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Damanhur and the battle for Valchiusella 2010

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Two districts of the Valchiusella valley go to the polls this month to vote in local administrative elections.

The first, Baldissero, is the site of Damanhur’s headquarters. The village saw the untimely death of its newly elected Mayor last year almost immediately after the election. The second district, Vistrorio neighbors on Vidracco, home to Damanhur’s Temple. Vidracco has been administered by Damanhur for the last ten years as a result of the Community falsifying and moving residencies to create pro-Damanhur votes.

The population of Valchiusella is for the most part extremely wary and critical of the activities of the esoteric community camped in their midst. They have lived alongside it for the last 35 years, silently suffering an endless round of indignities at the hands of Damanhurians and living in fear of intimidation and reprisals.

The elections of 2009 saw Damanhur returned with a majority vote in Vidracco without opposition from a village list.

see analysis: https://damanhurinsideout.wordpress.com/recent-posts-from-italian-sites/valchiusella-says-no-to-damanhur-2009-election-results/

Unable to outnumber Damanhurian voters, the residents of Vidracco could only resort to a simple gesture of protest. They named Oberto Airaudi’s alien gorilla pal ‘Enkidu’ on their ballot papers as their choice of candidate for Mayor so that their vote would be annulled.

Anti-Damanhur feeling is endemic in the valley and no amount of Damanhurian propaganda or awards for social integration by Chinese UN Commissions, agreed behind closed doors, will alter the fact. Most of the population of Valchiusella would be happy to see Damanhur closed down. Recent raids on Damanhur by tax and fraud officials and the mounting number of court cases against the Community certainly seem to indicate that events are moving in that direction.

Meanwhile…DIO will be bringing you the best articles and comments on the campaign this month from the press and around the web.

Read on…

DIO Editor


The ends justify the means

A famous but up-to-date phrase coined by a medieval politician who used just about any means in order to reach his objectives, including eliminating his adversary.

It is obvious that an honest person, although he may have to justify using any means for certain problems, sets himself limits in terms of the law, ethics, responsibility and honesty.

Well, all that said in order to arrive at the administrative elections of the Council of Baldissero, Canavese where the headquarters of Damanhur is located, well known by everyone for its latest leap in quality: from a real cult in its first decade, to a mind control cult in its second, to a profiteering criminal organization in its third, seeing what it has recently been charged with by the Italian State and is about to be in the near future.

It is said that the administrative elections are being held because of the death of the democratically elected Mayor who, supported by the population managed to defeat the various political line-ups amongst which, Damanhur’s lead by Ballisei, another lead by Ballurio and finally the one with the most support lead by Diego Nigra, which was defeated by 8 votes.

I read in the ‘Sentinella del Canavese’ that a triple alliance has been forged by the defeated to hammer the winning list of 2009.
I would like to ask Mr. Nigra who knows Damanhur and the local area well:

–          To be sure of winning is it really necessary to make an alliance with Damanhur?

–          Are you sure that this is the way to recuperate the 155 votes you had in the last election?

–          Your voters, who know the local situation well, will they have to hold their noses as they vote?

–          The headquarters of the Party you belong to, are they happy with this choice or do the means justify the ends also for them?

–          To win isn’t it enough just to make alliance with Ballurio?

–          This choice how does it sit with your conscience?

–          After this choice how do you think you will be able to walk around with your head held high and look the families in the eye who have been violated by Damanhur?

–          Is it true that honor wins in these conditions?

Well from the photo in the newspaper he seems a like a good chap with a fresh face but with eyes that want to get there at any cost. Watch out, Airaudi also includes a photo of himself in his leaflets at around 25 years old with a fresh face and dressed like a Boy Scout.

In the paper there is also the photo of the competition, Luigi Vercello: he has the reassuring paternal look of someone who does not accept that the means justify the ends and that is exactly what the inhabitants of Baldissero Canavese want.


Posted 02/03/2010 21:30 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Il fine giustifica I mezzi?’.


News from Baldissero:

La Voce – 22 March 2010 – page 30

Baldissero – Damanhur ‘Migration’ – 35 residences moved…


Damanhur moves 35 residences to Baldissero so that it can overturn the election results and so defeat the ‘Pro Loco’ list.

Damanhurian voters have in fact doubled in number and the moving of residences has happened just recently. But it is nothing new, candidates of the cult have subjected valley residents to their pre-electoral strategies for years. But this time it could result in the take over of an important territory for Damanhur which up until now has remained ‘unconquered’.

The candidate Diego Nigra, should he win, has even promised them two key positions on the Council and one could go to Alemanni who, just by chance is the wife of Nigro, the ex- Mayor of Vidracco.

“That’s up to them” was the limited comment by Gino Ferrero Vercelli the Pro Loco candidate for Mayor – “For sure they will bring in a lot of votes. As far as we are concerned we have made no alliance because the Damanhurians ask for far too much and we will maintain our position. I have taken note but I do not want to fuel the argument”.

In Vistrorio, another nearby Council district about to go to the polls, Damanhur has also moved various residences. “We have got used to it” – commented Mayor Federico Steffenina, who is standing for re-election. “It always happens here. Certainly these movements make you think: people who have voted in Vidracco, then vote in Vistrorio the following year and vice versa. The right to vote is not denied to anyone, but here one sees some very particular maneuvers”.




Election results:

Vistrorio and Baldissero say NO to Damanhur!

The Valchiusella valley held its breath this weekend as voters went to the polls in two important districts hosting Damanhurian territories.

In Vistrorio:

The previous administration lead by Mayor Federico Steffenina is returned with a resounding victory – 224 votes.  Second Vistrorio list  – 79 votes. Damanhur – Con te per il Paese – 43 votes – a reduction of 46 votes  from the 2005 election and the loss of one opposition councilor.

In Baldissero:

Svolta per Baldissero  WINS 229 votes and the Unione Democratica which ran with two Damanhurian representatives of  ‘Con te per il Paese’  and the support of the Damanhurian migrant voteLOSES – 207 votes. The third list: Lista Civica Fascio Repubblica  Romania – 1 vote.

Unfortunately Damanhur gains 2 opposition councilors as a result of the high number of preferences expressed by Damanhurian migrant voters for the two ‘Con te per il Paese’ candidates.

Written by damanhurinsideout

March 3, 2010 at 12:31 pm

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