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Damanhur copycat site impersonates DIO

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The Damanhur marketing office has recently opened a site called: damanhurinside.com which imitates the DIO site using the same WordPress platform and template to capitalize on DIO’s traffic.

Imitation is considered the highest form of flattery … Thanks for the compliment Damanhur!

The site is written in Italian? And contains pages with similar titles to those of DIO but written from a Damanhurian (Falconian) point of view. All the comments are pro-Damanhur and written by Damanhurians.

BUT…The choice of site name is PERFECT!…

We couldn’t have named it better ourselves!

In fact Damanhur is to be congratulated on its karmic use of English slang…

’Damanhur inside’

Let’s hope so  … and very, very soon!

DIO Editor

p.s. DIO will not be offering translations of the site … if you want to read Damanhurian propaganda please use an online translator… but have a bucket ready!


Update: 22/05/2010The ‘Damanhur inside’ copycat site has recently cloned itself and is now appearing in English and Italian. This means that there are now three sites with almost identical names appearing on search engines... two of them are run by Damanhur for propaganda purposes in the hope of reducing visitors to this site.

WELL, dear Damanhurians…it has not worked…

Thanks to you we now have more traffic than ever before!

What do you guys hope to achieve by behaving in such an obvious and dishonest manner? Enlightenment perhaps?

DIO Editor


Below: a series of related posts translated from Italian from the http://www.cesap.net forum.

Re: Damanhur copycat site impersonates DIO


I am writing here because I am curious about the Community of Damanhur. There is currently a lot of debate about it on the blogosphere and the web. I arrived here while I was researching on the net and I have visited a lot of sites that deal with the subject of Damanhur.

I do not feel that I am ready to express an opinion on the subject yet, there is such a lot of material on the web but little by little my original suspicions are being confirmed.

I have also visited the site in question here and I could not help noticing that there is an incredible similarity between it (Damanhur inside) and the internet site DIO (Damanhur Inside Out).

I immediately found this rather strange. Why would anyone want to create a pro-Damanhur blog with practically the same page layout and almost identical name to a blog that is very critical of Damanhur? Normally, when anyone creates a clone site it is done to confuse potential users and recover readers who would otherwise only navigate the site that has been cloned.

Then I did a search on Google. I inserted the key words ‘damanhur inside’ and the first result that appeared was the clone site, followed immediately by ‘damanhurinsideout’.

These kind of tricks are not seen in a good light by those of us who navigate the web and are typical of something that can hardly be called honest. It negates an unwritten law of the web which people have come to believe in, that of acting in good faith. Fake sites are always mistrusted. I do not think it was a good idea to clone an existing site; it does little for the image of those who have done the cloning.

It was also an error to partially clone the name of an existing site. In fact as you have already written above, ‘inside’ in English slang means ‘in prison’. A site promoted by supporters of Damanhur called ‘Damanhur in prison’ it has to be said, is really hilarious, no offense meant!

Have a good day


Posted 03/03/2010 14:55 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re Damanhur copycat site impersonates DIO’.


Re: Damanhur copycat site impersonates DIO

Hey boys and girls what a hoot!…that ‘Damanhur inside’ site is fantastic!

I swear it’s my favorite by far, I am immensely honored to have been quoted on their site, not everyone can say that!

I invite the people who live nearby to go and take a walk around Vidracco and speak to those who live there. Please go and do it! Really go and do it because the ‘Damanhurinside’ site says that the Vidracchesi who write in the forums are not representative of the population. Please come here everyone, come and talk with the Vidracchesi and after you have done so you will understand that you could have saved yourself a journey and read us directly in the forums from the comfort of your armchair.

Believe me that site is illuminating! It demonstrates that for years Damanhurians have continued to use exactly the same words and arguments. And when new questions are formulated in the forums? They always reply with the same old tune.

Please, please go and check the record player…. the record has got stuck in a groove!

Question: why do you have to donate all your property to Damanhur and yet your Master doesn’t?

Answer: We have the Red Cross…the Red Cross…the Red Cross…


We put out fires…put out fires…put out fires…


We donate blood …donate blood…donate blood

Let’s see shall we:

Usual argument  number 1: “ But things aren’t like that” (ed. How Valchiusella tells them) they say for example that “they were the first over the last twenty years to put out the dozens and dozens of fires that we have had in this valley”.
The first to do it??? Dear God! (Every so often I ask myself if they really believe what they write) In fact Damanhur was awarded the ‘Grisù Prize 2010’ by the Ivrea Fire Brigade (ed. Grisù is a cartoon dragon who puts out fires) for the following reason: they had done everything in their power, single-handedly, over the last twenty years, to put out 12,741 fires in Valchiusella! Like no other operational group before them; the indomitable!

