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An end to the miraculous healing cabins?

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More details have now arrived concerning the closure of the Damanhur Health Center on the 24th of November.

The intervening authorities were not Revenue Officials as was first reported but the Nucleo Anti-sofisticazione branch of the Military Police (Carabinieri).  NAS investigates all aspects of health provision including hospitals, health centers, the use and production of pharmaceuticals, medical practices and therapeutic communities. They have a 24 hour right of entry and function as a special operations unit to investigate health fraud.

Could this mean an end to the miraculous healing Cabins that claim to cure cancer and life threatening diseases, restore youth, boost the immune system and repair failing eyesight?

Could this mean that all those desperately sick people who paid thousands of Euros for passages in the Cabins in the hope of being cured were not given legal receipts for the cost of their ‘therapy’?

Could this mean that the doctors and therapists operating inside the Damanhurian Health Center are involved in fraudulent medical practices?


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Written by damanhurinsideout

February 21, 2010 at 8:55 pm

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