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Chapter 3: the myth of Enkidu

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This third chapter is about another of the myths through which, Airaudi has developed his fame over the years as a great magician and master. An avatar with the ability to produce marvels, contact alien worlds, travel across dimensions and modify reality.

I want to tell you about the ‘myth of Enkidu’.

The story began many years ago, as far back as 1983.  One day Damanhurians heard on the grapevine that a gorilla had manifested at the house of Oberto Airaudi (he has never lived with Damanhurians, but a few selected Damanhurians have lived at his house). Yes, a real live gorilla, just like those you see in TV documentaries that live in the forest. The news immediately created a sensation, enormous curiosity and a little skepticism.

How could it be?

Some said that they had seen it for real and had even touched it. The gorilla had been photographed in the house with Airaudi; therefore it had to be real. But as with all things that one knows and doesn’t know, one says “well you never know but someone saw it didn’t they? Everyone is talking about it but no one knows for sure” and in a short time the fact became a mystery and the mystery became a myth.

And once the myth is created it no longer matters whether it was based on real facts or an invention, if it is well fed it grows and over time develops a life of its own. And that is exactly what happened.

Later, Airaudi wrote an enigmatic and curious book entitled ‘Gorilla Gorilla’ which contained many mythological references. In the book he explained that this being had arrived from a distant planet, a being like himself who liberated worlds, who would help Damanhur in its difficult mission to save the Earth, who would bring the information and knowledge that Damanhur lacked and who would return again to our time to guide and help us. His name was Enkidu.

But let’s return to the moment of his first appearance at the house of Airaudi. According to someone who remembers, (but you have to be careful to talk about such things in Damanhur) in the local area at the same time, there was a visiting circus with various animal acts one of which was a performing gorilla. And just by chance Airaudi knew the owner of the circus. From there it is but a small step to arrange a meeting with a gorilla.

In the years that followed they were many other encounters between Enkidu and the Damanhurians and Enkidu regularly made return visits. Often the meetings were at particular moments, for example at dusk, or in conditions with a strong emotional atmosphere and there was an absolute prohibition to look Enkidu in the eyes, because as we know, Gorillas become angry if they feel challenged.

And now I understand:

What would have happened if I had looked Enkidu in the eyes and met the gaze of a Damanhurian (one of Airaudi’s close and faithful circle) dressed in a gorilla costume? The myth would probably have been destroyed. A myth that was growing oh so well!

And today in Damanhur certain people know all this but cannot possibly talk about it. Others have their suspicions but do not dare to investigate further. Most have taken it on board and continue to believe in something that does not exist.

It is known for example that several gorilla costumes of differing sizes can be found at Airaudi’s house.

A former Damanhurian went to a film and theatrical costume supplier in Turin a few years back and was told by one of the assistants that Damanhur had purchased gorilla costumes there in the past.

So there you go, in various ways the mystery of Enkidu has been revealed. But rather than being a myth, it is nothing more than clever deception and, together with many other things has allowed one person to gain power over many.

Well I have told you another piece of the story. Those who want to understand have what they need to do so.

As always everyone makes their own ‘dignified choice’…


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An eye witness account of a meeting with Enkidu in the Damanhurian Sacred Wood can be read on the next page of this section.


Historical note:

The Damanhurian historical records for the years 1983 & 1984  written by Damanhurian monk Condor Girasole shed some light on this story:

‘2 dicembre    A casa di Oberto arriva un gorilla di 120 Kg di peso circa, si chiama Kill.’

2 December –  A gorilla, called Kill, weighing around 120 kilos arrives at the home of Oberto. (spelling error? should this read Krill or was this a Christmas circus gorilla named Kill?)

There is no mention of ‘Enkidu’ or alien manifestations. The first mention of Enkidu in the records is in May of 1984…

‘Arriva Krill a Damanhur (21 maggio ’84)’  –  Krill arrives in Damanhur (21 May ’84).

But the historical diary entry for the same day is different, Krill’s name has changed to Enkidu…

’21 maggio  Ore 14:30, è arrivato (ritornato) Enkidu’  –   21 May  14.30 hours  Enkidu arrived (returned).

And so the myth of Enkidu was created.

Dio Editor

Source: Diario storico 1983 – 1984  Storia di Damanhur – m. Condor Girasole

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