In fact those who have never been to Valchiusella should know that, before the arrival of Damanhur, Valchiusella resembled an inferno, there were fires and flames everywhere and the Valchiusellesi were forced to climb on the roofs of their houses screaming in terror and panic. They had to throw drops of holy water everywhere in the hope that San Bernacca would make it rain and put out the fire!

Seeing as Damanhur declares it wants to “preserve the values that today’s NON DAMANHURIAN society is causing to disappear: dialects, traditions, beliefs and ancient customs “, it would be useful if at least one of these traditions and ancient customs were illustrated by the author!

I will describe one for you:

When there is a fire, the village bell rings in warning and the population congregates in the main square, taking turns to work together to put out the fire. Now the author should explain to our active administration of Vidracco that if this no longer the case, it is because the administration of Vidracco have decided NOT to continue it.

It’s a good job that Damanhur is around to defend OUR traditions!

I could also tell you how many forest fire fighters were active in Valchiusella long before Damanhur ever decided that being seen as a volunteer in the valley was the perfect publicity vehicle. But perhaps by ancient traditions the author means ATLANTIDEAN customs! How stupid of me, why didn’t I think of that before…?

Well, obviously we common mortals, those who do not belong to the Damanhurian chosen people, being without a time machine, cannot know anything about ancient traditions. Perhaps if you took us with you on some of your little time jaunts we could help you preserve them …and perhaps with the help of a few of Falco’s courses we could also learn the Atlantidean language. That way we would be miles ahead just like you! Just think we are still discussing among ourselves how to create a truly multi-ethnic society while you are centuries ahead discussing how to create a multi-temporal one! Ah…yes, yes, we cannot possibly compete!

Usual argument 2: “We are Red Cross volunteers, we donate blood!”
Effectively this never happened in Valchiusella before the arrival of Damanhur. Just think it was rumored that nurses used to wander around at night in dark alleys searching for the unprepared who had ventured out at night alone so they could take their blood by force! In fact the wealthiest Valchiusellesi wore chain mail to cover their arms so that they could resist the insertion of needles into their veins. The poor covered their arms with strips of leather, from which comes the definition “the braccianti non sbracciati della Valchiusella” (ed. peasants who roll up their sleeves who haven’t bare arms). And if someone fell ill in the village, they were put on an ox drawn cart and thrown in the ‘Gorgia di Gussei’ (ed. Gussei Gorge – where the Vidracco dam now stands) because they could no longer work and had became a burden on their family!

–          taken from: The history of Valchiusella until 20 A.D. (ed. Avanti Damanhur – Before Damanhur) written by the Messiah Falco and published by Edimed-Horus

The real story is somewhat different. There are hundreds of people in Valchiusella (and not only) who are volunteers in Civil Protection, Red Cross, Alpine groups and non-profit organizations such as l’Auser. These same people intervened during the floods around Ivrea and recently in Abruzzo. They go wherever help is needed. There are hundreds of people who donate blood in Valchiusella. All these people do it in normal everyday way without the need to blow their own trumpet about what they do. Because when you are a volunteer you do it for your own pleasure and convictions and certainly not to publicize yourself. The fact that Damanhur uses its volunteers as a form of publicity clearly indicates Damanhur’s underlying values on the subject. A Valchiusellese who wants to donate blood goes off to the blood transfusion center in Ivrea or Castellamonte and simply gives it, perhaps they might join AVIS which is the largest blood donor group but only so that they are advised when they have to donate. At the end of the year the figures are easily calculated: So many Donations at 450 grams per donation = so many liters of blood! Easy isn’t it. This way every year Damanhur can congratulate itself on all its internet sites: This year Damanhur has donated 350 liters of blood!

But what are we talking about? MILK???

The donation of blood becomes a real Protected Designation of Origin production!

“You too can request Damanhurian blood, produced only by Italian breeders with selfic systems! Blood certified as free of added preservatives, a product of certified organic breeders, our animals live only in ecologically built houses and our quality is unbeatable!”

Damanhurian blood …you know what you are injecting!

Are they crazy or what!

And the comments left on the site???

Naturally they are written by disinterested observers who have just happened upon the site by chance!!!!

They are not Damanhurians masquerading as simple visitors…nooooooo no nononono!

This is really topical:

“In the last elections I was the secretary of the Vidracco Polling Station and I remember that a girl from Vistrorio told me…”

(Here we return to the myth of the valley person who by chance speaks to a Damanhurian and tells of how happy she is about Damanhur and how evil the local villagers are).

And what importance could a girl from Vistrorio have as far as the Vidracco polling station is concerned? People of Ivrea vote in Ivrea, people of Vistrorio vote at the Vistrorio polling station, people of Vidracco vote in Vidracco! A polling station is not a bar where anyone can come and go as they please; you don’t go there to visit friends. You enter with your voting card in your hand and the forces of law and order control the situation. How can someone from another village enter a polling station in which they do not vote???
That testimony is authentic FOR SURE! There is no doubt about it no no no….

