the rites that are described in Ce.S.A.P as black magic rituals. These rituals serve to obscure things from those who are trying to see them or to remove vital energy from anyone who is annoying Damanhur. This is why it is always better if Damanhur does not know your real name…

You have to realize that these things are done only by ‘sector specialists’ and that the people who are writing in favor of Damanhur in this forum or that of Ce.S.A.P are very unlikely to know anything about them. Those who are writing will have only been told what they need to know and will have no idea about the rest. As always in Damanhur the saying “Divide and Rule’ reigns supreme.

All these operations are generally done on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings, the days in which the official companion of Airaudi is present at the Baita. This person is also the High Priestess of Damanhur and it is she who conducts or supervises all the rituals on his behalf. The evenings that she is at the Baita, Airaudi sees his other women and in this way keeps everyone happy by giving each one their own special job to do.

As far as the magic is concerned there is lot more that could be said, both with regard to the Triad (which one would say is anything but Divine…) and many other kinds of rituals but here we are entering the realm of magic and esotericism and as such it is very complex to explain to those who are not well versed in its disciplines.

I hope I have been sufficiently clear in my synthesis and explanation…


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Photos: Courtesy of  Damanhur’s first website pages on magic at the Baita

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