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Ah yes, dear Succinto, there are many things to say and to tell, far too many in fact!

Those who live in the valley know this reality only too well and can demonstrate it to anyone! Here we see woodland fenced off with barbed wire and chicken net which IS PROHIBITED in agricultural areas. We see woods transformed into an Italian esoteric Disneyland with ‘pathways’ that are really roads, all unauthorized, used by heavy vehicles and illuminated like the seafront at Riccione! Soil extracted during the digging of the Temple, piled up on Damanhurian property in broad daylight to create terraces without permission: this is why the ‘hours of devotional work’ are still called ‘Terrazzatura’ (terracing) even now. The continuing excavation of the Temple with trucks that plow through country roads overloaded with soil carrying the blessing of the Damanhurian Mayor of Vidracco! The illegal building that continues without sanctions, rustic hovels that become villas and little farmhouses that transform themselves into colonies!

The falsification of residences*, artfully programmed to ‘conquer’ nearby villages. Houses with four rooms in which 12 to 14 people are named as legally resident, all in broad daylight, all of this and yet the authorities do nothing! The other valley Mayors who shit their pants because they are afraid, fearful of being denounced to the police with accusations that arrive out of thin air, afraid that the Damanhurians will move house on mass into their village and win the elections. And they flaunt their propaganda saying they are 1,000 citizens and that they can conquer our villages anytime they feel like it, if we don’t let them do what they want…

How would you define a situation like this if we were in Calabria or Sicily?  Not that I want to offend fellow Italians in those regions…

The disgraceful thing is that the State knows all about it! The State forestry officials know about the illegal building, the unauthorized Open Temple in Baldissero built into the Monti Pelati nature reserve, they know about the woodland that was raised to the ground to construct a reinforced concrete reservoir for water that flows out of the Temple. They know, they know everything but they just stand by and watch! Because, you never know…”they have friends at regional and provincial levels…and I don’t want any trouble!”

The State stands and watches, the tax authorities stand and watch…

Then there are the immense real estate holdings created from the properties ‘donated’ by the idiots who having been met along the road have allowed themselves to be blinded by it all. The idiots who when they realize their mistake have to leave with barely the clothes they stand up in! Without their houses, their property, without a dime in their pockets! Everything left in the hands of a two bit charlatan with bank accounts amounting to eight zeros (in euro).

Judges who spend their holidays in Damanhur and pay it lavish compliments at Damanhur Crea conferences. Judges who praise an internal judicial system that conducts lawsuits “without procedural guarantees”. The self same system that is used to crush and annihilate individuals and turn them into automatons bereft of conscience…and an Italian Judge has the gall to extol such an experience!

Yes, Succinto we in Valchiusella know what it means to live in close contact with Damanhur, we know what it means to live in the depths of the North, where the State does nothing for Italian citizens. Citizens who recognize just one Constitution  (that of Italy), just one currency, (that of Europe) and the Italian Institutions of Justice and Law and Order…the same forces of Law and Order that watch from the window… but are quick to fine you when you cut back a tree and do not leave enough branches. Those that are really good at looking the other way when Damanhur flattens hills to create an Open Temple, transforms pastures into stony ground, fences off woodland with barbed wire or destroys it to construct concrete reservoirs. And let’s not forget the building of entire villages in the woods without even a whiff of authorization!

Dear Succinto we have work to do…to tell everyone, to talk, to describe this state of affairs to as many people as possible…to show the destruction to our friends, our acquaintances, to talk about it and make people speak up until the level of indignation is such that the ITALIAN STATE can no longer pretend that it does not see!  We have to take photographs, collect information, inform Canavese and as many people as possible of what is happening here… We have to film the trucks in Vidracco, the cement mixers that go up and down its roads full of cement, enter Damanhurian zones fenced off without permission and leave empty.

And let’s stop being afraid. The Damanhurians are getting out, those who can manage it, escape …by night, without saying a thing…without letting their intentions be known to avoid the internal pressures and procedures that they would otherwise be subjected to…There aren’t a thousand citizens! There are less and less. We have to raise our heads…we were once Tuchini and we still know how to do it!


*Residency gives the right to vote

Posted to the forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of www.focus.it 06/16/2008 13:37 under the title ‘Re: a proposito di Damanhur’.

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 10, 2009 at 6:56 pm

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