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Everyone is free to believe in what they want

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Ref: the world of Damanhur also lands in Novara

Pathos wrote:

Listen dear friend if they want to dance with goats or celebrate the coming of the snails that’s up to them, its called democracy, if they believe in it and it makes them happy where’s the problem?


Sure everyone is free to believe in what they want and there’s nothing to cry about.

However the question we should be asking ourselves is something else; a question that all Damanhur’s faithful supporters carefully avoid responding to.

Tell me:

Is it right that someone with his faithful squires takes advantage of people’s economic circumstances or creates them ad hoc by passing off terrible tricks as absolute truth?

How would you define a person who:

1)  Affirms that he is the reincarnation of the God Horus

2)  Affirms that he regularly travels in time and space

3)  Recounts how he received a gift of magic books (or better still high technology) in which the words disappeared as he slowly read and absorbed the ‘knowledge’.

4)  Affirms to have received a visit from a spaceship which ‘showed him the way’ to construct Damanhur and the underground Temple and which still materializes regularly in the Temple just like ‘Turning on a radio’.

5)  Affirms that he has an alien friend who regularly visits him but which only he is able to help materialize in the form of a gorilla.

6)  Convinces people that they are hosting an alien entity in their body.

7)  Affirms that the Community’s initiates have been given the mission to save the world and that they are the elect people of the Galactic Council which governs everything.

8)  Teaches (?) pupils in one of the Community schools how to guess the color of their classmates’ knickers?

9)  Affirms to have been to Atlantis using equipment that he himself has constructed which allows him to travel in time and space.

10)  Affirms that he can construct ‘sentient’ devices out of copper wire, colored glass balls and LED that prevent the occurrence of tumors and can even cure the tumors themselves, making people pay extortionate amounts to use them.

We should also consider that all these affirmations are instilled in people by means of a series of obligatory courses which members of the Community (that he founded), HAVE to attend.  The same nonsense is advertised as absolute truth in his books which are published inside the Community and which are ‘warmly recommended’ to members. The same affirmations are also published regularly in the internal Community newspaper QDq which is the prime source of information for many initiates.

How would you define a person of this kind?

An enlightened being?

From my modest point of view I would say exactly the opposite. The light seems to have abandoned him for quite a while. And the most tragic thing is that this person, well insulated by accomplices who are ready if necessary to dress up as a gorilla, has been working for quite some time to ‘turn off the light’ in all those unaware people who over the years have arrived in Damanhur for various motives and now find themselves believing all this nonsense!

This, in my modest opinion is the question we need to find the answer to (if we indeed need to look for it…). But to this question ALL Damanhur supporters carefully refuse to reply!

Perhaps an expert from CeSAP, another organization or a freelancer could help us out…


Posted  27/05/2008 19:45 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re: IL MONDO DI DAMANHUR SBARCA ANCHE A NOVARA’.

Written by damanhurinsideout

August 28, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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  1. All of this information taken in total, doesn’t it mean that this person is committing fraud, false impersonation, etc just like Bernard Madoff did in a so called Ponzi scheme? Why don’t the Italian police arrest this person?
    What about the selfic paintings and the books? Did he really write all of them? What about when he appeared with several selfic paintings in the morning, did he really work on them during the night and only sleep for two hours? Or does he have painters do them for him? I would not be surprised, because he claims so many things for himself.


    August 29, 2009 at 12:04 pm

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