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The truly most dangerous cult is Damanhur – Ivrea

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Oh I apologize; I didn’t realize I was speaking to a Lord. I should have explained myself better.

It is they who have a knife up their sleeve, from an economic point of view and because of the people they know. It has been said that in exchange for votes a certain politician has done them some favors. What can I do on my own, nothing. There are just three of us with enough courage to talk about it. I do not believe that the people we know, our economic strength and our friendship can do much against them. For goodness sake, I have been asking everyone to create a list for the Council elections for years …no one wants to do it. This is what you call fear and perhaps everyone is wise to be afraid and say nothing because I do not gain anything by talking, in fact just the opposite. The only thing that makes me want to speak out is that I am fed up of the anonymity in the village; I want to tell the truth and stop seeing these people idolized.

The fact that I live here in Vidracco means that I see what these people do day after day. And the legality of it… Mmmm, is a conflict of interests legal? Is it legal to construct a car park without permission? Is it legal to build an underground Temple by night without asking permission? But it is hard to talk about the legal aspects because I really do not know enough. And I am not interested in how they have decided to live because everyone is absolutely free to believe and live in the way they want. But if they have decided to establish a new state (because it is already a state), if they have decided to have their own laws, and their own currency, if they have decided to live separately, they should go and do it. None of us have gone there and judged what is right or wrong. No one has given themselves permission to take away their festivities, their customs and make them live in a different way.


What we want to understand is why they feel they have the permission to do this to us. Why have they taken away our traditions? Why are we obliged to do what they want under thinly disguised blackmail?


We only want back what was ours in the first place, What was taken away from us to make room for them. As far as we are concerned this is not right.  I am sorry if this does not count for much with you.

We have tried to negotiate so many times…

But it is they who command us now and the only negotiation they understand is this:

“Do what we say or it will be the worse for you”.

We would never have allowed ourselves to say such a thing.



Posted to the ‘Noi e le sette’ forum of www.focus.it 03/27/2007 19:27 under the title of ‘Re: sette: vera setta pericolosissima è Damanhur – Ivrea’

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 11, 2009 at 11:30 am

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