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How much does it cost to be a citizen?

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When you enter Damanhur and become a citizen ‘A’ (maximum participation in the Damanhur project and the Community), you are asked to pay an entrance fee of between 1,000 – 2,000 euro. This is still the figure as far as I know. I have not had information to the contrary.

This entrance fee has replaced the previous system which consisted of immediately giving everything you owned to Damanhur. Now things have changed and you enter by paying the fee and later you are asked (if they know that you have houses, goods, inheritance or wealth of any kind) to give what you own to the Federation. In reality nothing has really changed except the method of transfer, now it is less visible to the Italian State. If you had a house in the past, it would have been sold and the proceeds would have been taken by Damanhur and made to disappear through various Federal channels. If you were able to just give them the cash… life was made even simpler!

These days, to avoid problems with the tax authorities things are done in a different way. Damanhur buys the house from you, let’s say it is valued at 100,000 euro, they buy it for 60,000 euro. They then ask you to open a special bank account for the transaction and they transfer the money to you. After a short while they ask for all the money back in cash, in several large amounts and you are left, having made an official sale with no proceeds to show for it. Certain people inside the Community are paid to create new ways of transferring property and wealth without the tax authorities knowing anything about it.

If Damanhur knows that you have wealth of any kind they will do all they can to part you from it. If they know that you have money in the family but it is not yet yours, they will wait for the right moment. In Damanhur there are currently several citizens who are the sons and daughters of wealthy industrialists and they will eventually receive large inheritances (this has already happened many times). These people rise up the esoteric ranks much quicker than others and are among those most ‘cherished’ by the Leader. Obviously he plays the ‘Falco’ flies over his prey, waits until the time is right, attacks and makes off with everything.

As far as salaries are concerned, up until a certain point in the history of Damanhur you had to give all the contents of your wage packet to your Nucleo and your family ‘Economo’ would give you back the minimum amount you needed for day to day living. Then as time went by the system changed to the concept of the ‘paniere’ which means the cost of living together is calculated and divided by the number of people in the Nucleo. To that figure is added the internal taxes that support the Damanhur school, the daily newspaper QDq, federal activities and the federal administration. At the moment the amount of federal tax varies from 450- 600 euro a month depending on the kind of work you do, for example: manual labor, entrepreneur, freelance professional, federal employee or outside worker. Everything is very well organized.

To this monthly ‘Quota’ has to be added the cost of any loans that your Nucleo has taken out for the reconstruction or building of its house. The cost of these loans is also divided between Nucleo members. Most Quotas average around 1,000 euro a month but some can be as high as 1,300!

And that is just to live inside.


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