Certainly if it were authentic it would be a big smack in the face for the President of the polling station of Vidracco (a Damanhurian) seeing as Italian law does not allow non-voters to enter polling stations without authorization! What do you think? It is a lie or an implicit declaration of the incompetence of Damanhurians (or the Damanhurian in question) in the role of President of a polling station during elections???
Another comment:

“These days many villagers come to Damanhur Crea for a coffee, a newspaper or a chat”

Yes, I can believe it. Damanhur has caused the closure of all the businesses in the village! All the shops that were in the village are now closed and even the bar which was in the Town Hall premises and managed by a NON- Damanhurian family was closed down. If you want a coffee you are OBLIGED to go to Damanhur Crea!
Another comment:

“Above all we have provided work for many village artisans”

And another commentator who is NOT Damanhurian, no… no… no …says:

“In a place forgotten by the world like Val Chiusella all the work that you have done is blindingly obvious and if he hadn’t been for you everyone would have left the valley because they would have starved to death and even though there is still reason to be squeamish about the quality of life in the valley, it is evident that it has improved for everyone.”

What? Let’s look at the real facts:

How many Damanhurian businesses are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Ivrea?  And how many people are registered with INPS as workers or employees for whom these businesses are required to pay social and pension contributions? Everything else is just hot air! Valchiusella has 5,000 inhabitants, if Damanhur has avoided the de-population of the valley, it means it has created jobs??? (Jobs that have never appeared on the INPS contribution statistics – therefore are we talking about illegal jobs, paid cash in hand or the usual Damanhurian propaganda? Or both???) To avoid the de-population of a valley of 5,000 inhabitants, how many jobs would you have to create? 500? All registered with INPS?  If that were true, there would not have been an exodus out of the back door of Damanhur Crea when controls were carried out by Revenue Inspectors (and we are talking about just a month ago!). No non-Damanhurian Vidracchesi are shown as being employed by these imaginary businesses and this is something that Revenue Officials and other authorities are very intrigued about…

For now I will stop here, otherwise this post will seem like an encyclopedia but I advise you all to go and read that splendid site. There you will find confirmation of what has been written in many other forums! But don’t expect anything new, it’s just the same old record!


Posted 04/03/2010 7:03 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title ‘Re Damanhur copycat site impersonates DIO’.


Written by damanhurinsideout

February 27, 2010 at 12:07 pm

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  1. Hi DIO

    I took a look at the copycat site. I was appalled…do they really think the world is going to take them seriously?

    One of the posts states that many ex-Damanhurians have left the Community leaving unpaid debts behind them. …Of course they do …how could they do otherwise! The Damanhurian system conspires to get you into debt and keep you there for the rest of your life. It begins the moment you swear your oath of ‘A’ citizenship! If you have money when you arrive you are quickly parted from it. If you have an outside job with a good salary you are immediately asked to guarantee bank loans against your earnings so that Damanhur can buy more houses. You have no hope of ever paying them off…and those houses will never be yours. If you work inside you are paid a minimum wage in cash and find it hard to survive.

    It is a very simple process…keep people in debt and you keep them under control. Most Damanhurians owe vast amounts of money to Falco for obligatory Selfs, paintings and courses. Very few citizens earn sufficient income to maintain a Damanhurian lifestyle…they run up huge debts just trying to keep their heads above water. They have to pay their bills in installments and often take out loans with the Federation or external banks to cope with Falco’s constant demands for money.

    Of course they have debts…Falco likes it that way…it stops them leaving…they have to keep on working to pay them off…keep on contributing…they become slaves of the Damanhurian economy!

    We should encourage as many citizens as possible to leave the Community with their debts unpaid …it might help bring the regime down …how can you feel free when you are constantly forced to take on more and more debt…?

    Can someone explain to me how enormous debts can aid your spiritual evolution?

    Then there is another post which states that some people leave Damanhur without ever criticizing it and continue to remain in friendly contact. Yes, it is true…some people leave after a short experience of Damanhur, perhaps a little bruised but none the wiser and speak well of it.

    But why, I ask myself, did they leave if they really think Damanhur is such a great deal?

    Then there are those in high positions who know all about the more unsavory aspects of Damanhur who want to leave and don’t know how to handle it. They have to feign excuses and make a slow and friendly exit so as not to arouse Meditation School suspicions. Some former citizens are, even now, publicly pretending they are friends of Damanhur for fear of reprisals. Others have just left and kept quiet for the same reason. Nothing is ever what it seems as far as Damanhur is concerned.

    In the end I am always wary of what I read from copycats…

    Especially when the cat is out of the bag!



    March 7, 2010 at 11:33 pm

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