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Mind control or marketing? – The blog of Stambecco Pesco

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Below we publish a new post by Violaciocca from the CeSAP forum which talks about the blog created by Stambecco Pesco (Silvio Palombo) on Damanhur’s Italian web site. The blog describes Pesco’s life in the Community and is a response to the never ending stream of  sites and forum posts that have criticized Damanhur over the past two years.

It should be noted that Stambecco Pesco was appointed Head of the Damanhur Press Office at the same time as his blog went online…

Photo: Silvio Palombo alias Stambecco Pesco

Pesco’s blog can be approached in one of two ways: it is either an alarming example of the persuasive power of mind control techniques or… yet another example of the sickening sneakiness of Damanhurian marketing.

I will leave you to make up your own minds…

DIO Editor

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Ref: “How boring these Damanhurians are”

I have read with great pleasure some very interesting posts on this site and quite by chance the other day I came across the blog of Stambecco Pesco on the Damanhur web site. He has written some disconcertingly banal things about Damanhur.

I dedicate this post to you Stambecco Pesco, someone I once considered intelligent. Today, I consider you nothing more than a poor wretch, a man so completely manipulated by the system that you have to justify your choices to yourself by writing a blog. A blog created in order to combat all the “rumor” and “defamation”, so you say that is appearing on other sites, like this one for example.

Well, if it was just defamation the Judge would not have ruled in Jan’s favor as far as working in the ‘black’ is concerned and if it was just false rumor you would have proved it so with real facts like those written here, for example, by people who have left the community. You don’t even have the ability to defend yourselves properly and this forum merely exposes the great malaise that Damanhur and the Damanhurians (the managers, fanatics and self-interested) do not have the ability to resolve. In fact the malaise must have increased significantly if we consider just how many Damanhurians have left in the past four years. The exodus has been so great that you have had to invent new methods of ensnaring people in order to make a living. Because it is the other Damanhurians who maintain you, those who are not managing the Community and who believe that they are saving the world or even just themselves.
Today, I have to say that I no longer have any respect for you Stambecco, just as I have not had for many others in the past.

The fact that you do not know who is writing here, as you say in your blog, is relative, you already send ritual curse after ritual curse to harm us and try to disturb us in every way possible, who knows what you would do if we told you who we really were!

Damanhurians stop at nothing: “Do you remember the button of the Chinese”?

Damanhur comes before everything else: “Do you remember your oaths”? It comes before family, children and those dearest to you.

Or perhaps you no longer remember any of that and can only tell us fairy stories about Damanhur on your oh so romantic blog.

Damanhur is a failure. It is a failure because people don’t want to see, because they do not want to take a step back and refuse to come to an agreement. You are always right, you are the best, you are victims, no one is cleverer than you and you know all the rest but the worst thing is that you have learnt to cheat so well.

Unfortunately, what you have not understood is that by cheating, you no longer know what is true, where things are going, where your soul is, your thoughts or that in which you truly believe. You no longer know who you are and I have to say that in that respect your Spiritual Master can be considered a true Maestro!


Posted  28/12/2010 14:42 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title “Che noia questi Damanhuriani!”

Link to Stambecco Pesco’s blog: http://www.unostambeccoadamanhur.it/




Ref: “How boring these Damanhurians are”

I think it is important to be tolerant and understanding.

Until a few years back, the Damanhurians had an invincible leader, divine, who raised the dead, who stopped you aging with his machines (compare the often published photo of him wearing a baseball cap like a young lad to the one that is published now, is there a difference?), who flew in a helicopter but in reality traveled alone in time, who was the only interlocutor with aliens, who cured drug addicts with hypnosis, who boasted of supernatural powers by hearsay, who walked through walls, who healed every kind of disease with his ‘Selfs’, who built an economic empire which was considered of no importance and therefore made him a good guy.

For the last two to three years, like a sign of destiny or retaliation, they have found themselves with a leader celebrated by the Community who is just a person like everyone else, who gets old just like everyone else but above all who has lost all his divine powers because he no longer gets away from the Law scot free.

At this point we might well see, in Damanhurians, despite their continued support of axioms and packaged phrases, AN IDENTITY CRISIS in their leader and therefore in themselves, most of all now, when they are discovering that they have been deceived, used and stripped, I would say with metaphorical vision, to the bone.


Posted  30/12/2010 8:48 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title “Che noia questi Damanhuriani!”


Written by damanhurinsideout

December 28, 2010 at 7:18 pm

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